Romain Guyot

Chamber music, Symphony Music

Romain Guyot

Romain Guyot was born in France and grew up in the countryside near Fontainebleau in a family of primary teachers.

He began his musical training at the age of six by teaching himself the rudiments of music and recorder playing with a method and an instrument he found in his mother’s belongings. He started to learn the piano, and finally went on to the clarinet at the age of eight. When he was seventeen he attracted Claudio Abbado’s attention as a member of the European Community Youth Orchestra. After this he became principal clarinet successively with the Orchestre de l’Opéra de Paris (appointed at the age of twenty-two, 1991-2001), the Mahler Chamber Orchestra (2003-06), and then, fulfilling one of his most cherished dreams, the Chamber Orchestra of Europe (2008).

In 1996 he came first in the prestigious Young Concert Artists International Auditions in New York. Since 2009 he has been a professor at the Haute École de Musique (HEM) in Geneva. Romain Guyot now divides his time between his solo and chamber concerts, the orchestra, teaching, and his wife 정란 Louise and their three children, Baptiste, Aurèle, and Lana. A passionate sport and mountain enthusiast, he is a marathon runner, mountain biker, swimmer, skier, and mountaineer. In September 2004 he and his clarinet climbed Mont Blanc (4810 metres) to give a recital . . . on the roof of Europe!

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