“Ten years ago, when returning from a musical journey through India, I bought my first effect pedal and improvised a long piece for cello and electronics. 

I never suspected then that my first melody, ‘Bangalore’, would be on the present record, today, ten years later, performed, on top of it, by cellists of rare generosity. 

In 2018, I decided to call on Grégoire Vaillant, an exceptionally creative electronica composer and producer. This is the kind of music in which the cello is stressed to totally unheard sound spheres, becoming edm matter, synth pads and beatbox. 

It was almost by accident that the ‘Bleue Quintet’ was born, while in the second lockdown, on the set of the documentary film « Et le violoncelle dans tout 

ça ? [So where exactly does the cello stand?]». We played « Bleue » together, which marked the beginning of a story of friendship and trust, in the company of such wonderful performers willing to follow me in the long creative process that combines my classical roots with my practice of current and electronic music forms. 

As a 13-year old child and a movie-fan, I was first planning to move towards cinema. So it cannot be due to chance if some among you feel they hear ‘film score’ music in this album.”

Paul Colomb