“What do I hear? My first harmonies, my first sounds, my first notes… Snuggled up in my mother’s womb, I discover music, its emotions, its thrills. Sometimes it agitates me, sometimes it soothes me, and thanks to it, I can’t wait to come into the world.

This year, Mirare joins forces with La Folle Journée de Nantes to celebrate the Origins of Music. What could be more moving than the discovery of the first notes of a being about to be born? Aimed at young mothers-to-be, this album brings intra-uterine life to life. From the calm of the night to the dance of a lively waltz, music ensures the healthy development of the fetal ear.

This compilation of the greatest names in classical music celebrates learning from the earliest moments of an art that accompanies the child as it has accompanied history in its growth and evolution.

From the genesis of the child to that of music, let your future child experience his or her first artistic encounters through music.