If you read the labels on the back of commercially-prepared dog food, at first glance it might appear as if they are well-fortified with all the nutrients a dog needs to stay healthy. Finkies are very warm and affectionate towards all of their loved ones and are always in the mood to spend time with them. Is a Raw Food Diet Right for Your Dog? And, of course, you will have to be dominant and focused all the time while working with this dog. Physical Characteristics Of Suomenpystykorva. I suggest you play with him as much as you can while outdoors, but if you plan to stay longer indoors, make sure you take your dog with you, at least for a short time. Looking from ahead, the legs are straight and parallel. Où faire dormir son chiot ? Discutez avec l'éleveur des soins de santé reçus par les parents du … Anyway, I’m sure you will enjoy his company. Six Toed Norwegian Lundehund Dog Breed Info And Characteristics. Chiots n° chiens-de-france 1435552. On top of that, he will easily put a smile upon your face with his incredibly moving spirit. It belongs to the Nordic Hunting Dogs group in the class of all primitive dogs. His almond-shaped eyes are always black with black eye-rims. In length, they come in at about 15 to 18 inches. Son corps, aussi long que haut, s’inscrit dans un carré. Plus, he’s a primitive type dog, which in other words means that he can be incredibly stubborn. Finnish Hunting Dog is using a string of short and fast barks, which together sound like a long yodel. Chiots Spitz Finlandais à vendre. Mâle réservé CHIOT. However, this “noisy” behavior is often really annoying for everybody in the dog’s surroundings. The triangular ears are erect and pointy. The hind legs are muscular and powerful. Is medium-sized (25-35 lb) 3. Random Gallery. The Finnish Spitz is a good-natured and lively dog that is very smart, alert and playful, making a great family companion for all ages. Choisir le bon couchage. Avec Achetermonchien, achetez votre chiot ou chien de race Spitz Finlandais. Today, the Finnish Spitz is mainly viewed as an excellent family pet, but this breed does continue to hunt in its homeland of Finland. Spitz finlandais Origine En Finlande, son pays d’Origine, cette race est connue sous le nom de Suomenpystykorva, ce qui signifie chien de chasse finlandais aux oreilles dressées. Like many other hunting dogs, he possesses a strong prey drive, so he will gladly chase every small animal he spots. Les chiots. – Weight between 26,5 and 31 pounds (12–14 kg) Comment accueillir un chiot et réussir les premières heures avec lui ? The Finnish Spitz dog life expectancy is somewhere between 10 and 14 years. Spitz finlandais Chiots nés le 18/05/2020 disponible à partir du 17/07/2020 . This is quite energetic breed, so you will have to put your dog through proper exercise every day. Chiot Spitz Finlandais dans la forêt. Also, these dogs are always friendly and tolerant with kids. Toute l’apparence, mais surtout les yeux, les oreilles et la queue dénotent une grande vivacité. The Finish Spitz dog is probably one of the loudest dogs in the world! Yeah, it is quite incredible and above all it is a very useful ability in the hunt for example. They remained isolated there until the early 19th century, when they were almost extinct by interbreeding with other breeds brought in Finland at that time. About Finnish Spitz Dog. The brushy tail is long and curled atop his back. La première exposition de la race eut lieu la même année et le premier concours pour chiens de chasse à plume eut lieu en 1897. The template is the same for all dogs – darker shades on the upper parts of body, lighter shades on the chest, tail and stomach. Le Spitz Finlandais est un chien nordique typique, avec sa queue recourbée et son museau pointu. The cat-like paws are rounded. Finnish Spitz and Nordic Spitz represent thousands of year’s old cultural history, whose continuation will be dependent on maintaining the breeds in hunting use. About 2000 years ago they were brought from the Volga River Area of Central Russia to what is now Finland, and are considered the National dog of Finland, and are mentioned in several patriotic songs. En 1979, le Spitz Finlandais a été désigné comme « Chien national finlandais ». The Finnish Spitz is commonly 15 to 20 inches tall at the shoulder and weighs about 20 to 33 pounds, classifying them as medium dogs. Spitz finlandais. Arioko.com. Le spitz finlandais est tout d'abord un chien de chasse vif, courageux et déterminé, tenace, et même rusé quand il est amené à chasser. This way you can be assured your dog will learn all the important commands as well as those more complicated. Le museau étroit se rétrécit progressivement. Les chiens Spitz finlandais étaient à l'origine connus sous le nom de Suomenpystrykorva (Chien finlandais aux Oreilles dressées) et de Chiens d'Arrêt finlandais aboyeurs. – Weight between 15,5 and 22 pounds (7–10 kg). Elle a été développée à partir d’une réserve naturelle pure et représente un élément essentiel de la culture finlandaise. He is actually a really persistent barker, who will bark at anything he finds suspicious. In 1979, Finsk Spets was proclaimed as the national dog of Finland, the title he still proudly bears. Saillie. 1 artic cobaka Le 15/04/2019. Female En 1979, le Spitz Finlandais a été désigné comme « Chien national finlandais ». Elevage of artic cobaka. Finnish Spitz - GCH Dv9k9's Red Hot Star aka Rocket 3 (16415385600).jpg 3,008 × 2,000; 1.01 MB Finnish Spitz 600.jpg 600 × 600; 94 KB Finnish Spitz female Lisa.jpg 512 × 964; 66 KB Considéré comme … – Height between 17,5 and 20 inches (45-51 cm) This way the dog also draws the attention of game to himself, which greatly helps the hunter to approach the target unnoticed. It is no coincidence people often call him the Barking Bird Dog. Retour; 1 vote. Chiots n° chiens-de-france 1435551. Cette race souffre rarement de maladies héréditaires. Yes, this dog is an excellent family companion. They love digging around for mice and smaller animals. Elevage De la cascade des jarreaux. These dogs are relying on the senses of smell and sight to track the game. No wonder these dogs are often participating in barking contests. Vif, vigoureux, courageux et déterminé, il peut se montrer un peu réservé envers des étrangers, mais il n’est jamais vicieux. The Finnish Spitz is a lively, medium-sized dog with excellent hunting skills.He is almost identical, physically and mentally, to other two Nordic hunting breeds originating from Scandinavia – Norwegian Lundehund and Norrbottenspets.Like them, this dog is impulsive, cheerful and enthusiastic, always ready for some action.He just can’t be quiet or calm a … Articles. Chiots. Le stop est prononcé. When on the right track, the dog starts to bark continuously, so the hunter can easily locate him. With proper training, these dogs can be excellent competitors in various sporting events or good rescuers. These variations in shades mustn’t be prominent. Their coat is thick and straight with a variety of light red coloring giving them a similar appearance (face and coat color wise) to a fox. He's also been called the Finnish Barking Bird Dog because of h… It is a "bark pointer", indicating the position of game by barking, and drawing the game animal's attention to itself, allowing an easier approach for the hunter. He will greatly appreciate that, and I am sure you will have a lot of fun too :). Tous les eleveurs de Spitz finlandais. Main Finnish Spitz colors are golden-red, brown-red, pale-amber, and chestnut. CHIOT. The Finnish Spitz dog has a square shape, meaning he is almost long as tall at withers. This can also have a positive effect on building his personality in an adequate way since these dogs can be emotionally sensitive. Les membres sont forts, parfaitement d… Learn More. The Breed. He just can’t be quiet or calm a longer time, so it would be wise to make him “work” as much as you can. The Finnish Spitz dog has a typical wedge-shaped head with flat forehead, similar to a fox. The best would be to take your dog for a long walk at least once or, if possible, twice a day. So, it would be wise to teach your dog a few commands to stop making noise. Mais on sait que depuis des siècles des chiens du même type que le Spitz Finlandais ont été employés partout dans le pays pour la chasse à tout gibier. While outside, I suggest you keep him on a leash, otherwise always keep an eye after him. On the AKC breed popularity charts, the Finnish Spitz ranks at 184 of 193, making it quite a rare breed in the U.S. Finnish Spitz APPEARANCE. Finnish Spitz has a fox-like appearance with symmetrical and well-balanced body. Chiots n° chiens-de-france 1435551. When invested, he will learn every command with ease. Les oreilles sont droites, pointues, très mobiles. However, this breed is quite rare outside its native country, so if you get a chance to buy one, don’t hesitate, make yourself lucky :). The front legs are stoic and rigid. The Finnish Spitz has the distinction of being the national dog of Finland, where this ancient hunting breed is still used to hunt a wide variety of game. Le poil est d’une nuance plus claire ailleurs, Assez long sur le corps, dressé ou mi-dressé, plus raide sur le cou et le dos, magasins, vétérinaires, éleveurs, toiletteurs, clubs canins, carnet de santé, carnet d’adresses, conseils d’experts, promotions membres. Le premier standard fut rédigé en 1892. But, this behavior can be easily handled with early training.. L’origine du Spitz Finlandais est inconnue. About the Finnish Spitz Finish Spitz dogs mainly hunts forest game birds, waterfowl and small pests, together with moose. Les chiots. Main Finnish Spitz characteristics are intelligence, cheerfulness, playfulness, stubbornness, agility, persistence, boisterousness, courage, alertness, independence, and loyalty. The narrow muzzle with scissor jaws, black lips and black nose, is pointed at the top and wider at the root. C’est un formidable chien de chasse, mais qui peut aussi être sociable et joyeux s’il est utilisé comme animal de compagnie. Un peu au-dessous d’une taille moyenne, pouvant presque être inscrit dans un carré, sec. Tous les chiots proposés à la vente sur Wuuff grandissent auprès d'éleveurs expérimentés qui exercent leur métier et passion sur la base de 3 piliers : qualité, santé et amour pour leurs chiens. The Finnish Spitz dog belongs to a group of hunting dogs known as “bark pointers“. Finnish Spitz: Sample photo gallery. The Finnish Spitz dog or Suomenpystykorva (in Finnish) is a primitive breed originating from Finland. Le rapport des Français à la possession responsable et au bien-être du chien, Entretien et hygiène : les bons gestes au quotidien, Pelage et alimentation : les nutriments jouent un rôle majeur, La pyodermite du chien, une infection de la peau, Dilatation Torsion d’Estomac (DTE) : savoir la reconnaitre à agir en conséquence, Les bienfaits des céréales dans les aliments pour chiens. – Height between 15,5 and 18 inches (40-46 cm) The Finnish Spitz is a medium size dog, with a fox-like look, originated from Finland. These dogs are seasonal shedders, they lose their undercoat twice a year. Needless to say, the best time to start his training is while still a puppy. Le spitz finlandais typique est un chien robuste, résistant aux intempéries. 71350 Allerey Sur Saône ... Les éleveurs de chiens et de chiots de race s'unissent pour Chiens de France. He can easily produce over 150 barks per minute. Origin. The Finnish Spitz is a responsive, outgoing and affectionate breed that needs to have their owners acceptance and love in order to thrive. See more ideas about finnish spitz, spitz dogs, dogs. His back is straight and strong. Chiots n° chiens-de-france 1435552. Also, when you take into account that he’s often suspicious and reserved with strangers, it is guaranteed that you will have an excellent watchdog. These dogs were bred for hunting in the harsh and hostile Finland’s wilderness. May 15, 2013 - Sukunimi Finnish Spitz Dogs / Suomenpystykorva. Mâle réservé CHIOT. Des dizaines d'annonces d'éleveurs pour trouver une portée de chiots Spitz Finlandais à … Le crâne est légèrement plus large que long et sa hauteur correspond à sa largeur. It is also known by several other names including the Finnish Barking Birddog, the Finnish Hunting Dog and the Finnish Cock-eared Dog. It was developed by the Finno-Ugrian hunting tribes approximately 2.000 years ago. It is also important to prevent any unwanted skin conditions. La tête est de grandeur moyenne, sèche, avec un front légèrement bombé. Want to know more about Finnish Spitz dog? Those on the hind legs must be removed. In Finland, he's known as the Suomenpystykorva (pronounced SWOH-men-pi-stih-KOR-vuh), which means Finnish Pricked Ear Dog, and he can't compete there for a show title until he has proved himself in hunting trials. It is mandatory to give him something to think about. Fortunately, thanks to the group of dedicated people the breed has been saved in its original shape. That’s why the regular daily grooming is necessary during shedding periods. Elevage De la cascade des jarreaux, chiens de race Spitz finlandais, chiens, chien, chiots, chiot, localisation géographique: 07000 St Julien En St Alban So, it would be recommended to properly socialize your Finlander. Otherwise, he will make some mess or bark like crazy out of boredom. Like them, this dog is impulsive, cheerful and enthusiastic, always ready for some action. When you look at these physical traits, it is quite understandable why are they such mobile and agile dogs with incredible maneuver abilities. The Finnish Spitz is a medium purebred from Finland where it was bred to be a hunting dog and to act as a pointer, meaning it let the human hunter it was with know in what direction the downed prey was.