A one-stop-shop for seeing the latest updates, and managing your preferences. We only got to ride the e-bike on a go-kart track, and still need to put these numbers to test on public roads. Revolt bikes can be can be charged in four ways. Subscribe to The Hindu now and get unlimited access. We have been keeping you up-to-date with information on the developments in India and the world that have a bearing on our health and wellbeing, our lives and livelihoods, during these difficult times. Detailed bikes comparison on Revolt RV400 vs Ather 450; compare on-road price, performance and other features on bike comparison site. Braking is adequately strong, and while ABS would have certainly been nice, this set-up works well enough. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Compare Revolt RV400 Vs Ather 450 to know which is better. Sign in/Create a free business account . Mar 3, 2020; Views : 1897 × Write a review for RV400. As part of an introductory offer, Revolt says it will cover the maintenance costs as well as consumables like tyres and brake pads for three years or 30,000km. ӣ�9 ��A�00��Y_�[�d'�n�c造ݱKxG� Q���a_d� U���vִ��h�kȷW!�,m�X�o. Essentially, you can’t buy the bike outright. With a name like Revolt, you’d expect that the bike has to stand out, and it does. L i t h i u m I r o n P h o s p h a t e ( L i F e P O 4 ) B a t t e r y TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Revised 7/2020 Renewable Energy & Backup Power Applications Safest Lithium-Ion Chemistry – LiFePO4 Maximum Compatibility with Industry Standard 48v Equipment Integrated Battery Management System Stackable for Additional / Scalable Energy Storage 10 Year Warranty & Lifetime Technical Support TM. In order to navigate out of … Revolt Intellicorp has said that it will use the imported battery pack and the motor. Riding at a go-kart track isn’t what most customers will end up doing, but it has given us a fair idea of what to expect on the street. Revolt plans to offer the most comprehensive set of battery-charging solutions seen from a manufacturer to date. There's regenerative braking as well, to aid battery charging. If you go solely by what’s on the bike, there are three riding modes, which can be selected by a slider button on the right. As is the case with almost all electric two-wheelers, the Revolt RV400 uses a final belt drive . The … TVS Apache RTR 160 4V is available in 3 colours and 2 variants and Revolt RV 400 is available in 2 colours and 2 variants. The Revolt RV 400 also comes with features similar to the RV 300. Despite its tiny dimensions, I find the seating position accommodating and comfortable. The MRF Nylogrips also play a role in making sure the Revolt is fun to ride, and just like we’ve seen on bigger bikes, they prove to be impressively grippy. Revolt Intellicorp has become one of the most talked about EV brands in India over the past few months, and that’s without anyone having ridden the bike at all. We also reiterate here the promise that our team of reporters, copy editors, fact-checkers, designers, and photographers will deliver quality journalism that stays away from vested interest and political propaganda. It is an electric motorcycle, but details of the battery capacity and motor output are yet to be revealed. We brief you on the latest and most important developments, three times a day. Ltd. announced an increase in the price of the RV400 due to rise in input costs. The battery pack is NMC, though not the cylindrical cells used by Tesla, but pouches. All it takes is less than four hours, as Revolt claims. The Revolt RV 400 is in itself a technologically advanced motorcycle. Get Best Price. The EV is packed with smart features and Revolt has come out with a game-changing pricing strategy to match. Revolt RV400 comes with a portable battery that weighs 19 kg. Micromax co-founder Rahul Sharma's Revolt Intellicorp motorcycles come with features like mobile app connectivity and removable batteries. Revolt RV 400 range is 156km, as tested by ARAI. Quality levels on the RV 400 seem acceptable and all critical electrical components are IP67 water resistance-rated. However, if this Pick-Up is used with some specific cars in some easy turns, the car will still be able to spinout. We promise to deliver quality journalism that stays away from vested interest and political propaganda. However, consumers … Mouse and Genghis Kar are known cars with this defect. Revolt Switch or the battery swapping service will be free till Dec 31, 2019. Charge time from empty will take a claimed 4.5hr, while 3hr will get the battery to 75%. Revolt bikes can be can be charged in four ways. All India; Delhi; Bengaluru; Hyderabad; … You can use a standard wall charger, which plugs into the right side of the bike, or you can remove the battery altogether (emerges from the top of the ‘fuel tank’) and take it home to charge — this is something you won’t want to do as the battery weighs a considerable 19kgs. The RV400 electric bike gets imported motor and batteries while the Battery Management System and the Electronic Control Unit have been designed and built in-house by the Revolt R&D team. Instead, you have to pay a sum of ₹3,999 per month for a period of three years. DC … Revolt says that its R&D team has been working on the battery management system and ECU of the bike for the past two years now. It has helped us keep apace with events and happenings. Revolt has equipped the RV 400 with a number of nifty features like interchangeable bike sounds and swappable battery tech, among others. Printable version | Jan 9, 2021 12:22:04 AM | https://www.thehindu.com/life-and-style/motoring/creating-a-revolt/article29509173.ece, While the mid-size sedan may have lost out to compact SUVs and mid-size SUVs in terms of sales, there is still fierce competition in this arena. If you’re interested to know every little detail about the bike that has been revealed so far, check this out. This works via a speaker hidden within the bodywork — it just doesn’t feel very natural on the move. %äüöß With a normal wall socket at your home, secondly, the battery is portable, so if the owner lives in an apartment, he can take out the battery and charge it at home overnight, Third, the company is launching several … Aug 28, 03:19 PM (IST) That’s a rough estimate of owning a conventional motorcycle - according to Revolt. "The RV 400 is the first step towards providing sustainable, affordable mobility to every Indian home. Find mobile-friendly version of articles from the day's newspaper in one easy-to-read list. Revolt recently launched the official app to enhance the bike’s functionality and here’s everything you need to know. However, we have a request for those who can afford to subscribe: please do. One nice feature is the keyless-start function, where you can simply hit the power button behind the handlebar with the key in your pocket. With the Revolt RV 300 consumers will be provided with unlimited battery switching free of cost till December 31, free maintenance including consumables for three years, free one year of own damage insurance and five years of third party insurance. Move smoothly between articles as our pages load instantly. youth beat endangered Gangetic dolphin to death, Supreme Court tells Centre to arm forest officers to fight poachers, U.S. to modify H-1B visa selection process, to give priority to wages, skill level, A day after violence, Trump says he will focus on 'smooth, orderly, seamless' transition, Fruits of incitement: On the mob attack on U.S. Capitol, Flu in full flight: On the avian flu outbreak, Tesla CEO Elon Musk now world's wealthiest person, reports U.S. media, Facebook bans Donald Trump ‘indefinitely’. Revolt is offering a 7.5 years/ 1.5 lakh km warranty on its lithium-ion batteries. So, let’s see what the first electric motorcycle to go on sale in India is like. Bought For: Your Rating: / 5; Share your experiences with RV400? 2 0 obj The brand had unveiled the bike in … At this difficult time, it becomes even more important that we have access to information that has a bearing on our health and well-being, our lives, and livelihoods. For example, the power stored in the 48-volt battery can be used to provide an extra boost via the electric motor to the torque delivered by the internal combustion engine when the vehicle is accelerating. for unlimited battery warranty - 8 years/ 1.5L kms; Delhi, India (February 28, 2020) – Revolt Intellicorp Pvt. The ReVolt 350 can run on standard AAA batteries in addition to the included BD 1800 Battery. IndiaMART. Get contact details & address of companies manufacturing and supplying Electric Bike Batteries, E-Bike Battery across India. Strangely, despite the small size, the seat height is quite tall at 814mm. While that is nothing short of disruptive, there’s no escaping the fact that the bigger challenge this brand new company faces is to establish a reputation for reliability, quality and to set up a genuinely dependable battery swap ecosystem in every city it is present in. Refinement levels are decent, but one area that definitely needs improvement is the response to accelerator inputs. To enable wide dissemination of news that is in public interest, we have increased the number of articles that can be read free, and extended free trial periods. The in-house team will develop the Battery Management System and Electronic Control Unit for the motorcycle. Revolt is yet to reveal the price for such battery swapping and delivery services. The battery was also tested on various parameters such as nail penetration, water proofing, weather torture, cycle life and overall performance. Revolt RV 400 sound generator can recreate the engine note of different petrol motorcycles. Revolt seems to be offering a novel and very accessible approach to owning one of its vehicles. This shopping feature will continue to load items when the Enter key is pressed. With its 17-inch wheels, the bike felt confident on the track, and a big factor in what makes this a cheerful thing to ride is that it weighs just 108kg. Your support for our journalism is invaluable. Revolt has a manufacturing setup at Manesar near Delhi, where they told us that the controller and other … Revolt plans to offer the most comprehensive set of battery-charging solutions seen from a manufacturer to date. The RV 400 is sufficiently quick and its riding modes increase performance and response as you move from Mode 1 upwards. The batteries will also be backed by a combined braking technology for … Location. The new cost, applicable from February 29, 2020, will be as follows: My Revolt Plan- … %PDF-1.5 The instrument display is a rather simple black-and-white unit without any touch functionality. So how far will a 3.24kW lithium-ion battery take you? One more difference exists in the Dreamcast version of the game, which uses a different .wav sound for the battery. You can support quality journalism by turning off ad blocker or purchase a subscription for unlimited access to The Hindu. With a normal wall socket at your home, secondly, the battery is portable, so if the owner lives in an apartment, he can take out the battery and charge it at home overnight, Third, the company is launching several … Enjoy reading as many articles as you wish without any limitations. The final version properly increases the maneuverability, and makes it so that the car can drive around corners better. Then, of course, there’s the artificial exhaust note, which can be activated by a button on the right switchgear. The Revolt RV400 is rated for 156 km (97 mi) of range, though the company hasn’t revealed the battery specs yet. Comes with portable battery you can charge like a mobile phone Batteries at your doorstep , Swap batteries on-the-go Are you a business? stream Or you can also pre-order the charged battery for convenient home delivery. The chassis works well and Revolt has tuned the 37mm USD fork and monoshock to offer a good balance between sportiness and comfort. The RV 400 is clearly aimed at the college-going segment of the market. lets you own the RV300 at INR 2,999 p.m. and RV400 at INR 3,999 p.m. on Day 1; My Revolt Plan (M.R.P.) This article … Revolt claims about 156km in Mode 1 (40kph top speed), 110km in Mode 2 (60kph top speed) and 80km in Mode 3 (85kph top speed). It looks large enough to accommodate two adults comfortably. x��XMo7�ϯ�9�����u������mZv�䒿�'QҌ�;�qA������'�4F��6}QFm8�@�s$��������w"U�}�{2x��iE��G�G��q�+w�����̃�ss?�h5����:����To�0 i"V��v������~zKo��R1g�CV�딢�����x�������?uV��k���zH� ��N�[���\B��Q�x.$��W!�����?�E�$��n5$/�����hU@d��Ρ�^}Q.�f�P���A�Ѹ��/"��S�.�f ��c�-�$�ח�uL�+P"9h^��ڒB��Q��%'mF�v��+�;��q�֗[��a杉3u�TƮ\|�b���|��и5����w'��M`�CT#�^9 �� &0���D�#S� Q��L%�����纆_��L��c*O� w�n� ~��u|tӟeq/C7���J�u��)�4]�Dק�mVH���-�`�7� ��Q-�\��ΡV ��H��[EP��W�@�`��c`�� The controller, BMS and the bike software have been developed locally. The advantage of pouches are that, heat dissipates easier and they do not explode. You can literally start the RV 400 from the app or via Google Assistant using voice commands, if the in-built SIM is connected to the internet.