In Memory of Euronymous (1968-1993). The internet seems to think In The Nightside Eclipse came out on February 21, 1994, yet anyone who was there at the time will recall the agonising delays that pushed Emperor’s hotly anticipated debut LP back throughout that year. In the name of the almighty Emperor I will ride the Lands in pride, carrying the Blacksword at hand, in warfare. Play on TIDAL or open in our Desktop app Share. I have not yet compared it with the original pressing, nor with the 2017 pressing. In the Nightside Eclipse was the first full-length album and fourth official release by Norwegian black metal band Emperor. Limited release packaged together with the "In Honour Of Icon E - A Tribute To Emperor" CD. Beyond the Great Vast Forest 5. Start your free trial * Learn more * New … Cracks & pops in regular intervals during the whole side! ABBEY ROAD ½ SPEED. ekskl. Cat. Discovering this album before their reunion gig at Hellfest was a great occasion and the best opportunity to dive into the band’s creation through their most famous piece of work. Catalog# CANDLE336CD printed on the digibook spine and both discs. Price. It is their only full-length effort to feature their original drummer, Bård “ It strikes ruthlessly and tenaciously. Add to Custom List. User Ratings (0) Your Rating. I bought the record on this occasion, knowing they will play the album entirely. Genres: Symphonic Black Metal, Black Metal. My copy was completely silent, not a single pop during the whole playback, I really don't know how people play their records but I wet clean every single album I get before the first play, new or second hand, doesn't matter, you wouldn't believe how dirty a factory sealed record can be, I bought 4 of these Emperor new reissues and I have no issues, luckily. If someone can say us how it sounds? Gatefold sleeve with printed credits on back; inner sleeve with printed lyrics. I dislike all the make-up shit and aesthetics. The cover album shows a troop of orcs heading towards Minas Morgul. Emperor In the Nightside Eclipse . The tone is powerful and the instruments are really fast. Candle 008CD; CD). Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for In the Nightside Eclipse - Emperor on AllMusic - 1994 - When the world first discovered Norwegian black… It’s a mythical track from the first note to the very last. Free shipping . Keyboards chords are deliciously evil but this track is mainly tedious. Mit I Am the Black Wizards enthält es einen der berühmtesten Emperor-Titel, der bereits auf der EP Emperor zu hören war. ABBEY ROAD ½ SPEED. Buy. I accidently ordered another copy from a different vendor, and that also has the same crease line. Into the Infinity of Thoughts (re-mastered) 3. It is considered a defining release for the black metal genre, and is regarded by many fans as one of the greatest black metal albums ever made. The remastered edition also includes two covers from Bathory (A Good Day To Die) and (Mercyful Fate) Gypsy. Cosmic Keys to My Creations & Times 4. Among the number of symphonic black metal firsts that Emperor logged on their debut LP In the Nightside Eclipse, perhaps the most important is how they managed to so masterfully weld together a seamless bead of harsh second wave black metal and massive keyboards.Symphonic black metal nowadays hardly represents the brand fashioned by Emperor here on their seminal 1994 release – a … moms. This member also plays the guitar and keyboards on this album, providing mystical orchestral atmospheres, in this song in particular. The Lord Of The Rings by Tolkien was one the inspirations of the band. In the meantime, though, In the Nightside Eclipse took its place as perhaps the Listen free to Emperor – In the Nightside Eclipse (Introduction, Into the Infinity of Thoughts and more). In The Nightside Eclipse is the debut album from the legendary black metal band Emperor. Wprawdzie „Cosmic Keys To My Creation And Times” i „I Am The Black Wizards” to utwory, które znalazły się już na EPce „Emperor”, ale zostały nagrane na nowo i weszło w nie zupełnie nowe tchnienie. In subsequent years Emperor would get more complex and ambitious and the production values would increase but this is where it began. This insane aspect is both positive and negative because this song doesn’t vary much in terms of moods and tends to be boring. # 00602435001050 appears on the label rim text. Saying that a band sucks cock and is not “true black metal” just because it has a decent sound is garbage. Scattered Ashes: A Decade Of … Authentic Emperor Merchandise 100% Cotton In The Nightside Eclipse Album Art Cover Design Black Emperor Shirt The black metal music genre is one full of musical masterminds, like highly influential pioneers Emperor. The Lord Of The Rings by Tolkien was one the inspirations of the band. The CD has no Compact Disc logo, nor any writings on it. Italian titles for Scandinavian bands are not likely but this one is famous. $ 18.99 . In the Nightside Eclipse (20th Anniversary Edition) 1994 Anthems To the Welkin At Dusk 1997 Prometheus: The Discipline of Fire & Demise 2001 Thorns vs. Emperor 2000 60 million songs. Got a sealed copy today and recognized a lot of surface marks on the second side. Though, this tune gets more and more tiring as the rhythm sounds repetitive. Buy Vinyl, Matrix / Runout (Runout, side A, etched): 0602435001050 A MILES. Indeed, this is the band’s hymn and not only an “hymn to Satan”. "Inno a Satana" is Italian for "Hymn to Satan". I was looking for Black Metal, and there was not a lot of it to found at the time. The Norwegian band is known for live performances and epic festival headlines, as well as paving the way for future black metal artists. Let's face it, every black metal fan should have a copy of this and very likely do, simply down to the fact that this is one of the genres most defining albums. Cat. No skipping on CD/DVD. Das Album wurde im Juli 1993 in Eirik Hundvins „Grieghallen“-Studio aufgenommen. From a thunderous riff, everything gets louder and the atmosphere turns out to be heavier. I previously dealt with this anniversary this year during the band reunion at Hellfest. It’s Emperor‘s classic and I must admit it’s a monumental piece and one of my favorite. The album cover was drawn by Kristian Wåhlin, also known as "Necrolord", depicting a host of orcs en route to Minas Morgul. "In the Nightside Eclipse" was recorded in July 1993 at Grieghallen Studios. Singing is more ceremonial to emphasize the image of the ritual evil praise. Cosmic Keys to my Creations & Times (re-mastered) 5. These bluish chords add more colors to the black picture. Matt Heafy dei Trivium scrisse che gli "Emperor avevano creato un suono unico nella loro combinazione di classicismo e convenzioni moderne del metal, che non erano mai state eseguite con tale precisione". Is the sound quality a great enough improvement on these "half speed masters" to justify buying them to replace the reissues from 2017? Bo „In The Nightside Eclipse” jest jak świeży powiew nocnej bryzy, a bijąca od niego rześkość jest zupełnie inna od tego co można było poczuć do tej pory. The sound is really poor and improper, especially the keyboards and young Ihsahn‘s screams. It didn’t lead me to keep looking for black metal bands but at least, I learn what symphonic black metal is through this genre reference. In the Nightside Eclipse, an Album by Emperor. From the beginning of this track, the music goes crazy and fast, all of a sudden, in a brutal outburst of gloomy horror. Released in 1994 on Candlelight (catalog no. 9 tracks (48:42). Live Inferno. Without being a black metal priest, I must admit this is a fascinating and mythical record. In The Nightside Eclipse. VHS or DVD box is included. Portnoy Sheehan MacAlpine Sherinian – Live In Tokyo. Complaints about sound aside, In the Nightside Eclipse is an innovative and influential album by black metal pioneers and well worth getting if for nothing else the emotion this album engenders. Besides that it sounds very good. The final is the most intense part, opened with this furious guitar line by Ihsahn followed again by merciless Samoth. Er wurde 1993 durch den Bassisten Tchort ersetzt. 10 . Complaints about sound aside, In the Nightside Eclipse is an innovative and influential album by black metal pioneers and well worth getting if for nothing else the emotion this album engenders. Cat. It’s absolutely not pleasant, except a riff in the middle of a track with different sweet sounds. This is one of those albums that any fan of the sub genre needs in their collection, with no questions asked. On a rainy February day in the year 1996, I bought Emperor's In The Nightside Eclipse on a whim, intrigued by the logo, the name, the cover art, as well as the frames of the individual band members on the back. Originally, these first minutes were on a single track in the first edition but this intro is now united with the first song, the longest and most complex of the album. It’s a precious moment summing up the best of symphonic black metal. Even Mayhem's De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas falls slightly short of Emperor here, in my honest militant opinion. Auch einige andere Lieder wurden ursprünglich mit Gründungsmitglied Mortiis geschrieben, der die Texte beisteuerte. Into The Infinity Of Thoughts Emperor. Towards the Pantheon 6. Made in France. In The Nightside Eclipse is the debut album by Norwegian black metal band Emperor, released in 1994. The ending is a bit more interesting when the beat slows down over evil lines. … und schon wieder eine Wahnsinns-Lobeshymne, der ich nicht uneingeschränkt zustimmen kann! Three months on us. # Candle500105 appears on the cover spine and labels. Just trying to help. The cover album shows a troop of orcs heading towards Minas Morgul. Can anyone else confirm that this is standard on all these remasters? I Am The Black Wizards is the most fascinating track to me but Into The Infinity Of Thoughts and The Majesty Of The Nightsky are two other interesting tracks. Wherever there is joy the hordes of the eclipse … In The Nightside Eclipse left a footprint on the genre and Emperor entered the pantheon of black metal. This page includes EMPEROR In the Nightside Eclipse's : cover picture, songs / tracks list, members/musicians and line-up, different releases details, buy online: ebay and amazon, ratings and detailled reviews by some experts, collaborators and members. I will grind my hatred upon the loved ones. Emperor. In the Nightside Eclipse by Emperor (CD, 1995 Candlelight) 1st US Pressing. That section itself was also used as the album cover for the Emperor (EP). Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Authentic EMPEROR In The Nightside Eclipse Album Cover Art Back Patch NEW at the best online … Mine has minor scratches, probably due to the inadequate vinyl sleeve, but to my surprise, not enough that I can hear any interference during playback. In the Nightside Eclipse is a symphonic black metal music album recording by EMPEROR released in 1994 on CD, LP/Vinyl and/or cassette. Thanks in advance. ROOM 30, Matrix / Runout (Runout, side B, etched): 0602435001050 B MILES. Nevertheless, it was pretty clear that Emperor's ambition wouldn't stand for not letting their listeners hear everything they were doing, setting the stage for a major production leap on their next album. Sweet acoustic guitar notes along with nightmarish keyboards tones open this track and reveal a pleasant break in this album. In the Nightside Eclipse, an Album by Emperor. Review zu Emperor - In The Nightside Eclipse. This breathing part is a benefit for this track, allowing more tricky psycho lines that poison the rest of the song right after the introduction. Inno a Satana The Burning Shadows of Silence 3. I would recommend to wet clean your records, by doing this you also take care of your cartridge stylus. At the dawn of 2014, I had to speak about a twenty year anniversary celebration, since the release of the Norwegian band Emperor album In The Nightside Eclipse. Towards the Pantheon (re-mastered) 7. No SID codes. A Fine Day To Die (Bathory Cover) Album In The Nightside Eclipse 05:00 1; Beyond The Great Vast Forest Album In The Nightside Eclipse 06:00 2; Cosmic Keys To My Creations And Times Album In The Nightside Eclipse 06:03 3; I Am The Black Wizards Album In The Nightside Eclipse 04:51 4; Inno A Satana Album In The Nightside Eclipse 08:29 5; Into The Infinity Of Thoughts Album In The Nightside Eclipse The violence on the last notes and the capsizing contrast are explosive. ROOM 30. Emperor. Required fields are marked *, You may use these HTML tags and attributes:
. Video game instructions are included. The keyboards even plays crazy notes over a dancing part. The guitar throws a devilish riff on the opening. In The Nightside Eclipse - 20th Anniversary Remastered Edition by Emperor, released 26 May 2014 1. In case cover and title do not match, the title is correct . Emperor. 2. This is a successful terrorizing introduction, with a noble line. Keyboards make it even more orchestral, cold and imperial. The sad keyboard break while the wind is blowing is one of the highlights. Black metal was truly defined in the 90s, and I firmly believe that In the Nightside Eclipse is the finest example of the genre. I Am the Black Wizards 8. The history, controversy, and impact of black metal is of no unfamiliarity to us, just as we all recognize Emperor as a major player in that era. Live At Wacken Open Air 2006 - A Night Of Emperial Wrath. Introduction (re-mastered) 2. Released 21 February 1994 on Candlelight (catalog no. Featured peformers: Ihsahn (vocals, guitar, synthesizer, music, lyrics), Samoth (guitar, music, lyrics), Tchort (bass), Faust (drums), Emperor … 1. Because I am the spirit of their existenceI am them, Your email address will not be published. Beyond the Great Vast Forest (re-mastered) 6. This unmissable song can seem harsh at first due to its rich composition. The Burning Shadows of Silence (re-mastered) 4. I like the confusing transitions and the accumulated parts played in a hurry. Tell your friends about this item: In the Nightside Eclipse Emperor. CANDLE 008 LP; Vinyl LP). The night and the temperature fall when you put this disc on this reader. The instruments go in every direction and the next riffs are quite unsettling. Mixed winter Anno 1994. This album was recorded in 1993 and is still considered as a cornerstone of symphonic black metal, along with other founder band like Immortal, Mayhem and Burzum. The part below the band logo is based upon a section of a larger engraving called "Death on a Pale Horse (Revelation)" by Gustave Doré. The remastered edition also includes two covers from Bathory (A Good Day To Die) and (Mercyful Fate) Gypsy. The Majesty of the Nightsky 7. In subsequent years Emperor would get more complex and ambitious and the production values would increase but this is where it began. The very first press has two folded pages as unstapled booklet, one being the cover and pictures, and the other the lyrics. Despair will be brought upon the hoping children of happiness. In The Nightside Eclipse by Emperor, released 25 October 2013 1. I spare all the controversy about this genre (satanism, heathenism, arson, racism, Neonazism, murder…) and infamous extreme groups, associating an awful image with black metal. "As the Shadows Rise" was recorded in December 1992 at Studio S. The tracks on disc 1 were remastered in 2014. $14.07. The second half of the album is the most surprising to me and ends on a diabolical climax, over the classic track Inno A Satana. AllMusic Rating. After this explosion, the song seems really thrilling. In The Nightside Eclipse left a footprint on the genre and Emperor entered the pantheon of black metal. While some tracks may feel quite repetitive from my beginner’s perspective, most tracks are seriously evil and overwhelming. Agree with Bomberpilot: also got a sealed copy but a lot of surface marks, crackling over the complete album and needle hangs on the first track. The Burning Shadows Of ... Other Albums by Emperor. Beyond the Great Vast Forest ist eine neu aufgenommene und stark veränderte Version von My Empire’s Doom vom Demo. Into the Infinity of Thoughts 2. Black metal is not my cup of tea for artistic, musical, graphic and ideological reasons. Emperor - In the Nightside Eclipse review of Emperor's work In the Nightside Eclipse in the Black Metal genre, composed in the year 1994, now Emperor In the Nightside Eclipse review with sound samples and In the Nightside Eclipse tracklist and mediafire, rapidshare and torrent downloads of Emperor In the Nightside Eclipse at the Dark Legions Archive/Death Metal Underground, the net's … Nel luglio 2014, In the Nightside Eclipse è stato inserito al terzo posto nella lista di Guitar World "Superunknown: 50 Iconic Albums That Defined 1994". The cover art and liner notes are included for a CD. Anyone else got these problems? This track arises fiercely from the ashes and the blast of the previous track. Expected to ship. It gives a noble nocturnal atmosphere mixed with harmony and hallucinations. Atmosphere are terribly cold, dark and beautifully morbid, thanks to eerie keyboards and harsh guitar lines with complex structure. I love this fatal first guitar picking by Ihsahn followed by Samoth‘s dirty and sulfurous tone. The final plays again the initial musical theme in a zombie-like slow version, as if the band was bewitched or under an evil spell. Add to My Collection. The rhythm is exciting, revealing series of wicked riffs and various atmospheres. Genres: Symphonic Black Metal, Black Metal. Emperor - In The Nightside Eclipse [New CD] Reissue. Again, the introduction is very typical with a dark and noble theme. # CANDLE500105 appears on the hype sticker. Format: CD, Year: 2017, Label: Candlelight Records (Candle729631), Barcode: 602557296310, Length: 1:00:01 However there is a small crease running running across the very top of the album's front cover. Nun ja, fangen wir mit dem Besten an: Die Keyboards, die uns meist in Form eines gewaltigen Frauenchors beschallen, gehen unter die Haut! I was not willing to enter this environment but I was eager to discover this classic record and curious about this genre.. A dark and gloomy introduction starts at the beginning of the album, like a macabre procession in the moonlight in a cold wind. Recorded during the seventh full moon Anno 1993 at Grieghallen Studios. Vocals rise with a hellish ending to the glory of Lucifer, along with big ending keyboards. The singer mumbles some incantatory sentences. The second track of this album kicks off anarchically. Rated #13 in the best albums of 1994, and #551 of all-time album..