Shimano sort cette fois un ensemble Tiagra qui vient remplacer les RS405. Monty is an enthusiastic road cyclist with only moderate talent. And, like Dave Brailsford, we’re all for the accumulation of marginal gains. I know it is an aesthetic thing, but it is nicer! It is offered in 52-36, 50-34T, and a new 48-34T chainring … Tous les groupes complets pour vélos de route Shimano, Campagnolo, SRAM au meilleur prix : Ultegra, Dura-Ace, Record, Red, etc sur Aficionados, looking to confuse us mere mortals, will sometimes refer to a groupset simply by this number. If you click and buy something, I receive a commission. Why do they have to make it so complicated ? Notre avis : Le groupe « à tout faire » de Shimano.Une solution fiable et économique pour rester en transmission 10 vitesses. Now actually, the Tiagra looks very similar to the previous generation of 105 (5800 – no ‘R’) and Ultegra (6800 – no… you get the picture). As a 10-speed system, I can also use compatible components from other 10-speed Shimano groupsets: Ultegra 6700 and, yes, current version 4700 Tiagra (indeed I just bought a Tiagra cassette because it had the range of sprockets I wanted). COMPONENT If we’re talking about a new bike specification, the choice of gears is not made in isolation. FREE Shipping. Ne manquez pas de découvrir toute l’étendue de notre offre à prix cassé. I can adjust it to shift good on 8 of the 10 but can’t get it to shift good an all 10. Aujourd?hui la gamme TIAGRA couvre toute la pêche sportive, du 12 au 130 lb. I’m a reasonably enthusiastic road cyclist and there is no chance I’d be able to tell the differences between model ranges on these components. Cassette Shimano Tiagra 4700 CS-HG500-10 [11-34] au meilleur prix sur XXcycle. They are both durable and reliable. If, on the other hand, you have a frame you’re happy with (perhaps you’ve had it professionally fitted) and you’re starting to think about replacing bits of your drive train, then I think an upgrade to 105 makes a lot of sense. Whilst a third chainring adds weight, and many of the added gear combinations will be similar to those that you’d get on a 20-speed system, the smallest 30-tooth chainring will provide a couple more very easy gears. When it comes to choosing which make and model of gears for your first road bike (or your first ‘proper’ one), there’s a good chance you’ll be deciding between a Shimano Tiagra and a Shimano 105 groupset. Tiagra will be allied to other entry-level equipment (the wheels, frame material, saddle). just me then?). The 7500 has Sram twist grip shifters. . I can still buy official 5700 parts (the number for my version of 105). I’m looking at 2 bike at the minute they are Fuji Roubaix 1.3 2017 Road Bike and a Boardman SLR 8.9a Mens Road Bike. They both do the same job and they do it effectively. We run two 735 CdFe’s one with a tiagra triple and XT rear combo, and one with 105 compact (and upgraded hope hubbed wheels.) Pour rappel, j'avais fait la présentation de ce Shimano Tiagra 4700 en avril lors de sa présentation. The user base for both is so vast that it’ll continue to be served by Shimano making replacement parts to serve the aftermarket for many years to come. My personal experience is that when I was shopping for a new bike a couple of years ago, one of my key purchasing parameters was the shifting. Save your pennies and buy a bike that gets all the fundamentals right. If you want 11 of them, then you’ll need to go with 105 (or Ultegra or Dura-Ace). TIAGRA 4700. SirMadam will note the 4-arm design and the chunky crank flavours. not as part of a bike purchase) is surprisingly small. A category includes a manufacturer’s set (in this case, Shimano) of mechanical parts of a bike. You can also buy Tiagra with a triple crankset, three chainrings (50-, 39- and 30-teeth) that, along with the 10-speed cassette, provide 30 gearing combinations. Le moulinet Shimano Tiagra est l’arme absolue pour se mesurer avec les poissons de sport les plus puissants. I rode a bunch of bikes from moderate to expensive… Cross bikes & road bikes of varying levels, (all in the Trek line-up). Over time the blog has expanded to include training advice, gear reviews and road cycling tales, all from the perspective of a not-very-fit MAMIL. <<< YES LIGHT WHEELS AND LOW ROLLING RESISTANCE MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE highly recommended . SHIMANO TIAGRA 4600 SERIES | SHIMANO BIKE COMPONENT At $2100 its a big decision though. After 105, there is Ultegra and Dura-Ace, both of which have mechanical and electronic shifting (known as Di2) versions. Le Tiagra 4700 connaît un réelle montée en gamme. Des changements de vitesses encore plus intuitifs Nouveau tirage du câble pour transmission 10 vitesses, pour une plus grande compatibilité Tiagra plus lourd, moins précis, moins jolie et moins solide 105 tu passe dans un autre monde et pour moi le groupe 105 est d'un très bon rapport qualité prix. Both Groupsets are good, the CDF is a steel bike, mudguards, tour tyres etc. Shimano Tiagra is firmly a 10-speed system, reducing the number of potential gearing combinations by two. I use this bike in the winter, and so don’t really want to be replacing more expensive components that are being ground to a paste during those winter months. There will always be a solution here (that feels like a bold statement…). The advantage to the 105 seemed to be that when it does shift, its a very positive and crisp gear change. My 18 Year old Trek 7500 hybrid shifts better. Achat Shimano tiagra à prix discount. Your point about quality of frame and wheels is the key. Hi Vurnis, Your trek 7500 is shifting better because I suspect it has fewer cogs, and a trigger shifter.. I’ve recently been trying to get a better (as I am now towing upwar4ds of 20k on a trailer..) lower range gearing onto my Road bike, (Croix de Fe). Situé en entrée de prix, elle propose pourtant des performances dignes de ses grandes soeurs, le 105 ou l'Ultegra. En poursuivant votre navigation, vous acceptez l'utilisation des cookies à des fins d'analyse, de pertinence et de publicité. Dérailleur Avant SHIMANO TIAGRA 4703 3x10V à Braser Modèles en stock Taille unique 29,99 € Prix conseillé : 37,99 € Dérailleur Avant SHIMANO TIAGRA 4703 3x10V … I’m delighted with it (even if it is an old groupset…). compatible) ? If you have a budget of $2,000 – $2,200 /£1,500 – £1,700 then you’re likely to see 105 gearing installed on a good quality carbon frame with wheels and finishing components of a similar level. ... Groupe complet vélo route Shimano Tiagra 4700 2x10v. If you have a cassette that goes beyond 30 teeth, that means you’ll have one or two combos with a ratio below 1. Ce moulinet au gros a tellement dominé le marché du fait de ses innombrables avantages, qu'il en est difficile d'en faire la présentation. Not sure, but perhaps Shimano made some improvements to the 105 system since 2013 / 2014. It now shifts much more smoothly and the new derailleur has lasted twice as long as the previous ones so far (knock on wood). Le système de freinage Thermohydraulique compense la perte de freinage due à l'échauffement. Buy what works for you, everyone’s situation is different. If you aren’t in a hurry, or if you shift infrequently (touring, fitness, long climbs in 1st gear) that isn’t an issue. Note: This post contains affiliate links. Comme un produit Shimano Tiagra pas cher, à choisir neuf ou d'occasion parmi les 79 références à prix bas disponibles à la vente. There is an honest truth in the idea that it is not the gear, it is the bloke (or lady) pushing it!! Could I do the same on mine with a version of each up (refer to my previous sentence about what I would setup instead)? I’ve spent over a year tweaking the adjustments and finally got satisfactory shifting but not perfect and still not as good as my old hybrid. Il est ici proposé en chape moyenne. I have a Ribble Racing Sportive Disc, which is shod with the hydraulic Tiagra groupo. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Good point Tom. The Tiagra would constantly get hung up mid-shift and deform the derailleur cage outwards, bringing it into contact with the right crank. A word of caution though before pulling the upgrade trigger (typing in your credit card details). I noticed immediately and asked them to change it to another new 105 as soon as possible. But which offers the best value, given the relative prices? Thanks Conrad . Aujourd'hui vendredi 25 décembre 2020, faites vous plaisir grâce à notre sélection Shimano tiagra pas cher ! As part of a compact chainset, this will be able to get you up even the most offensively-steep of ascents. Over time the blog has expanded to include training advice, gear reviews and road cycling tales, all from the perspective of a not-very-fit MAMIL. $74.95. If you race, you probably care about the 200g (7 oz) as well, which counts for more than frame weight because it is rotating. Indeed, those in the know would recognise it as being from the generation before last: Nowadays, and perhaps this is a reflection of the ‘trickledown’ effect, the R7000 version of the 105 crankset looks very much like the current generation of Dura-Ace and Ultegra. The advantage of the Tiagra, (which on a Domane’ is a full group set), was that each shift was super easy and accurate. Design plus actuel et ergonomique issu des groupes de gamme supérieure (105, Ultegra, Dura-Ace) et mécanisme de changement de vitesses plus rapide pour ces nouvelles poignées Tiagra ST-4720 qui restent bien entendu en 2×10 vitesses. $96.52 $ 96. Tiagra works, and it works really well on my winter bike. Best of luck.. alternatively you could (and I’m thinking about it..) consider going for a hub gear..they last for ever and ever and ever.. are really bomb proof, and use heavier chains.. Perhaps Our sportive cyclist Monty could do some work on comparisons? may suddenly force you to shift. More intuitive control for shifting The new 10-speed … Speaking from a mountain biking background, 105 is similar to SLX, if one has the luxury of being able to buy new.. and this years then I’d say 105 like SLX is the best value for money..if you’re buying second hand, or last years model then I’d go for the XT eqivalent, namely the Ultegra.. On a slightly diferent tack.. most of us are of a more chubby frame, and as you get more cogs on the back, you also get a thinner chain, and thinner chains stretch/wear quicker, and are more expensive to replace..I still think 10 is the most you want on the rear cassette..the 7 speed block I’ve got on my ancient work bike is still running the same chain..three years MTB chains on 10 speed blocks last about 1000kms..road bikes maybe a bit..well quite a lot more..but then you go much further in an hour on a road bike.. Ouvrez les portes du plus beau magasin du Web ! Even more confusingly, as part of its 2019 update, Shimano 105 transitioned from being a number only (the prior 2015 generation was known as 5800) to being a number preceded by the letter R. The current generation of Shimano 105 is therefore also known as R7000. Best Winter Cycling Tights For Road Cyclists. If we’re at the $1,300/£1,000 level and there is a choice between two bikes from good quality manufacturers, one with 105 and one with Tiagra, I’d be minded to select the Tiagra one, on the basis that it’s more likely to have a better frame and other components (though you’d want to check). And actually, now I delve deeper into this product number rabbit hole, I see that the newer versions of Sora and Claris also have ‘R’ numbers. (If you want to know more about gear ratios – who doesn’t!?! Shimano Tiagra : découvrez toute la gamme Shimano® Tiagra (cassette, chaîne, pédalier etc.) Learn how your comment data is processed. You pay the same price that you would have done anyway. His has Sora Brifters, a Tiagra Rear Derailleur, and a Sora Front Derailleur.. (idk the cassette, probably Tiagra). shimano tiagra 50w lrsa , Ce moulinet a été conçu spécialement pour les pêches à la traîne. Hear about each post as soon as I publish. Probably only a tiny difference but as I was so used to the 105 I found myself waiting for the chain to click into place before I got back on the power. Its super easy to up-shift and downshift quickly without much thought, which is a good aspect on bike paths, streets, etc. By 2015, everyone riding a bike with the new Shimano 105 groupset was effectively riding with the same tech. Of course if you race or if safety depends on fast shifts (mountain biking, cyclocross) then you must upgrade. Moulinet Shimano Tiagra Le fameux moulinet de traîne TIAGRA de SHIMANO est un moulinet de légende pour tous les pêcheurs au gros et les amateurs de Big Game. (Other than the fact Tiagra doesn’t have that ‘R’ we talked about.). Tiagra often finds itself on an entry-level steed; 105 starts to present itself further up the price spectrum. Toutes les cassettes Shimano Ultegra, Dura-Ace, Tiagra, Alivio, Sora, 105...toute la gamme des cassettes Shimano au meilleur prix chez vous en 24/48h My last bike started out as Tiagra and had various bits gradually upgraded to Tiagra as they needed to be replaced. Shimano, like competitors Campagnolo and SRAM, produce a range of components for bikes that are designed to be used together. > I have a Genesis CDF on Tiagra and Trek Madone on Ultegra. SHIMANO. [email protected]. Surprisingly the 105 rear mech is coping with a 34 toothed rear cog (the block is a mixture of the road top gears, 11,13,15,17 and then some MTB cogs…) However the shifters and adjustments are a nightmare..Indexing is the main issue, it seems to be impossible to get all the gears to sit well..and unlike with a trigger shifter you can’t make adjustments whilst actually riding.. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. After replacing the front derailleur twice with Tiagra, I finally chose to upgrade it to 105. Very good article on Shimano Tiagra Vs 105. I think that this is a pretty good upgrade path as the price difference between the 2 components is generally very low and you’re not throwing away a working Tiagra component – you’re replacing it anyway. The new SHIMANO TIAGRA FC-4700 crank balances weight and efficiency without sacrificing stiffness. I bought a Fuji Sportif with Tiagra components in 2014. Long range charters usually provide the bigger rods and reels but serious anglers sometimes prefer to own their own equipment. More Buying Choices $96.51 (4 new offers) Amazon's Choice for shimano tiagra. Very useful if you want to ease yourself up those steeper slopes. A cursory search (and this blog is built on cursory searches) suggests you can purchase the new 105 set for an inner tube less than £500 ($625), whilst the Tiagra groupset (the disc brake version) is at £450 ($560). … Is not just what happens after an all-out effort to get up that final hill. All of which is to say, as 105 becomes more like (the previous) Ultegra as each generation goes by, so Tiagra gets improvements in line with the Shimano 105 groupsets of old. A noter, le cliquet bruiteur est très bruyant, ce qui est fort agréable. Which actually makes Tiagra the odd one out in the Shimano range in not having adopted an ‘R’. I’m riding a 2014 Domane 4.0 with Tiagra and I’m very dissapointed with the shifting. Moulinet de référence chez Shimano. If you click on an Affiliate Link and then buy something, I get a small commission. … that the visuals are very similar. I should imagine it would work on my summer bike as well, but I do have a more exotic groupset on that one. As far as the visuals go, it’s all about the crankset (or chainset, depending on your geographical persuasion). As alluded to already for my discounted (last years model) giant defy the choice came down to ally frame with 105 carbon frame with tiagra with a price difference of about £100. Is it worth upgrading to 105? But I do want to make the point that if you are choosing between current 105 or Tiagra, you don’t need to worry about access to components in the future. The cassette has 11 cogs/sprockets of varying sizes, offering a total of 22 different gears (because you generally have two chainrings at the front), although not all of them are useful. For new bike purchases then, you will tend to see Tiagra specced on models priced at less than £1,250 (or on carbon frames a touch above that price level). Well, for me, there are two key differences and a few minor ones. These are links to online stores such as Amazon, Wiggle and Chain Reaction. Shimano Tiagra is firmly a 10-speed system, reducing the number of potential gearing combinations by two. Not being a competitive cyclist racing under demanding conditions, I figured the 105 was designed to be placed in a gear and not changed as frequently as one might need to in an uncontrolled environment. Le nouveau Tiagra 10 vitesses offre des prestations issues des technologies haut de gamme, pour un groupe d'entrée de gamme. Hi Reuben, whilst your final comment is true, one cannot deny that for lesser mortals there is a psycological effect in terms of better gear. Bras de Levier Droit pour Poignée SHIMANO TIAGRA ST-4700 10v #Y02L98020 Modèles en stock Taille unique 24,99 € Prix conseillé : 35,69 € Bras de Levier Droit pour Poignée SHIMANO TIAGRA … There is no point having a marginally-improved set of gears if your wheels were made by a blacksmith. Still, some people are always going to want more gears. Thanks for all of you comments very helpful for all the information you gave for someone who is thinking of upgrading to a better groupset. – check out my post on the subject.). I finally settled on a 2013 Trek Domane’ 2.1c in large part because the bike shifted so well compared to others, especially those with 105. To a certain segment of the population, choosing performance and value, eschewing the bling brand name is in itself a badge of honour. Keep in mind I was checking out 2013 and 2014 models when I purchased my bike because it had Tiagra instead of 105. SHIMANO Tiagra 10-Speed Road Bicycle Shift/Brake Lever - ST-4700. I’d say the most likely answer is… to make more money. Double vitesse de récupération. Ah yes. The Tiagra range includes shifters and brake levers for flat handlebars (i.e. They buy it as part of a new (or second hand) bike. The shifts were not as crisp or as immediate. So from my limited experience getting the right frame for you is the main concern. I just bought a used bike for my daughter to get started, and the Tiagra setup is more than nice enough for her to have a positive experience as she dips a toe in the sport. For those that already ride with Tiagra, 105 seems the natural upgrade path. Le Shimano Tiagra est aussi le dernier groupe qui permet de choisir entre un double ou un triple plateau, ou bien entre un maximum de 20 ou de 30 vitesses. Professional teams that ride with Shimano components spec Dura-Ace for their pro riders. The only caveat to this might be where a manufacturer has used cheaper wheels to bring the bike in on budget (which is common) – spending extra to upgrade the wheels is probably something you would feel the benefit of. HOME Yo! Perhaps a lesson for wider application. You’ll note that in this section I’m not talking about other aspects of the groupset: the rear derailleur, the gear/brake levers, the bottom bracket. Conseils d’achat Comparatifs Avis & Tests produits The price difference if you’re buying a groupset on its own (i.e. Perhaps this means it is due for a “major update”. If we compare this to the current generation Tiagra 4700 crankset, you will see…. But if I was to change the group set I’d go up 2 spots not just the one. These are links to online stores such as Amazon, Wiggle and Chain Reaction. If you’re looking to spend $1,000/£750 on a bike with 105 (which probably isn’t possible anyway), the manufacturer will have to have cut costs when it comes to the frame and wheels. I’ve got it adjusted where it shifts good in the middle gears where I ride most of the time but it doesn’t shift well at the extreme high or low end. According to Cycling Weekly, the R7000 generation 105 is so similar to Ultegra in performance that the only thing counting against it anymore is that the name doesn’t carry the same ‘cool factor’. The Tiagra is a very intuitive feeling shifting system, easy to figure out and get used to quickly. Another friend of mine has the same bike from the factory, and hasn’t changed a thing. Now we’re getting into the most important topic. Moulinet Shimano Tiagra. I think you need to also bear in mind what you’re using the bike for when deciding on groupset. The experience has dispelled any dark thoughts I had about upgrading bits of it to Ultegra. All from a MAMIL perspective. There is a … In this post I’ll explain the key differences (and similarities) between the two ‘gruppos‘ and give some thoughts on how best to decide. I’ve been very happy with the 105 groupset on my Domane. TR50LRS - TIAGRA TI-50W LRS 94/38 cm 4 20 kg 36 kg / 503 m LD 2447 g 3.1:1, 1.3:1 TRTI80W - TIAGRA TI-80W 94/48 cm 4 24 kg 36 kg / 868 m LD ... 99/56 cm 6 45 kg 59 kg / 914 m LD 4936 g 2.2:1, 1.15:1 Due to Shimano’s constant product development, product specifications may vary from those shown on this website. TIAGRA shares our top groups’ engineering lineage but has its own unique identity, offering greatly enhanced feel and sleek design that’s backed by a new level of performance. Assurant des changements de vitesses à la fois souples, légers et précis, il est idéal pour une pratique tant loisir que sportive. Affichant de très bonnes performances pour un très bon rapport qualité/ Interesting comments I have an older ChroMo Norco we built from ground up Tiagara throughout and live it I do 59k rides every day no issues My Scott has Tiagara also, but the previous generation and it is noisy as heck I am thinking 105 for the Norco and kit the Scott with the newer Tiagara. group set. Either confusingly or helpfully, each range is also described by a four digit number. I think this is because the throw on the shift levers is far shorter and has less resistance than on the more expensive 105, which seems to require a very concentrated mental and physical effort to change gears. The key point is that for 99% of the riding population, 105 will perform admirably. You can find plenty of people online that extol the virtues of the cheaper option. Or who is a massive fan of their Tiagra and wouldn’t swap it for all the EPO in a Spanish pharmacy? The aesthetics are key (plus there must be some aero benefits of hidden cables…), Worth bearing in mind 11 speed Shimano cassettes won’t fit on most 10 speed wheels, which can suddenly make your groupset upgrade more expensive, or be a convenient excuse for some new shiny wheels…, So are we saying that changing the wheels is more benoficial to group set ??? If you click on an Affiliate Link and then buy something, I get a small commission. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. The smaller models go for personal use though long range anglers may prefer a cow fighter of their own. Shimano Tiagra long cage rear mech will handle cassettes with up to 34 tooth sprockets As with Shimano’s other groupsets, there’s a long cage and a short cage version of the rear mech. My Trek 7500 only has 8 and the Trek Domane has 10. You can buy a Tiagra cassette that goes up to 34 teeth on the largest sprocket. Well, Shimano’s lowest cost range is called Claris. 105 is generally found on bikes priced from £1,250–2,000, although the waters are slightly muddied by whether a bike comes with rim brakes or disc brakes (with the latter tending to bump up the price). Une grande puissance de freinage tout en douceur. On a new bike, the manufacturer will either specify all of a given groupset or mix and match between different ranges (for various reasons, but generally it comes down to price). Is there anyone out there with experience of both sets? Incidentally, in case you’re interested, the version of 105 on my bike (shown in the photos in this post) is 5700 (the 10-speed ‘2011 groupset’, released in 2010 (!???!)). It sounds like the main drawback for the Tiagra is that you have to hunt/wait for the gears a bit more. I started Sportive Cyclist in 2013 to record my journey to RideLondon 100, my first 100-mile bike ride. New 10-speed TIAGRA provides serious entry-level riding performance with cascaded technology from top-tier lines. I recently overhauled my Domane, in particular fitting new gear and brake cables, and the improvement in ‘shifting crispiness’ (technical term – I guess I could have said ‘precision’) is light and day versus how it used to perform. Each category includes brakes, shifters, bottom straps, chainsets, derailleurs, tapes, and bicycle chains. I would not buy this bike again. Et dans le large choix de la gamme, la transmission Shimano Tiagra retient une attention particulière grâce à son rapport qualité/prix exceptionnel. Applying the savings you make to other areas of the bike won’t get you much of an upgrade. The progression through the gears is smoother with smaller ‘leaps in hardness’ (another technical term). My old Dawes chugs along on an odd mix of Campagnolo components, made at some point in the Dark Ages (early 2000s). > As well as the parts that make up the gearing system (chainrings, cranks, cassette, front and rear derailleur, chain), a groupset will also include the gear shifters and brakes. The result 1 carbon defy bought. The most notable difference between 105 and Tiagra is probably the price. The frame does make the biggest difference, and as you indicate it’s not all about wieght, next to frames wheels also make a big difference, once you get into the groupsets you are talking more phsycology than actual effect, although wider ratios definately work better with MTB groupsets (hence the XT on the triple set-up.).