Long-Term Tickets (1 month - 1 year) If you want to go to Hradčany, you can get off at this station and take the tram 22. Source: Prague Prague Card provides even more convenience to tourists arriving in the Czech capital from April 1st. Prague City Pass will offer you as a tourist great number of benefits, from free entry to all major sights of Prague, Castles and Prague Zoo to free rides on public transport. Prague Card Benefits. PRAGUE CITY PASS also provides offers from both luxury and traditional restaurants and shops in Prague. Public Transit Co. A Card is only valid when there is the name of the holder and the date of the first use. Transport Používáním webů z portálové rodiny praha.eu souhlasíte s tím, že k poskytování služeb a analýze návštěvnosti používají soubory cookies. Public Transport Tickets Les stations les plus importantes en commençant par l’ouest sont : 1. In 2016, ticket machines solely accepting contactless payment cards were introduced in Prague metro stations and continue to be installed. Prague Public Transport Company information centres This website is property of Civitatis Tours SL. En effet, les transports ne sont plus inclus dans la Prague Card excepté les transferts depuis/vers l’aéroport de Prague en Airport Express Bus. Bus rides do not need to be booked in advance . Prague Card is officially supported and offered directly by the Prague City Office, so it’s no scam. Malostranská: This is the metro station closest to Malá Strana. If you are a tourist, you may want to see a simpler version which excludes specific sales for Prague residents. With the City Airport Train or the Vienna Airport Lines to the city center, the taxi to the restaurant and the Fiaker through the Old City, or with the underground, tram and bus to go shopping or to a museum – you’re easily … of the validation period, you must punch the ticket in one of the validation machines that are located at the entrance If you live in Prague or plan to stay for an extended time period and expect to take public transport frequently, it is a good idea to buy one of the long-term tickets offered by the city of Prague. Je vous confirme que la Prague Card vous permet d’accéder aux transports en commun gratuitement (tram, métro, bus, funiculaire de Petřín, bac de la Vltava) ainsi que les transfert à l’aéroport en Airport Express Bus. Je pars pour 4 jours à Prague. All tickets and passes permit unlimited switching between the three modes of transport. The following sections describe different types of fares and how to navigate yourself around Prague. I’m not sure if anybody still uses Travellers Cheques so it comes down the three options of either credit card, debit card or cash. Online Schedules and Connections, You can look up Prague public transport schedules and connections on the It is also very worthwhile if you are travelling with children or are over 65 years old as it only costs Kč 55 (US$ 2.60). 2. The track is 510 metres long with an elevation of 130 metres. Můstek : Station au nord de la Place. There are two main types of fares: single tickets and long­term passes.TicketsSingle tickets cost either 24 CZK (30 minutes) Public Transport Tickets and Passes Transports en commun à Prague le 1er janvier. We recommend getting this single-journey ticket if you are close to your next destination, as it is a good way of saving money. These tickets can be used on all types of public transport for an unlimited number of journeys. 4. If you have more than one suitcase, you will have to buy a transport ticket for each one. On dit que Prague est une ville très praticable à pied, et j’en suis d’accord. This page deals with the Prague three day travel pass which at the time of writing cost CZK310 and is pictured further down the page. Les 3 tarifs de la Prague Card sont 58€ (1 jour), 68€ (2 jours) et 78€ (3 jours). Prague Transport: the Prague public transport services, including metro, tram, bus and funicular, are extremely efficient, convenient, and comfortable.This category provides comprehensive information on the city transportation, including fares, travel and security tips, online public transport journey planner, sightseeing tours and useful links. This ticket is valid for the tram, bus and metro for 30 minutes with the possibility of transfers between different types of transport. You can choose from several types of short-term tickets to travel around Prague (see below). Short-Term Tickets (30 min. If you don’t have any change, you can buy tickets at the Prague Public Transport Company information centre. There are also 1-Day, 3-Day and 1-Month passes. You can purchase a 1-day transport ticket for Kč 110 (US$ 5.10) (4€ - $4.60 - £3.15) that will allow you to use unlimited transport in Prague for 24 hours. Nádraží Veleslavín : Cette station vous laisse à l’arrêt du bus 119 qui mène à l’aéroport. Corr… The Prague Card is a sightseeing pass which gives you an outstanding way to explore everything the city has to offer. Prague Public Transport (MHD) is a well-organised system of affordable transport in the city and its surrounding areas and includes underground, trams, trains, buses, ferry, and funicular. Prague **If checked, a senior over 70 must show the inspector an ID or passport proving his/her age It operates the metro (underground), trams, buses, the Petřín Hill funicular railway and the chairlift system at Prague Zoo. Bonjour, où avez-vous lu ceci ? The whole line will be served only by the oldest type of T3 trams, which should also leave all other tram lines on the same date. More information can be found on the Prague Public Transit website. Prague Card Public Transport Prague Castle Old Town Hall Jewish Museum 2-Hour Bus Tour 50 Attractions FREE Save time and money with PRAGUE CARD! If you are travelling with luggage larger than 25x45x70 cm, you will have to purchase an extra luggage transport ticket for Kč 16 (US$ 0.70). Voyage en République Tchèque. Buy local transport tickets: Some tourists have a problem buying local transport tickets in Prague on arrival. The most famous national dish in the Czech Republic is goulash (a stew of meat and vegetables) and its many variants. Nádraží Veleslavín: The bus 119 from Prague Airportterminates at this station. Runs from the northeast to the southeastof Prague, from Nemocnice Motol to Depo Hostivař. You’re probably deciding whether or not you’ll need to use Prague Public Transport and then whether you’ll need the 1 month ticket (from a DPP Office) or the long-term Litacka (for minimum 1 month), the Prague three day travel pass or single tickets. Depending on the number of days in the city and where your accommodation is located, you can decide which pass is most convenient for you. Additionally, the card provides the holder with unlimited use of the City Public Transport network - Buses, Metro, Trams, River Ferries and Petřín Funicular - and also provides users with free airport rides. Prague Prague Card is designed to allow you to explore everything Prague has to offer in an outstanding, maximally comfortable, and financially effective way. À Prague, les moyens de transports publics utilisés sont le métro, le tramway et le bus. A ticket for the Prague public transport network permits travel on the Prague Metro, trams and buses for a set period of time: 30 minutes or 90 minutes. Transports et déplacements Prague Transports en commun - Les transports en commun sont ponctuels, bon marché, propres, sûrs et couvrent efficacement toute la ville. They can all be used on any type of public transport as many times and with as many transfers as you like for the duration of the time period for There are 3 underground lines and many trams and buses. The list of benefits a Prague Card provides you with is long and rich. Prague Public Transit Co. website at. Pourtant, il y a des situations où il vaut mieux prendre un tramway ou un métro. Public transport bus rides are subject to regular Prague Public Transport Fares; pre-paid passes and time cards apply. it's not really necessary to buy the prague card, guess it depends on how many days you're staying and which pf the attractions you wanna see. Traffic & Transport with Vienna City Card discount. TOP 10 Prague Card Included Attractions ... Praga también le da descuentos y las ofertas excusivas en viajes, excursiones, cruceros, tiendas, restaurantes y entretenimiento! Transports en commun à Prague. Altered, corrected Cards may not … The ticket costs 32 CZK (€1.20 - $1.32 - £1) for adults, Kč 16 (US$ 0.70) for children (aged 6 – 15) and seniors. Besides, you get up to 50% discount on many Prague attractions, boat trips and in restaurants. Transport Tickets & Travel Cards The transport tickets and travel passes are valid for all of Prague’s public transport system . Staroměstská : À 5 minutes de la Place de la Vieille-Ville et du Quartier Juif. 2. The vehicles are mostly punctual, the fares are very low. The transport tickets and travel passes are valid for all of Prague’s public transport system. To mark the start to every metro station and on trams and buses. **** In order to claim free transport for children of 10-15 years, it is necessary to present the Document on the entitlement to special prices of fare for a child of 6-15 years, recorded on a chip card, or the paper PID Card Child 6-15 years. That's why it is important to get to know how it works. For Kč 310 (US$ 14.50) (11.50€ - $13 – £8.80) adults can use unlimited public transport in Prague for 72 hours. It no longer runs to Dejvická. Short-term tickets can also be used for traveling from and to the Prague airport on buses 119 and 100 (not valid on Airport Express buses connecting the airport with the main train station). Using cards in Prague is fine so long as they display the sign which about 90% of places do but to be safe before you start ordering just confirm that they accept the method of payment that you’ll be using. Public Transport Tickets, Prague Validity of the Card. to 3 days) 3. The tourist card has existed in various forms since 1992, and now, in addition to free entries and different discounts, it now also includes fares for Prague’s public transport. The Prague Card is your personal card and cannot be transferred to anyone else. More information Passengers without pre-paid passes or time cards must purchase a ticket before boarding the bus from a ticket machine or the Prague Public Transit company (DPP) counter. the public transport pass might be a good option, if straying a bit outside the city centre, if you're staying in the centre, you be walking most of the time. Elle traverse Prague de nord-ouest en sud-est, depuis Nemocnice Motol jusqu’à Depo Hostivař. which they are valid. If you are staying for a three-day weekend, this might be the easiest and most comfortable option. The network is quite busy and carries almost 3 million passengers daily. It can either be issued based on your photo ID (only you can use the ticket) or you can buy a transferrable ticket without an ID. Prague Public Transport Tickets and Passes Depending on how much you'd like to use public transport in Prague, you have several options for the type of ticket to use. Retrouvez nos conseils pour traverser la ville rapidement ! Můstek: Station closest to Wencesl… In operation since 1891, the Petřín Funicular Railway is the best way to get to the top of the Petřín Hill. Short-term tickets for travelling around Prague. Prague's major public transport operator is The Capital City of Prague Transport Company - Dopravni podnik hlavniho mesta Prahy, or DPP for short. Voici quelques réponses à des questions sur les transports en commun à Prague que j'entends souvent des mes clients. .. Je serai à Prague pour fêter le passage à la nouvelle année, mais une question se pose à moi. Today open: 6:00 - 12:45, 13:15 - 16:15, 16:45 - 20:00. The basic ticket is valid for 90 minutes after validating it at one of the yellow vending machines; therefore, visitors can combine several means of transportation or various lines during the 90 minutes (ie: metro with metro, metro with tram, tram with bus etc. New nostalgic-tourist tram line 23 in Prague since 25th March 2017 Approximately at 12:00 AM on 25th March 2017 a new tram line number 23 will start operation in Prague. Payment: by card, in cash. Vestibule of the metro station before the entrance to the transport area, at the exit to Jana Želivského street. J'ai vu sur le dépliant des transports en commun que les billets étaient gratuits pour les o-6 ans et les 70 ans et plus. Pour la création de votre carte vous pouvez obtenir des renseignements aux bureaux d’informations de l’aéroport, de la gare, du métro ou au bureau Lítačka (Adresse : Jungmannova 29. The Prague Card is a one-stop-for-all pass that allows tourists to visit 50 tourist destinations for free, as well as nearly 40 others at highly discounted rates. The public transport system in Prague is very good and you will likely use it on a regular basis. If you’re staying in the outskirts this might be the best option to get around the city. Valid on all PID lines in Prague (apart from the line AE) Validity is limited only by time, number of transfers is not limited More information Tickets, tourist passes and season tickets for Prague public transport. Malostranská : Il s’agit de la station la plus proche de Malá Strana. Short-Term Tickets (30 min. Prague est très bien desservie en transports en commun. *If checked, a child aged 6 - 15 or senior aged 60 - 70 must show the inspector a special certificate proving their age (issued by the Prague Public Transit Co. for a small fee) The PRAGUE CARD offers FREE PUBLIC TRANSPORT and FREE ADMISSION to over 50 top attractions, d iscou n tery a h50 , m w guidebook with information in 7 languages and detailed maps. This type of ticket costs Kč 24 (US$ 1.10) (€0.90 - $1 – £0.70) for adults and Kč 12 (US$ 0.60) for children (aged 6 - 15) and seniors. The most relevant stops for visitors are: 1. Travel free on the Prague metro and trams with your Prague Card. This card also allows you free admission to many famous museums like the Jewish Museum and Prague Castle. Depending on the number of days in the city and where your accommodation is located, you can decide which pass is most convenient for you. Voyage en République Tchèque. 4. Public Transit Co. Prague The Prague Card also gives you exlusive special offers at tours, excursions, cruises, shoppings, restaurants and entertainment! Tourists mainly use single tickets and day tickets. Public Transport Tickets and Passes, any type of public transport as many times and with as many transfers as you like, traveling from and to the Prague airport on buses 119 and 100, sending the text message "DPT24" or "DPT32" or "DPT110" or "DPT310" to the number 902 06, tip: You can purchase a card for 2, 3 or 4 days. Elle est aussi utile pour prendre le tramway 22 qui mène jusqu’à Hradčany. Save time and money with PRAGUE CARD! All combinations are possible). PRAGUE CITY PASS holders can enjoy a wide variety of fantastic discounts from our partners, including transport, Prague tours, trips to important centres of Czech culture outside of Prague, boat rides as well as sports and other activities. Almost two thousand vehicles transport a million travellers. The card will be valid for a period of 4 days from the day it is first used. Staroměstská: 5 minutes away from the Old Town Square and the Jewish Quarter. Prague 3. Prague’s public transport is one of the best in Europe. Children under 6 and seniors over 70 travel for free. Prague City Pass is an ideal solution if you are planning a trip to Prague. This article covers complete fare information in Prague. Depending on how much you'd like to use public transport in Prague, you have several options for the type of ticket to use. For children under 6 and seniors over 70 the Basic ticket is free. to 3 days) You can choose from several types of short-term tickets to travel around Prague (see below). May 16, 2018 - Prague Card prices include: Free public transport, free airport express, free 2-hour bus tour, free 1-hour river cruise with a live guide, free Prague castle, free Jewish museum, free Old Town hall, free 50 attractions up to 50% discounts o