Tank range... can be twitchy on 16' rims when pushed...Buffeting on naked hornet. Always use Michelin Pilot Road 3/4 tyres, they suit this bike so well......and are very forgiving in the wet (you can get your knee down!) Pillion accommodation is mediocre. I don't do those sorts of journeys often enough to warrant hard luggage, and managing to get her loaded up safely can be a bit of an onerous task. Test ridden lots of other bikes, but the hornet suits me just fine.The only bike that I'd change for would be the 2007 hornet (in blue). The Honda CB600F Hornet uses simple ingredients, thoughtfully combined to create a motorcycle far better than you’d guess. Big problem to get the engine going again, and some issues with fuel hose folding shut. The tank range is an issue, around town I get about 70 miles then 20 on reserve but normally fill up at 60 miles. Now she’s back to her normal self. ... HONDA CB 600 F Hornet 2006 CB600F. Very economical. Very basic equipment, depending on what you do I'd fit a USB charging socket - great for charging your phone if you want to use it as a Sat Nav. Old Honda CBR600F engine plus a basic frame, cost conscious suspension and upright bars make a versatile motorcycle that’s fun and practical. The old-style analogue speedometer has been replaced by a tidy hi-tech LCD affair that recalls not only speed but also incorporates two trip meters, a fuel gauge, clock and a stopwatch - not a lap timer, but a stopwatch for timing journeys rather than hot laps around Donington Park. My 1999 CB600F is my first big bike since I passed my license about 6 weeks ago and I literally cannot fault it. Its comfortable, easy to ride round town and if you want to it will keep up with the best of them even on a track day! It was advertised as a non runner and engine had a horrible knocking noise due to spun bearing. ин, пробіг 20 тис. Sitting position is also cramped, knees a bit too bent, seat too low (despite me being European average at 1m76). Just keep it clean and serviced. Strengths: Ease of use. In the last couple of years the battery has since died and its now a non runner. by Trev. In Europe it topped the two-wheeler sales charts in 2001 and finishing runner-up to the SH150 in 2002 and 2003. Let op: Er kunnen universele artikelen worden getoond die niet geschikt zijn. It's not a bike you have to put a lot of effort in to get where you want to go, so the first couple of miles or so I ambled out of town and headed towards the hills to see how well the new model would cope once the pace was upped. Great bike - light handling nippy and becoming more sought after. Standard oil and filter on 5,000km. HONDA CB 900 F HORNET mat zwart.! BATTERY for Honda CB 600 S HORNET 2002 - Order your original Honda Scooter, ATV & Motorcycle spares with our part diagrams Search by model or part number Manufacturer warranty - Secure payment The front gets a bit soft above 25°C, but for me that hasn't caused any problem. Lower yoke is know to corrode but mine is fine (keep it clean and spray protector on it). Wish you could get get a bit further before needing to fill up. The Hornet is sooo light and agile but it felt far safer at speed than my CBF500. Honda CB600F Hornet onderdelen, accessoires. Honda Hornet CB600F CB900F CB919F decal sets, decals, sticker kits and graphics for motorcycle restoration 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2006 2007 2008 2009 But had Honda listened to the buying public and sorted the new bike? Handling is sweet although pre-2000 motorcycles had a 16-inch front wheel, which feels odd. Had it for 3 years... 2005 model with better suspension upside-down forks, digital tachometer and Akrapovic exhaust with a very good sound. Inspect technical data. Version: Last of carb model with upside down forks. This bike fit's the bill prefect...Faster than a bandit & not as common...(yet). I managed to pick up a cheap 2000 model with the 17" front wheel and 30k on the clock, its great fun. She handles well in pretty much any weather, although I have had her get a bit twitchy in really severe rain. Can’t fault it. There are two ways to ride a Hornet: either short-shifting and cruising on the decent low-down torque, or thrashing hell out of it and countersteering like a speedway rider (well almost) on the wide bars. Look at photos. As my engine is restricted to 33bhp, I can't comment on the true effectiveness of the engine either, yet even now it is responsive and smooth and allows me to accelerate quickly out of all manners of hazards, and the 45mpg I'm averaging is nice too. Levertijd: 3-7 dagen, als het langer duurt nemen we contact met je op. Extremely Golf-like as said before. Click here for the 10 best parts for the Honda Hornet 600, as recommended by real owners at hondahornet.co.uk. CB600F HORNET (2007/57) £2,999 Derbyshire. Not what I expected from a Honda, especially as I bought it in mint condition with low mileage. The bottom yoke will corrode plus the stainless steel down pipes discolour but otherwise the finish is quite tough. The most obvious update was of course to the front suspension. For the beginner I am it is an excellent machine, this is the best selling point of the Hornet to me. Honda brings the latest version of its hugely successful Hornet 600 Euro-model to the States. Only thing I would say it can feel a bit vibey in the pegs and bars which limits my confidence to push it to higher revs, however it's so simple to maintain and I love that with this bike I'll never have to visit a mechanic ever again. Successor: Honda CB650F 3500 miles & 4 months later (including 1300 miles in 8 days around Northern Ireland) and I'm well pleased with my Hornet, it can do almost everything well. The engine is bullet proof and provided you keep it spinning it goes like stink, handling is excellent with a new hagon shock and avon st storms fitted. In fact, just about anyone who enjoys riding a two-wheeler. Its comfy for full days in the saddle, quick & fun for the twisties, & economical giving 40-60 mpg. I have a 2006 honda hornet. No corrosion yet just try to use it on dry days.! On the pro side it was an absolute bargain (less than 1 000 quid). On the styling front Honda has added a colour-matched mini cowl and a re-designed front mudguard for a sharper, more aggressive look. Ціна: 1550$, можливий торг, обмен . And it was just as happy when I reached the slower, tighter turns up through the hills. Very pleased with mine and will be keeping it a good while yet! the acceleration at around 8-9000 rpms was pretty cool. Very reliable but i got used to it so had to go to the next step and get a 1000cc bike. Since its launch in 1998 the CB600F Hornet has been a massive success story for Honda. Sold in 2018 for 2400€ Uitlaat GPR Slip-On GHISA met e-keur - HONDA HORNET CB 600 F PC 34-36 1998-€ 326,34. On the plus side those bars and the riding position make handling at very slow speeds a doddle, and the clutch and gearbox are lighter than the CBR's, so arguably it's a better town bike. Great value holder. Motor is voorzien van windscherm, hyperpro vering, sp spiegels en st. 2002. The front suspension gave much better feeling and feedback, and in no time the footrests were scraping as I found myself hanging off the bike in full 'trackday' mode trying to set a new lap record around the Spanish hills. Straightline power is a little lower than my pals CBR600F, but through the twisties I'm on his tail all the time. The handling is superb, even if the front wheel is 16" rather than 17", it stills leans and turns smoothly and naturally (though I cannot compare this to riding a similiar bike with a 17" front wheel, due to not having ridden one). 34 owners have reviewed their HONDA CB600F HORNET (1998 - 2006) and rated it in a number of areas. s vertion is generaly less saught after so cheaper and has usually belonged to more serious owners as opposed to boyracer n vertion. Se alle brugte Honda CB 600 F Hornet til salg på 123mc - Danmarks største MC-marked. Reliability is superb. The rubber stalks supporting indicators perished but replaced with help of a friend. All good maybe a bit sore on fuel this depending on how u ride , Good comfortable bike in all conditions but standard brakes just ok, Not a lot of power or performance but if I was looking power I would buy a blade.! Bihr Hoofdremcilinder reservoir revisie set voor en achter Honda CB 600 Hornet 2002. € 59,50. An absolute Screamer, quite rare, you get quite a few looks at the lights, turns you into a bit of a hooligan, excellent acceleration, Bullet proof engine. Great bike, have had mine a year and done around 5k on it. It is powered by a 599 cc (36.6 cu in) liquid-cooled inline-four engine, originally a detuned version of that in the Honda CBR600 sport bike, which currently produces around 102 bhp (76 kW). It took everything in its stride and kept on coming back for more. I never bought my bike brand new and since then it’s had many upgrades, that’s why I’ve made this a 5 star I love the fact it’s so easy to personalise, My preferred tyres are Pirelli Diablo. High level exhaust, USD forks and wide rear tyre add a dash of pzazz. The briefing in the hotel in Seville was well, 'brief' to say the least; which was understandable considering there were in fact very few changes from the previous model. It was running at that point but has not been used since. Bikez.biz has an efficient motorcycle classifieds. Only downsides, lack of fuel gauge, not a problem once your used to it, 100 miles then fill and never have a problem. It'll do 140 no problem with a fat 63 year old on it...what's not to like? Didn't start well on cold mornings, the battery kept going flat even when used daily, and the killswitch played once leaving me stranded at work. Met een voorraad van meer dan 100.000 gebruikte motorfiets onderdelen is Boonstra Parts de motor demontage specialist van Nederland. I do my maintenance myself so cannot comment on servicing costs. Shop with confidence on eBay! The Hornet has always been a well-sorted bike. Gebruikte, tweedehands Honda CB 600 S Hornet 2000-2002 (niet gebruiken) motoronderdelen. On a different note, if you have ever thought of going to France by bike either with friends or on your own but are a bit intimidated about going for the first time have a look at www.longwayroundbrittany.co.uk ,it is an excellent way of getting a feal for riding in France which is the best place to ride so close to home. OK, I'm a bit harsh mostly for personal reasons. Bikez has a high number of users looking for used bikes. Excellent VFM but the CB600F is in an ultra competitive class, and the Hornet is looking old. Read what they have to say and what they like and dislike about the bike below. The engine is great for me, reliable and feels so solid. This was soon followed in 1998 by the Hornet 600 which proved very popular in European markets. Fit braided hoses, they give some feel and bite (I paid £150 all in). Seriously...why? I would definatly have another Hornet 600 were it not for the tank range, I loved it. Well built. Yet it doesn't need lots of gizmo's, and it's 13 years old now so it's wrong to expect more, although compared to modern bikes it's lacking so only 3 stars sadly. Buying experience: Bought privately from second owner. but doesn't do much else. Coming from a Kawa ZZR600 as first big bike...: If this bike had a fairing and ABS like the CBF1000 and did about 10 miles more to the gallon then it would be at the top of my list. I rode the new hornet and my (new) 98 suspension is as good. I'd also recommend it as a first bike due to her reasonable comfort and fairly forgiving handling should one make a minor faux pas. By Visordown. starts on the button - never let me down in the 3 years I've had it now - used all year round. I love it and it has got soul. Terrible fuel economy plus piss poor tank capacity, Looks a little cheap, yolk rusts, bugger all midrange, windblast above 70mph. The only thing that I am looking to do now is put an aftermarket shock on her as, when I've got my better half on the back, she can feel a little sloppy at times. I replaced the rear shock as it is nearly a decade old and I am 17 stone. If you rev it hard it can eat some oil...need to check every 2500km and refill. This is a Honda CB600 Hornet 2002. On the motorway I get about 100 miles or so with 20 on reserve, this is a pain on long trips. Good brakes with lots of feedback. The Honda CB600F Hornet does need revving hard if you want to use all the power but it’s gentle in town with a light clutch. H Bauer Publishing are authorised and regulated for credit broking by the FCA (Ref No. Also called: Hornet 600, CB600F . This bike would be great as a commuter because it was easy to ride and slip through traffic. Продавець Рома на AUTO.RIA BOS Oval 110CS Carbon Steel Einddemper met E-keur Honda CB 600 Hornet 1998-2002. Nothing , this engine runs like a jewel and power all the way up the rev range .....Carbs are still better than fuel injection IMHO if set up well..... if you back off the gas , you can just scrape 50mpg if you ride like a vicar (old one). The Hornet is a decent secondhand buy (I reckon they were overpriced new) but unless the sportbike riding position is a total turn-off for you a CBR of a similar vintage is a far better option -- better cycle parts, better finish, and a totally linear power delivery that means it's actually easier to ride than its naked cousin. I love the engine, smooth power low down and a very noticeable power band up top. Super comfy for a shorter like me. I still see my old Hornet sometimes ride through our town, it still looks as good today as it did all those years ago. Well built reliable fun or work horse. Honda CB600F Hornet 1998-2002 Het oermodel van de 600cc Hornet. Brilliant bike, just amazing. mine had short breaks when I bought it which I find work well and give it a slightly better look. Seems hard to believe now, it's just a little more reluctant to start; other than that it runs fine. Class: naked . The standard of finish was pretty good though. We put the new and improved Hornet 600 through its paces. I only passed my test in May 08 so my biking experience is very limited. With a few extras like a fmf powercore exhaust, Dynojet kit, k&n airfilter and sticky pilot power 2ct tires. Honda’s own CBF600 has more equipment including ABS for the same price – but the CB600F Hornet’s faster and more sporty. Fun, fact, easy, reliable. The reliability is superb, I have had no problems with it.