In this one: Wrap up with a discussion. Retrospective… Tailor this to your needs by focusing the team’s statements as need be—they could be about the last meeting, the most recent project, or about themselves. Express Yourself is a simple Check-In agile retrospective exercise that aims at visualizing the team´s ideas and helping to gather data early in the team retrospective session. RAID stands for Risks, Assumptions, Issues, and Dependencies. Felix Felicis! As described in the Scrum Guide, the Sprint Retrospective is an opportunity for the Scrum Team to inspect itself and create a plan for improvements to be enacted during the next Sprint.The Sprint Retrospective occurs after the Sprint Review and prior to the next Sprint Planning. For shorter Sprints, the event is usually shorter. Retrospectives typically happen at the end of the sprint (hence why they’re often referred to as sprint retrospectives) … Popular with agile developers, but not just for software teams anymore. Why is it so hard to work together? A sprint retrospective is a chance for your Agile team to share what went well during the sprint and planning process, and what you can improve for next time. This technique is the most basic template you can use for your retrospective. Recurring Retro for larger groups. Ask for 4 volunteers to start the discussion. Thumbs up, Thumbs down, new ideas and recognition. Pick a solution (5 minutes) After brainstorming, you might be looking at a pretty full board: a couple … Continue sharing until everyone is finished. O plano de ação se refere a qual direção deve-se tomar. Retrium enables you to organize your teammates and all your retrospective documentation in one place. This fun competition gets the blood flowing and offers the perfect opportunity to jump off into more serious discussions. The 3Ls: … They could pick someone else in the group, a stakeholder from another team or department, or a manager. They will take their seats in the “fishbowl” of seats at the center of the room. The 10 Best Translation Extensions for Chrome, How to Manage Your Chrome Extensions (And Your Team’s). Use this retrospective idea as a quick way to get people’s analytical side fired up before the team has to do a little self-scrutiny. See which pair can do it the quickest. And what holiday could be more agile than World Retrospective … What truths did people doubt? Go around the room in a circle and have everyone share their alliterative name. Running... Based on the Goldilocks and the Three Bears fairy tale, this takes a new spin on Start, Stop, Continue. Some pairs might really struggle, but there’s a lot of satisfaction for the room in seeing people reach inside themselves and believe in one another. Not everyone’s head is in the same place the minute they sit down. Tell the group to draft their letters to the person as if it were the date you selected. Only participants in the fishbowl can take part in the discussion. Agile methodology is extensively used globally by business organizations. When everyone is finished, have people present one by one, putting their three statements on the board. Things that your team need to keep, things you need to add, things that you need more of and things you need less of. There are a few different variations of this exercise you can use depending on your desired focus. Very similar to Mad - Sad - Glad, but a little more focused on the sentiment graduation. Look forward in hope, Get everyone to enter their ideas and then vote on the top 3. The video conferencing tool we were using for the Agile Welly Remote Retrospectives meetup, was Zoom. A pitfall of having these sessions regularly, though, is that they can become a bit stale. Set 5 chairs facing each other at the center of the room. And let folks know that it’s totally fine not to share. You’d be surprised how perspectives vary. Ideally suited to exploring personal or team transformation. Try one of these New Year’s Eve theme ideas: The biggest celebrity wedding of the year: Have guests dress as one of the celebrities who wed, or a character closely related to the couple for a unique New Year’s Eve theme … Better known as the Starfish retrospective, this technique was developed by Patrick Kua with the intention of helping teams carrying out a job better ... Based on the story of the three little pigs and their quest for at strong house to live in. Participants will highlight wins for the period, what still puzzles them and what can be improved on. One way this can be … What is the one wish you would like to ask for your team? Explain that you want each person to choose a car brand that characterizes their idea of the last iteration or project milestone. This technique is inspired by the story of Genie in a bottle. - Workflow A retrospective template is a simple tool used as the formula for this assessment, designed to ask the right questions to facilitate constant learning, reiterating and growth. Is it speed, stability, or safety that folks feel is lacking? The main idea is to pass the common retrospective dynamics like thumbs up and down. Reflexión acerca de los poderes y héroes que hemos usado/sido como equipo,las dificultades a las que nos hemos enfrentado y las herramientas y guías q... End of year Team Retro focused with holiday themes, Aufgaben, die es in Scrum gibt den einzelnen Rollen zuordnen, This technique gets the initial honest thoughts about the iteration from the scrum team. This is template help of people to improve your relations in team. The template is based on emoji comment reactions from Facebook. 110 They should then reach back with both arms and link with their partner. Ante una situación de crisis como la que estamos viviendo, hay diferentes fases para afrontar el duelo y aceptar la situación. Allow enough time for all volunteers to circulate through the fishbowl. What could have gone better? “We don’t learn by experiencing, but by reflecting on that experience.” Retrospectives are collaborative in nature, so using an online collaboration tool like Conceptboardenables co-located and r… This technique is very much based on lean coffee and enables the team to add items to discuss and be voted on, however, it also enables the team to ad... Papéis e Responsabilidades [Time de produto]. The safety check is an important practice of agile retrospectives. If done well, these agile meetings can highlight opportunities for change, generate meaningful process improvements, and ultimately move the team in the right direction. Ask for people to say a little more about their word. This retrospective format is inspired by the series Game of Thrones. Things you liked, things you wished went different, thing you still wonder about the team / process. You can use to map the details about the project that is about to start or is already go... Dividir ideias de acordo com seu nível de esforço e impacto. Conclude with a discussion based on the results. From there, you can group the words on the board. This is at most a three-hour meeting for one-month Sprints. Browse our library of retro ideas, from the classic ‘Happiness Metric’ to the creative ‘Peaks and Valleys retro’ so that teams can learn … If done poorly, a sprint … If you need retrospective ideas to accommodate a large group, stop searching—the fishbowl conversation is ideal. Agile Retrospective Template This is a standard retrospective template that you can use to review an Agile project. Much has been written about how to do … Put social pressure to good use and allow people to express themselves in front of their colleagues. What Is the Chrome Components Page and When Should You Use It? Before the team can reflect on their past, they need to know that everyone particip... by Ravikanth Chitta. The 4 rooms model shows a change of topics throughout a period of time being in a good state and the person is happy about it (contentment). What if people can learn from their past experiences? With everyone’s emotions on the board, come up with collective solutions to issues that have become way bigger than they need to be. I’ve written more about how to run great retrospectives here. The date could be for the next meeting or after a major milestone—choose your date based on the focus your retrospective needs. Retrospective is one of the main and most important events for any scrum or agile teams. The good things that happened o... At one point or the other, we are all faced with difficult decisions that require taking immediate action. Get a different Scrum Retrospective every time. The sandbags and storms are the things holding the project back an... Vamos a generar la restrospectiva del sprint. What patterns emerge? I feel it is important to help your agile teams, especial the remote agile teams, to embrace the Scrum Values, Commitment, Courage, Focus, Openness and Respect. This retrospective idea gives the meeting direction without the scrum master having to be the one talking, and provides a productive on-ramp to the rest of your agenda. Similar to lean coffee, but extended with an "epiphanies" column. Pillar spiderweb retrospectives. Through the celebratory nature team … What went well? 0 uses ... End of year Team Retro focused with holiday themes by M. Alison Blair. Sometimes, it’s easier to describe something by telling what this thing is not or ... After discussing the data from Gather Data This technique consists of the basic retrospective template (What went well, Things to improve and action items), but it adds an extra column for the ... A technique to analyse team's behavioural and technical changes, challenges, achievements over the sprint. Once everyone has spoken, ask the last person to say the alliterative name of each person in reverse order. Think of the Scrum Team as the customer and the Sprint Retrospective as a means to live the agile values and principles for your customer. Here is an easy version of this retrospective idea you can tailor as need be. Be creative in how you organize these notes and let participants help. This is a retrospective idea folks might be familiar with, but there’s a reason it … Please add questions for the Townhall meeting and then vote on them. Relax the room without avoiding the issue using Car Brand, one of the simplest but most powerful ways to visualize potential problems. It is is based on two very specific questions: What to repeat? Whenever someone joins, one of the discussants has to leave. Who are they writing to? Now is the time when community means more than ever. Break the group into smaller teams (3-5 people works well). We nat... Mad Sad Glad is an example of an organization tool that is employed by a team in order to encourage discussion of pertinent issues. Have them write down whichever of the following personality types best identifies their outlook: Collect the results and display them on the board. If you’ve run a Retrospective previously, quickly revisit the themes … Have them sit on the floor with their backs touching. The outcome of this game is unpredictable—sometimes the team that thinks it’s sure to win ends up with no balloons! Instructions and variations on the classic team retrospective. We help you find well-curated resources to generate ideas for fun, engaging and effective retrospective … Simple retrospective using a Speed Car metaphor. Were there commonalities or stark differences between the statements? Try pairing someone who knows the ropes with someone who has never tried the back-to-back. Discutir o que foi bom na sprint, o que podemos melhorar e quais ações devemos fazer para a próxima iteração. One way is to vary the exercises you use to brainstorm ideas and build team rapport. According to the report by the Project Management Institute, 71% of business enterprises are using an agile … 2 Truths and a Lie. As good practice, remember to set the stage and ensure that people are reminded that is not a process of blame, but for identifying potential areas fo... Cosas que han ido bien, cosas que no han ido del todo bien, ideas, flores. This template focuses on gathering feedback on 4 team topics: - Communication. Are there any skeptical folks among the group? Whenever someone wants to join the discussion, they take the empty seat in the fishbowl. You may be thinking, I’ve seen this before and so has everyone else. Your team should reflect on what are you great at, what are the current issues on... Accounts for what the team thought went well, what they learned and benefited from and what we can improve upon. Ask people to think about how they feel about the meeting. To understand them, have folks explain their rationale for choosing each car brand. (What went wrong or what areas do you see for impr... Técnica utilizada no início de um projeto para entender o que um produto é, não é, faz e não faz. Simply cycling through these same 10 retrospective ideas works well for me. Section is called "Good, bad, better, best" Making this option available is important for creating a safe environment where people can open up. Have each person tie one balloon to their left ankle. Whatever it is you need to focus the retrospective on, have them associate it with the qualities and expectations of a specific brand. The Most Important Turning Points in Microsoft’s History, The 7 Chrome Flags You Should Enable (And 2 You Shouldn’t), The 9 Hidden Chrome Settings You Should Change Right Now. You will need to understand your st... Quick retrospective to determine any issues a team might have had and gage the team members mood going into next sprint. Here is a list of sprint retrospective ideas and techniques. Ask folks to pair up with someone of similar size. See what they think about the breakdown, and try to generate ideas that will make this and future meetings more valuable for all. Pick a point in the future. Whether you are breaking the ice with new employees or digging deeper with a veteran team, these exercises will help you break out of entrenched behaviors and see the task ahead with fresh eyes. Atividade usada para impulsionar conversas sobre melhorias. Imagine your project is a hot-air ballon and there are a couple of forces in place. The Six Thinking Hats is an efficient technique that uses different points of view to look at decisions. Start keeping records and challenge the room to swap partners each time. If you are worried about someone, try asking for participants first, or move on to another exercise. As with all other... Norman Kerth created this technique and retrospectives as well. Before the team can reflect on their past, they need to know that everyone particip... People will add items to the first five and then we will brainstorm solutions to the issues. Using a basic after action report. The 3 Ws stand for: Worked well, kinda Worked, didn’t Work. of Colleague Appreciation Board : post your comment to each name below. As you discuss, keep to the metaphor to avoid starting a complaint session. Take a look on all Engine - Things that are moving is faster. ScrumMasters should … Don't look back in anger. At base, each of these retrospective ideas allows you to address serious issues from an organic reference point guided by a little laughter and fun. Not an issue. Instead of pretending that people are walking in the door without assumptions about the upcoming retrospective, spend a few minutes analyzing those expectations. Here is a rapid-fire retrospective idea that helps new hires introduce themselves on their own terms. Isto diz respeito em como o time vai se fortalecer entre si, como vai trocar conhecimento, com... Repeat/Avoid is a simple and effective data gathering activity. To get commitment from the team members to change their behaviour in the coming sprint to improve ways of working and increase transparency on expecta... Emergent learning - The Learning Canvas way Used for project retrospective for team members to share feedback - the good is what went well or worked well, the bad is what didn't go as planned o... Silent generation for ideas, sorted by perceived urgency. Preparing a chart with a quick bar graph while people are choosing their answers is not too hard. The Agile retrospective is an Agile ceremony where teams analyze their performance in the last sprint to learn how to become more effective in the next sprint. Template simple pour Rétro standard Français. Agile Retrospective Techniques . If the Ford needs repairs, what are they? Perhaps a milestone was reached and a celebration is in order. When you are finished, have a discussion that includes the entire room, if possible, to talk about reactions to what was said. This is one of the most popular retrospective ideas because it helps your team think critically about their feelings. - Speed / Velocity Energize the room instantly with this quick and fulfilling team builder. The simple, colorful template prompts you to list what went well, … This retrospective technique uses a sailboat as a metaphor for the team. This exercise forces people to articulate their expectations and assumptions in a safe and thoughtful way. Team management. Look back by looking forward. Go through each column in turn More, Better, Different, Less and then vote on them. Fun Retrospective Activity - 2 Truths and a Lie Retrospective … It’s easy to track sprint progress by exploring previous meeting details and reviewing completed retrospectives. You need nothing more than balloons, string, and a little bit of ambition. Simple as that. It is based around the following key theme: Liked – What did … Explain what the topic(s) of the discussion will be (based on problems to analyze). In this retrospective, your team will use Harry Potter spells and artifacts to brainstorm and improve. Let people write for a few minutes, though a simple sentence is fine. This is a push towards greater transparency, inside and outside of the company. Opportunity to do a pulse check with the team in light of recent changes. And be prepared for a range of descriptions. With this retrospective idea, you will prime the inventive part of people’s minds for a productive discussion about what to do next. Either way, know that introducing a little energy into the meeting can disrupt unwanted tension. arrow-icon-down Browse resources You are looking for new inspiration on how to run your agile team retrospective? Give people a minute to pick an adjective that shares the same letter as their first name. What are the things that are Too Cold that we ... Apoio para facilitações remotas de Lean Canvas. The WWW is a great data gathering activity for retrospectives. If you ask for honesty, be ready to get it. The game lasts three minutes, and the objective is for each team is to protect the maximum number of balloons possible. Have everyone write one word that describes how they feel about the present meeting on a sticky note. Part of being reflective is imagining future outcomes and possibilities. No lugar de usar um gráfico e alocar os pontos em quadrantes, faremos por colunas. This is a retrospective idea folks might be familiar with, but there’s a reason it has endured across so many different contexts. Changing locations can bring new life into the event. When everyone is done, share your letters with the room.