Ensemble El Sol

Baroque music, Vocal music

Ensemble El Sol

“The Ensemble El Sol, directed by the harpsichordist Chloé Sévère, has devoted itself since its creation to Spanish and Latin American Baroque music of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

Founded in 2016, the ensemble consists of Dagmar Saskova and Angélique Pourreyron (voice), Ronald Martin (viola da gamba), Caroline Lieby (Baroque harp), Victorien Disse (Baroque theorbo and guitar), Laurent Sauron (Baroque percussion) and Chloé Sévère (harpsichord). The decision to use a continuo group combining several instruments offers the possibility of a wide range of bold transcriptions and a variety of colours in the accompaniment, in accordance with the types of instrumentarium employed in the Baroque period.

El Sol has performed at many festivals, including the Festival Jean de la Fontaine, the Festival Marin Marais, Les Jeudis Musicaux de la Chapelle Royale du Château de Versailles, La Ferme du Biéreau in Belgium, the Festival Musiques Vivantes, Osez le Classique and Les Musicales du Pays de Maur, les Concerts de Vollore, and also collaborates with associations aiming to open this repertory to a wider public.

In its choice of programmes, the ensemble focuses on the magnificent cultural mixes generated by Spain’s exchanges with the world, particularly with France and Latin America. It retraces the journey of extraordinary composers who, nourished by their travels and their encounters, left us music steeped in popular cultures, often marrying two worlds that might seem poles apart. The Ensemble El Sol works closely with the original manuscripts, transcribing, scoring and in some cases harmonising them to produce editions that invite listeners to discover this still little- known repertory.”

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