Les Itinérantes

Vocal music

Les Itinérantes

Formed in 2017, this unique all-female vocal trio draws its strength from the diversity of its repertoire, and its original bespoke arrangements. Les Itinérantes perform a cappella songs in over forty different languages (some extinct, some invented), on a journey through styles, time and space. Manon Cousin, Pauline Langlois de Swarte and Élodie Pont shape a sound with multiple personalities to embrace the different musical stories they tell. Three musicians with very distinct worlds who have brought together their various influences – from early music to French chanson – to illustrate the themes that are dear to them: women, nature, travel and the imaginary. “Origines” is their third album, following “Au fil de l’air” and “Voyages d’Hiver”.

The trio perform regularly at numerous festivals in France and abroad.

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