The Zürich Card entitles the holder to free travel on all forms of public transportation on the entire city network (Zone 110 and surrounding zones). Zürich, Bahnhofquai/HB Many historical photographs bring the Zürich of days past back to life, and interactive elements help to keep kids (of all ages) entertained. ... City of Zurich on social media ZVV-Contact makes no charge for the advice it gives. The venue is easily accessed with public transit Tram #11 (other options nearby). This was my first visit for an event here at Theatre 11. 12 To Winterthur When Thursday, 11/05/2020 Tight transfer times (up … If calling from a landline, the network provider charges are around CHF 0.08 per minute. On days when the museum line is not operating, the easiest way to get there is by taking tram 11 (Zürich, Rehalp) to the Burgwies station. Haltestelle / Linie. MISS SAIGON at Theater 11 in Zürich. Tram and bus lines Download PDF (392 KB) City of Winterthur Bus lines Download PDF (216 KB) Airport area Train, trams and busses Download PDF (286 KB) Lake Zurich Boat services The Zürich Card City Pass. The city pass can be purchased in the “Zürich City Guide” app on your smartphone, via our webshop, or physically at a ticket machine. 12 To Winterthur When Thursday, 11/05/2020 Close all From Zürich, Wasserwerkstr. If calling from a mobile telephone, the charge may well be higher. Node Zürich Flughafen Fracht (2293368662) as stop Node Zürich Flughafen (2293368691) as stop Node Bahnhof Balsberg (2292704992) as stop Node Unterriet (2292704968) as stop Node Bäuler (2292704942) as stop Node Bahnhof Glattbrugg (5098321547) as stop Node Lindberghplatz (2290679434) as stop Halte­stellen­- und­ Linien­fahr­pläne. Tout afficher De Zürich Hegibachplatz À Zürich HB Quand Vendredi, 02.10.2020 Tout masquer De Zürich Hegibachplatz À Zürich HB Quand Vendredi, 02.10.2020 05:54 – 06:14 20' Tram La carte urbaine Zürich Card vous donne accès à tous les transports publics dans l’ensemble du territoire urbain zurichois (zone 110 et zones environnantes). La Zürich Card peut être achetée dans l’application « Zürich City Guide » sur votre smartphone, dans le magasin en ligne ou directement aux distributeurs de tickets. In this video we will see some of the tramways in Zurich, first the bombardier charges on line 10 from the airport to the Bahnhofplatz. Your ideal itinerary with the online timetable. Open all From Zürich, Wasserwerkstr. Relation Tram 10 (2799185) Members 78 members. ... (English version), at Theatre 11. The building itself hosts a restaurant for lunch and dinner, bar, event space and more.