For human wisdom is as subject to error as humanpower is to contempt." And Minutius is very particular upon the same head, but because he has borrowedso many hints from Tertullian, and is subjoined to this Apology, I will not fore- stall the reader. 39, p. 112, who by not seeing into the mystical meaning of theapostle's discourses, ran presently away with it as an apostolical tradition ; justperhaps as we find from the misunderstanding of our Saviour's words to St.Peter : " If I will that he tarry till I come, what is that to thee? THAN PHILOSOPHERS. 13. Apology for the Christians,         A FURTHER ACCOUNT OF CHRISTIAN LOYALTY, AND THEIR REFUSING TO CALL THE EMPEROR BY THE TITLE OF GOD. Thus, forsooth, you give the counsel bywhat means we are to abuse you; but well we know from whencethe suggestions come; who it is that is behind the scene andprompts all this; and how he works sometimes by persuasive wiles,and sometimes by dint of cruelty, and all to throw us off from ourconstancy. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. 124         Tertullian's Apology for the Christians. de Script. Now, among all these male- factors, there is not a Christian to be found for any crime but thatof his name only, or if there be, we disown him for a Christian. CONCERNING THE CAUSE AND REASON OF PUBLIC CALAMITIES. THAN PHILOSOPHERS. This celestial virgin was peculiarly honoured at Carthage, and issupposed by some to be Juno, though there is huge controversy about it. This Ammo-nius both lived and died a Christian, as Eusebius and Jerome testify, Hist. Tertullian's Apology for the Christians. We have St. Paul, I Cor.xvi. 160-ca. Evan. Whence, if not from the booksof our sacred mysteries ? I.ucernis vestibula enubilabant. For instance, I am certainly aChristian because it is my will and pleasure so to be, then youshall condemn me, if I please to be condemned; and if you couldnot condemn me if I would not persist in my religion, it is plainyour power depends upon my will. Who was thegod that Saturn or Jove worshipped ? Andit was the current opinon of the Fathers that Antichrist should not come untilthe Roman Empire Amen.". adver. However, that which you are pleased tocall madness and despair in us are the very actions which undervirtue's standard lift up your sons of fame and glory, and emblazonthem to future ages. There was likewise one Fidius, a Sabine god, whose temple was upon the MonsQuirinalis. conceive, that as Paradise was the blissful seat of man in innocence, so Abraham's are met together, and regulated with so much discipline and order,such a meeting, I say, is not to be called factious, but as orderlyan assembly as any of your courts. But for us who are stark cold and dead to all the glories uponearth, what occasion can we have for caballings? cap. Vid. ii.—"And now ye know whatwithholdeth, that he might be revealed in his time," etc. Strange ! ad Demetr. Precios bajos en productos revisados por Amazon. diss. Vérifiez les traductions 'tertullien' en Hébreu. divine pleasure, destined for the reception of the spirits of holymen, and guarded from the notice of the common world by thetorrid zone or wall of fire, immediately they trump upon us withtheir Elysium. p. 192—Eucharistiam quotidie ad cibum Salutis accipimus, intercedentealiquo graviore delicto, dum abstenti et non communicantes a Coelesti Paneprohibemur; a Christi corpore separamur. " But this inshort is my prescription 1 against these adulterers of the faith, to tryall their doctrines by the gospel, that rule of truth which camefrom Christ, and was transmitted by His apostles, that, I say, is the. Dr. Potter's Discourse of ChurchGovernment, p. 434. THAT THE CHRISTIANS ARE A VERY USEFUL SORT OF PEOPLE. Let a demoniac1 therefore be brought into court, and the. 108         Tertullian's Apology for the Christians. As in truth it cannot, con- sidering our education ; for the innocence we are taught, we aretaught from God, and we know our lesson perfectly well, as beingrevealed to us by the Master of all perfection, and we observe itfaithfully as the command of an all-seeing Lawgiver, who we knowis not to be despised but at the hazard of eternal happiness.Whereas your systems of virtue are but the conjectures of humanphilosophy, and the power which commands obedience merelyhuman; and so neither the rule nor the power indisputable, andconsequently the one too imperfect to instruct us fully, and theother too weak to command us effectually, both which are abun- dantly provided for by a revelation from God. entered into heaven, for they believed the souls of martyrs did, and this belief omitted], Greek text is rendered using the Scholars Press v. cap. TO CALL THE EMPEROR BY THE TITLE OF GOD. Fishers of men must converse withmultitudes, to spread their nets to greater advantage and for larger draughts;and we find by all the apologists that they caught as many by their examples,and preached as powerfully with their lives, as their sermons. Vide etiam Sueton.cap. She hadher kings before she had such a circumference of her ground takenup with a capitol. de Repub. lib. Suidas says this—0Asta&rth 2 Tutius per Jovis Genium pejerare, quam Regis It. Hear what his scholar St. Cyprian says to Demetrianus, proconsulof Africa, upon the same subject : O si audire eos velles, et videre quando a nobisadjurantur, et torquentur Spiritualibus flagris, et verborum tormentis deobsessis corporibus ejiciuntur, quando ejulantes et gementes voce humana,et potestate Divina flagella et verbera sentientes, venturum Judicium confitentur ;veni, et cognosce vera esse qua dicimus. Pythagoras, and some of fire, as was the opinion of Heraclitus.The Platonists likewise maintain his care and providence over hiscreation; on the contrary, the Epicureans make him a careless,inactive God, and, as I may say, nobody in the world. Shall they who seem so mighty devoutfor Caesar's safety be so mighty drunk for Caesar's safety too ?Shall licentiousness pass for loyalty, and luxury for religion ? But my business at presentis to justify the Christian supper; and the nature of this supper youmay understand by its name; for it is the Greek word for love. But had they went on as far as the light of nature, thatcandle of the Lord, would have led them, they had certainly foundthe God they looked for, and consequently would have served Himonly, whom they found to be the only God; and by this meanshave experienced His mercies rather than His judgments. Bethinkyourselves now, and examine the gods on every side. ii. but they laid their expanded hands transverse in the form of a cross; and so weare to understand our author here by his manibus expansis, and so likewise inhis book de Orat. the power of that God to be disputed who raised this universe For he who swore falsely by the gods was noted only by the censors, andexposed to shame. Hitherto I have argued upon point of reason, and contentedmyself with words only; I come now to things, and shall give youa demonstration from fact to convince you that your gods anddemons both are but the same beings, though of different denomina- tions. 1 By which he undoubtedly means the Chiliasm,or thousand years' reign upon earth ; for this he maintains in his books againstMarcion, lib. fwnh~ bow~n, o9k a!ge, shma&nei ga_r Was it not for fear of swelling this tract beyondthe bounds of an Apology, Tertullian says, he would enter into a particular proofof the antiquity of the Holy Scriptures. We have nothing to do with themadness of the Cirque, with the obsceneness of the stage, and thecruelty of the amphitheatre, and the vanity of the Xystus.1 TheEpicurean sect is tolerated in the exercise of their pleasures, andwhy are we such intolerable offenders for non-conforming withyou in point of pleasure? 115. L'apologétique de Tertullien: apologie du christianisme 2e édition Religion: TERTULLIEN: Libros en idiomas extranjeros Selecciona Tus Preferencias de Cookies Utilizamos cookies y herramientas similares para mejorar tu experiencia de compra, prestar nuestros servicios, entender cómo los utilizas para poder mejorarlos, y para mostrarte anuncios. Eccles. 2 And thisallusion, in a point of doctrine, in some measure proves that this Epistle went forgenuine in our author's time. Which minds of yours are by his secret injectionsmodified and suborned to that perverseness of judgment, andsavage injustice against us, which I mentioned in the beginning ofmy Apology. CONCERNING THE BIRTH AND CRUCIFIXION OF JESUS CHRIST. i., that Tiberius forbade all such swearing either by his life orgenius. Did the evilspirits ever stand in awe of them, or any of the philosophers ? Eus. Bochart. Tertullian's Apology for the Christians. lib. And page 280 he goes on—"Butif separation be a sin, it must have a guilt of a high nature, and such as all whowould be thought zealous watchmen ought to warn their people of. For it is to be rememberedthat Plotinus, Porphyrius, Jamblichus, and Hierocles were brought up under thegreat Ammonius of Alexandria, as well as Herennius and Origen. 230 Publisher: Louvain : Vanlinthout et Vandenzande Language: French Call number: ALF-9424 Digitizing sponsor: University of Toronto Book contributor: PIMS - University of Toronto Collection: pimslibrary; toronto cap. Tertullian's Apology for the Christians. THAT CHRISTIANS ARE COMMANDED TO LOVE THEIR ENEMIES. Cur diu laeto non Laureis Postes obumbramus ? If Tiber overflows,1 O leaden-heeled couriers ! And who such cruel persecutors ofChristians as the emperors for whom they are persecuted ? The Christians made no scruple toobserve the day with a conscientious mirth, though they would not join in thepublic debauchery. Nomen hoc Philosophorum Daemonia non fugat. TO THE PUBLIC. Thornd. "Antiochus, king of Syria, arrived to the extravagant blasphemy of taking uponhim this title of God. Dion. Templa suo. Where now is the wonderful difference in these two cases ? For certainly it is a veryfine figure to see your houses upon holy days dressed up in thefashion of the stews. I find also that Diogenes could not lie con- tentedly in his tub without his mistress Phryne ; and I hear of oneSpeusippus of Plato's school, slain in the very act of adultery : buta Christian is a man only to his own wife. Why will he not be persuaded to think that the Being whohas done him the good without any thanks for his blessings, is thesame Being that does him the evil for his ingratitude, since everyperson is so far guilty as he is unthankful ? Sed multi duxere Dii per prospera Romam,Quos colit ob meritum magnis donata Triumphis,Ergo age, Bellatrix, quae vis subjecerit, He challenges theirsenses, their eyes, and their ears to be judges in the case ; he defies them to denyit if they can ; he stands ready to answer for the experiment with his own blood,that their celestial virgin, their Aesculapius, and all the rest of those theyworship for gods, shall not only quit the bodies they possess, but publicly in thehearing of them all confess themselves to be devils, upon the demand of anyChristian. Read "L'Apologétique Apologie du christianisme écrite en l'an 197 après J.-C." by Tertullien available from Rakuten Kobo. 120         Tertullian's Apology for the Christians. which Irenaeus and Tertullian prove from the example of Christ, to which we This among the Romans was the triumphal robe,all over embroidered with palm branches in token of victory. xi. THE Christian sect therefore for a certain ought to meet withkinder treatment than it does, and to be tolerated among otherlawful societies,1 because it is a sect from whom nothing hostile evercomes, like the dreadful issue of other unlawful factions. En effet, il est impossible qu’ils aient pu le faire sans reproche de leur raison. etc. But then as to your other objection concerning oaths; to this Ianswer, that swear we do,1 and if not by the geniuses of the Caesars,yet by their life, which is of more veneration to us than all thegenii put together. pleasure, a pleasure they usurp without a title, feed the Christiansufferers with just and substantial comforts, who choose to be con- demned rather than to fall from their affiance in God, and theexpectations of the other world; for would these people act conse- quently who thus hate us, they ought rather to grieve than rejoiceat our torments, because these torments put us in possession of our Vid. iii. IF then (as I have elsewhere declared) we Christians are expresslycommanded by our Master to love our enemies, whom then havewe left to hate? ; Daeorum. if you haveany regard for virtue, attempt rather to deliver the people out of ignorance; itis a noble enterprise, and worthy all your powers of eloquence ; never fearbut your oratory will hold out in so good a cause, which never failed you in thedefence of so many bad ones. But now this power and dominion of ours over these wickedspirits has all its efficacy from the name of Christ, and from ourreminding them of those judgments which are dropping upon theirheads from the hand of God through Christ, whom He has madeJudge of the world ; and the dread they have of Christ in God, andGod in Christ, is the thing which subjects them to the servants ofGod and Christ. But this differencein your devotions is not grounded so much upon reason, or theknowledge you have of your deities, as upon the consideration ofthe emperor's present sensible power upon you; and it is uponthis account here I tax you with irreligion, because you stand moreheartily in awe of Caesar than of all your gods; for, in fine, you willsooner invoke all your gods round to bear witness to a lie thanswear falsely by the single genius of Caesar.2. Incensis erepta adytis, Mensaeq. But if Augustus would never assumethe title of lord, he would much less have thought it Caesar's due, 1 Tertullian's Apology for the Christians. Chrys. Ham,which signifies fervidus from the radix [Hebrew] And so As Tertullian's Plane volumus pati, verum eo more quo et bellum miles, nemo quippe libenspatitur. " L Apologetique de Tertullien: Apologie Du Christianisme (2e Edition) (Religion) (French Edition) [Tertullien] on i.pp. There is a most bitter .sarcasm implied in these words, Hoc agite, that is," be intent upon your sacrifice, and wrack out the soul of a Christian while it ispraying to God for the life of the emperor; " wherein our author manifestlyalludes to the custom just now mentioned from Plutarch, that while the priestwas sacrificing, the crier or praeco went behind with these words, Hoc age, mindwhat you are about; for thus Plutarch tells us in Coriolano, 8, lib. aras. Let me advise you therefore,as you tender Caesar's safety, not to rob God of His attributes, tobestow them upon Caesar; forbear to believe that there is any othergod, and to style him god who stands in need of God everymoment of his being. Aristippus in hispurple, and under the greatest show of gravity, was an arrantdebauchee; and Hippias1 was killed while he was actually inambush against the city, a thing which no Christian ever attemptedfor the deliverance of his brethren, though under the most barbaroususage. 1 9, p. 659. 174, 179. iv. And Melito, Bishop of Sardis, in that fragment of his oration This charge of sequesteringthemselves from the public sports and pleasures is urged against the Christiansby the heathen in Minutius ; and it is certain they thought themselves obliged soto do by their baptismal vow, vhich was an engagement upon their admission torenounce the devil and all his works, pomps, and pleasures, that is, saith St.Cyril, Cat. Hence that of Martial, lib. The presidents or bishops1 among us are men of the mostvenerable age and piety, raised to this honour not by the powersof money, but the brightness of their lives; for nothing sacred is tobe had for money. The same disputes we findabout the state of the soul, some contending for it to be of a divineimmortal nature, and others of a nature corruptible; every oneinferring and reforming as the maggot bit. Whyare we not equalled to those in points of privilege and impunity, towhom we are compared in points of discipline ? KEITAI QANWNPIKOS KAI O ZEUS QN—HIC SITUS JACET PICUS 1 The mountains burn with per- petual fire, and are mountains still; why, therefore, may not thewicked and the enemies of God bum like these ? made ourselves ample satisfaction by returning evil for evil, had wenot thought it unlawful to quit the score of one injury with another.But God forbid that any of this divine sect should seek revengeby fire, after the manner of men, or grudge to suffer what is sentto refine them. HAVING vindicated our sect from the calumnies of rebellion, etc.,I come now to lay before you the Christian way and fashion ofliving. lib. 2 94          Ille etiam qua prisca Fides stat Regia, nobisAurea Tarpeia ponet Capitolia rupe. The heathens then of old, andthe deists at present, vainly object against Christianity the many differences aboutit; for, says Tertullian, there is an infallible rule transmitted by Christ throughHis apostles, which we apply to upon all occasions to measure doctrines by, andwhich is wanting to the philosophers ; and therefore all the fundamental differ- ences which arise among Christians do not rise for any fault in the rule but inthemselves. Denique sine Monitore, quia de Pectore oramus. Orig. For it is not possible fora miracle of three or four hundred years' continuance in public to be suspectedfor a cheat. With what zeal did they preachtheir crucified Master before Sanhedrim and Senate, in the face of all the dis- couraging tortures witty malice could invent! Shining in His nativeglory, as He is the power of God, and the Spirit of God, and theLogos, and the Wisdom, and the Reason, and the Son of God. i. p. 19, with thatof Moses, may easily turn Apollodorus's Greek into the language of Scripture byonly turning Greece into the whole earth, and Deucalion into Noah, Parnassusinto Ararat, and Jupiter into Jehovah. When Herod and his father 87. pulls down cities, under whom mankind once sojourned withoutany cities at all. And if they copied from them, then theyhave the prerogative of antiquity, and consequently are the morecredible; since you look upon an original of more authority thanthe copy. cap. Thus then he expresses his zealwith a justifiable primitive warmth, p. 17—"Whatever other cases allow of,certainly the defence of religion by arms is never to be admitted ; for the nature ofthe Christian religion is such that it excludes all carnal weapons from its defence.And when I consider how expressly Christ forbids His disciples to resist evil,Matt. adPammach. You who were not are made to be, and when you shall not be Cantab. Vid. But the Christians would not express their joy by lights and laurels; and forcandles, we find an express prohibition against them in the Apostolical Canons,can. Arnob. Here thenwe see a Christian triumph, the true spirit of the first ages, nor would I interposeany cold criticisms on this last and most excellent chapter, that my reader mightnot be interrupted, but go off with a full impression, with all the fire anddevotion of the writer ; for in the Bishop of Sarum's words, " I confess there isno piece of story I read with so much pleasure as the accounts that are given ofthese martyrs, for methinks they leave a fervour upon my mind, which I meetwith in no study, that of the Scriptures being only excepted." taij gunaici\ pare/xein nekro_n lou&ein. 110         Tertullian's Apology for the Christians. L'Apolog tique de Tertullien: Apologie Du Christianisme 2e dition : Apologie Du Christianisme 2e Édition Religion: Tertullien: पुस्तकें However, if your templewardens have reason to complain against Christians, the public, Iam sure, has not, but on the contrary very great reason to thank usfor the customs we pay with the same conscience as we abstainfrom stealing. Many of your philosophershave set themselves to write the world into patience and a con- tempt of death, as Cicero in his Tusculan questions, Seneca in hisremedies against accidents, Diogenes, Pyrrhon, and Callinicus; buttheir pompous glitter of words has not made the tithe of disciplesthat our lives have done. pp. Reflect likewise upon the shortness of human punish- ment, which always ends with life; for this reason you see howlittle Epicurus valued any kind of torment, by laying down this forhis maxim of comfort, that a little pain is contemptible, and agreat one is not lasting. And certainly our spiritual life iswonderfully nourished with reading the Holy Scriptures, our hopesthereby are erected, and our trust fixed and settled upon God.However, besides the bare reading, we continually preach andpress the duties of the gospel with all the power and argument weare able; for it is in these assemblies that we exhort, reprove, andpass the divine censure or sentence of excommunication ;1 for thejudgments in this place are delivered with all solemnity, and afterthe maturest deliberation imaginable, as being delivered by menwho know they are pronouncing God's sentence, and act withthe same caution as if God stood visibly among them; and thecensures here pronounced are looked upon as an anticipation ofthe judgment to come, and the sinner precondemned by God,who has sinned to such a degree as to be shut out by his ministersfrom the fellowship of the faithful, the communion of prayers andsacraments, and the rest of that sacred commerce.