[129][125] On 12 February 2 foreign fighters, French citizen Olivier François Jean Le Clainche and Spanish citizen Samuel Prada Leon were killed in Afrin. Lakhdar Brahimi took part in Algeria’s struggle for independence and represented the National Liberation Front (FLN) in Indonesia (1956-1961). Those killed included two pregnant women. 57 likes. Join Facebook to connect with Rahim Lakhdar and others you may know. [187] President Erdoğan said that the militias were repelled by Turkish artillery, adding that the convoy consisted of "terrorists" who acted independently. [204] After the capture of Rajo the TFSA also captured the notorious "black prison" near Rajo, which was known to be used by the YPG to jail and torture Kurdish dissents as well as anti-Assad activists and rebels. [194] Doğan News Agency stated that a Turkish helicopter evacuating wounded had to return when it was hit. [257], The insurgents also carried out a smaller number of urban bombings in the Turkish occupation zone. The Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution (Persian: سپاه پاسداران انقلاب اسلامی ‎ / Sepāh-e Pāsdārān-e Enqelāb-e Eslāmi, or Sepāh for short), often called Revolutionary Guards, is a branch of Iran's military, founded after the Iranian revolution on 5 May 1979. [11][12], On 13 May 2014, UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon announced that Brahimi would resign as the special envoy to Syria on 31 May 2014. [113], The largest group is between 10,000 and 25,000[47][48] Syrian Arab and Turkmen rebel fighters operating under the banner of the Syrian Interim Government and trained and supported by Turkey. [352][353][354], The Turkish Medical Association stated that the war could end in large-scale human tragedy to which Erdoğan responded by calling the doctors of the association "filth", "agents of imperialism", and "terrorist lovers". [245] These efforts meant that Afrin city had been stabilized to some degree by May, with displaced civilians returning and municipal services resuming. [3] A convoy of pro-Syrian government troops entered the region to support the YPG, but was hit by Turkish forces, who fired "warning shots". [80] In May 2019, eleven members of Turkey's leading medical association were imprisoned for criticising the invasion. For much of the conflict the Syrian government and Kurdish forces have avoided one another; however, in the months leading up to the conflict Damascus began threatening to retake parts of North and Eastern Syria that had been captured by the US-backed SDF and even launched an attack against Deir al-Zor, which was met by coalition airstrikes. » Jazz Lanfranchi 395 jours Qui veut épouser mon fils ? [146] YPG forces fired rockets on Turkish border towns Kilis and Reyhanli, where at least one civilian was reported killed among number of wounded. [102][103], The Afrin offensive has jeopardized the Astana Peace Process by placing the major parties—Russia, Iran, and Turkey—on opposing sides of the conflict. [167], On 6 February, a convoy from the eastern parts of SDF-controlled Northern Syria carrying YPG as well as Yazidi YBŞ and YJÊ fighters passed through government-held territory and arrived in the city of Afrin after an agreement for the transfer was approved by Damascus. [271] Many people, alongside those who got trapped in their cars were burnt to death as a result of the blast, Syrian activists disclosed. [363] Andrew Gardner, Amnesty International's senior adviser on Turkey, stated that there has been an "alarming" increase of similar rhetoric in Turkey. "[77] On 21 January Erdoğan warned that anyone in Turkey protesting against the operation would pay a "heavy price. "Avesta Habur") reportedly threw a grenade down the turret of a Turkish tank, destroying the tank and killing two Turkish soldiers and herself. "[238] These actions were in line with the Turkish policy to prevent the Syrian government from retaking the Turkish-occupied territories in Syria. [295], Videos emerged on social media which showed Turkish soldiers stepping on and kicking the corpse of a YPG fighter. [211], By 13 March, Turkish troops announced they had now surrounded the city[212][213][214][215] later confirmed by the UK based human rights group, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR). Meanwhile, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the situation in Afrin could be resolved through direct dialogue between Damascus and Ankara. [citation needed] İbrahim Karagül, editor-in-chief of the pro-AKP Yeni Şafak, wrote that the US is the real enemy and that it has a plan to "divide and destroy Turkey" by allying itself to PKK and ISIS. 17 Nisan Barajı da ele geçirildi", "Turkish forces reach outskirts of Afrin town: monitor", "Civilians organise 'human shield' to protect Kurdish Afrin", "Afrin: Turkish forces 'encircle' Syrian Kurdish city", "Turkey says troops encircle Kurdish-held city in Syria", "Turkish forces say they have 'surrounded' Afrin city", "Turkey forces encircle Kurdish-controlled centre of Afrin", "7 Killed as Turkish Shelling of Kurdish Afrin Intensifies", "Turkish raids kill 10 Syria regime loyalists near Afrin: monitor", "Battle for Afrin: Turkish forces' advance raises fears of 'new Ghouta, "Hundreds of civilians flee as Turkish forces advance on Syria's Afrin city", "Fighting in Afrin displaces thousands, says monitor", "Turkish artillery fire on Syria's Afrin kills 18 civilians: Monitor", "Turkish air strike hits hospital in Syria's Afrin, nine dead: monitor", "Syria: Children, families killed by airstrikes, shelling in Afrin – UN", "Turkish forces and Syrian allies drive Kurds from Afrin", "Displacement surges as twin military offensives drive thousands from Afrin and east Ghouta – UN", "Turkish-backed forces loot Syrian town of Afrin", "Pro-Turkish forces pillage Afrin after taking Syrian city", "Syrian opposition seeks to clamp down on looting in Afrin", "Breaking: Turkish-backed rebels attack Syrian military in northern Aleppo", "Turkish-backed rebels seize first towns from government forces in northern Aleppo", "Turkey refutes Russian call for Syria's Afrin", "As Syria's proxies converge on Idlib, what's next for Turkey's northern state-within-a-state? Hadj-lakhdar s´enerve et fait renvoyer touts ses enfants dehors.Degagez tous lol Mauvaise préparation d'inter saison. Related Pages. He then added: "This institution has nothing to do with Turkishness and nothing about them is worthy of the notion of Turkishness. La villa des cœurs brisés – As Lakhdar. [221], On 15 March, Turkish artillery bombardment against the city increased, with 12 people killed and 60 injured. [142] A Middle East security analyst said that these were front organizations for the YPG, as the latter was "under pressure from the United States to disassociate itself from the most controversial assassinations in Afrin. [258][259] It is not always clear, however, who is responsible for the bombings, with ISIL remnants and Syrian government loyalists also being suspected of carrying out some attacks. [364][365] Reporters without Borders notes that the goal of these directives is to essentially "put the Turkish media at the service of the government and its war goals. [226] However, Turkish drone footage released the next day allegedly showed the hospital intact. Lakhdar Rahim 69 jours Garde à vous « Je ne fais plus confiance aux femmes. Turkey allowed people to exit the city through the one remaining road, with about 10,000 people exiting the city. "[314][315][316], On 24 January, a rocket was fired from inside Syria, hitting the 17th century Çalık Mosque in Kilis, Turkey. La villa des coeurs brisés Garde a vous Lakhdar x2 x2 message Apryl x2 Antony x1 Florian x1 sa.plus.grande.fan Despite Turkish attempts to train and disciplined them,[11][255] these militias sometimes violently clashed with each other and terrorized the local civilians. 4 « J'ai peur de l'abandon. [329] However, on 7 March, Moody's Investors Service downgraded Turkey's debt, warning of an erosion of checks and balances under the leadership of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and saying that the Afrin offensive, having strained ties with Washington and drawn the country deeper into the Syrian civil war, had added an extra layer of geopolitical risk. One day, thousands of people will siege İncirlik as well", Afrin operation sees another area cleared of YPG/PKK, "Turkey TV anchor Ahmet Keser quits over 'civilian killings' row", "Turkey imposes restrictive 'guidelines' on reporting Afrin battle", "Cumhurbaşkanı Erdoğan'dan flaş HDP açıklaması", "Turkey's Erdogan warns pro-Kurdish not to protest Afrin operation", "No one in Turkey dares report accurately on the war in Syria", "Journalists detained for social media posts criticising Turkish military operation", "Turkey's TRT probes news presenter for saying Turkish military targeting civilians in Afrin", "DBP Eş Genel Başkanı Mehmet Arslan gözaltına alındı", "HDP Eş Başkanı Kemalbay: Baskılar mücadelemizi engelleyemez", "Turkey detains 666 over social media criticism of Afrin operation", "The Latest: Turkish, Russian leaders speak on Syria", "Çavuşoğlu eleştirilere cevap verdi: YPG'ye ses çıkarmıyorsunuz çünkü aynı ideolojiyi paylaşıyorsunuz", "Turkey doctors get prison terms for criticising Syria offensive", "Turkey: Crackdown on Social Media Posts", "Assad: Turkey's Syria offensive is 'support for terrorism, "Assad slams Turkey's operation in Afrin as support for terrorism in Syria", Syria: Turkish regime forces occupation of Afrin illegitimate act, "Syria slams Turkey 'occupation' of Afrin, demands withdrawal", "Syria expects Turkey to withdraw from its soil", "Syrian Coalition: Operation 'Olive Branch' is Fundamental Part of Battle Against Dictatorship", "Turkmen leaders hail expected Afrin operation", "Syrian Kurdish political coalition breaks rank with mainstream opposition to condemn Turkish attack on Afrin", "The Kurdish National Council Confirms Its Categorical Rejection of the Coalition Statement Supporting The Turkish Intervention in Afrin", "Turkish jets bomb Syria's Kurdish-held Afrin", "Turkish jets target 100 points including civilian areas in Afrin – ANF News English", "Syrie: colère des habitants d'Idleb, délaissés des rebelles combattant à Afrin", "Azerbaijan fully understands Turkey's security concerns against terror threat – Foreign Ministry", "Bulgarian President calls for EU intervention against Turkish Syria incursion – Ahval", "Bulgaristan'dan AB'ye: Afrin'e acil müdahale edin", "The Republic of Cyprus condemns the illegal Turkish invasion in Afrin in north-western Syria", "Egypt condemns Turkish military operation in Syria's Afrin – Xinhua – English.news.cn", "Egypt says Turkish capture of Afrin an 'infringement on Syrian sovereignty, "French calls for emergency Security Council meeting on SyriaTurkey's fight with France over Afrin military operation", "French calls for emergency Security Council meeting on Syria", "France's Macron warns Turkey over Syrian operation", "Civilians pay price as Turkey battles Syrian Kurds", "France says Turkey, Iran violating international law in Syria", "Under pressure, France toughens talk on Turkish Syria operation", "Syrie : Emmanuel Macron annonce l'envoi de soldats au secours des Kurdes", "Syria war: France offers to mediate between Turkey and Kurds", "Germany: Turkey has legitimate security interests in Syria", "Germany halts plans to upgrade Turkey's Leopard tanks | News | DW | 25 January 2018", "Opposition kritisiert 'Kniefall der Regierung' vor Erdoğan", "Polizei muss Grünen-Politiker Özdemir in München vor türkischen Delegierten schützen", "Cem Özdemir steht nach Begegnung mit Türkei-Delegation unter Polizeischutz", "CDU-Politiker Röttgen fordert Rückzug der Türkei aus Nordsyrien", Turkey rejects Angela Merkel's criticism over Afrin offensiv, "Iran calls for end to Turkish offensive in Syria", "Iran urges Turkey to stop army offensive in northern Syria", "Iraq rejects Turkish military 'intervention' in Afrin, FM", "Was Erdogan macht, hat nichts mit Selbstverteidigung zu tun", "Zijlstra kritisch over Turkse operatie: 'mogelijk impact op strijd tegen IS, "Qatar: Turkey's Olive Branch Operation In Afrin is Legitimate", "Russia 'expects Turkey to hand over Afrin to Assad, "Swedish FM Wallström Cancels Turkey Visit Over Its Military Campaign in Afrin", "UK: Turkey has legitimate interest in border security", "PM and Erdogan discuss Turkish offensive against Kurdish militia in Syria", "ABD'den ilk tepki: Türkiye'nin PKK ile ilgili güvenlik kaygılarını anlıyoruz", "Turkey Attacks Kurds in Syria as U.S. [citation needed], Turkish mainstream newspapers featured front page titles such as "We said we would strike despite the US and Russia. [128], In late January, there were multiple reports that Western foreign fighters, including Americans, British, and Germans among others, had moved into Afrin to aid its defense against Turkish-led forces. [10] He was one of the founders of the French language Journal of Palestine Studies called La revue d'étude palestinienne. Hostilities remained high between mostly Kurdish natives and largely Arab refugees who had settled in the region after the occupation,[11] while several TFSA groups continued to cause security problems. Lakhdar Rahim. [227], On 17 March, Turkish and TFSA forces started their ground attack on the city. [184] On the same day, TFSA linked the Bulbul area with Azaz, after capturing the Deir al-Sawan village. Forgot account? [94], Turkey had been fighting PKK and other groups in southeastern and eastern Turkey for several decades. [11] The councils helped to demine Afrin city, as the SDF had left a disputed number of mines behind while leaving the city. 103 Followers, 170 Following, 74 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from lakhdar Rahim (@lakhdar_rahim_fan_page_) or. [300][301] Turkey denied the reports. [168][169][170][171][172] According to Turkish sources, Russia temporarily closed Syrian airspace to Turkey to establish an electronic defence mechanism against the shoulder-launched missiles since the night of 4 February. [158], On 28 January, pro-Turkish forces achieved their first major victory by capturing the strategic Barsaya mountain[160][161] after several previous attacks on the mountain since 22 January failed[162] due to Kurdish resistance. Tahar Rahim (born 4 July 1981) is a French actor of Algerian descent. [112] The Turkish Deputy PM said this was "a move in support of terror". [11][255], By mid-2018, the insurgency was mostly focused on the rural areas[11][255] and Afrin city's outskirts, where Turkish Air Force bombarded YPG holdouts in early May and early July. [193], The TAF stated on 1 March that eight Turkish soldiers were killed, while 13 were wounded in clashes. [163] According to Kurdish reports, Kurdish fighters once again pushed back the Turkish-led forces from the mountain the following day,[164] although Turkey disputed this,[165] with Turkish commander Lt. Gen. İsmail Metin Temel, who was leading the operation, reportedly visiting Barsaya. Lakhdar Brahimi is a former Algerian Minister of Foreign Affairs with wide experience in international diplomacy. Lakhdar Brahimi has worked to resolve conflict and build peace in some of the most troubled regions in the world. [154][155] By 23 January, territorial gains of the pro-Turkish forces were still "limited". [70], Foreign intervention in behalf of Syrian Rebels. [80], In regards to the arrests, Hugh Williamson, the Europe and Central Asia director at Human Rights Watch, said: "Detaining and prosecuting people for tweets calling for peace is a new low for Turkey's government." Create New Account. [229] The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein said of the capture: "In the city of Afrin, which was captured by Turkish forces yesterday, scores of civilians have been killed and injured due to airstrikes, ground-based strikes, and explosive hazards, and thousands have been displaced. [83] In the aftermath of the conflict, Turkish forces implemented a resettlement policy by moving refugees from Eastern Ghouta into the newly-empty homes. [99], During the early stages of the operation, United States Secretary of Defense James Mattis noted that Turkey was the only NATO ally with an "active insurgency" within its borders. [109] On 25 February, Salih Muslim was detained in Prague at Turkey's request. The most notable of these advantages is that the various parties to the conflict are beginning to understand that a clear victory by either side is unlikely, and that a prolonged war will destroy the country and will serve no one’s interest -- except Israel. [331], In Istanbul, the offices of Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) was attacked when supporters of the operation vandalized the building and wrote sexist and racist writing on the walls. "[346] When on 7 March a HDP deputy criticised the government for planning "ethnic cleansing" in Afrin, deputies of the governing AKP party physically attacked their HDP colleagues in parliament, leaving two HDP deputies injured. SOHR reported that Turkish airstrikes in the village of Jamaa killed 17 pro-government fighters overnight. Syrian government called for international pressure on Turkey "to prevent the targeting of archaeological and cultural sites". Lakhdar Rahim Fans Also Viewed . [248][249] On 4 May, the YPG also declared that they would target the family members of rebel fighters active in Afrin region, as well as refugees that were settled in Afrin. [107][108], On 12 February, Turkey's Interior Ministry added the former PYD co-leader Salih Muslim Muhammad to its "wanted terrorists" list along with several new names and offered money for information on his whereabouts. He also served as Under Secretary General of the League of Arab States […] [235][236] Furthermore, Turkish President Erdoğan announced that the operation would only achieve its goal by taking Tell Rifaat,[237] and rebuked a Russian demand to return Afrin to Syrian government control, saying "When the time comes, we will give Afrin to the people of Afrin personally, but the timing of this is up to us, we will determine it, not Mr. Sergei Lavrov. [262] On 18 February 2019, a Turkish soldier was killed during "ongoing operational activities" in the Afrin area. [216] On the next day, seven people were killed in Turkish shelling on Afrin. Meanwhile, Turkish forces were fighting to capture the towns of Jandairis and Rajo. ", "Interim governing council formed to tackle 'disaster' in Afrin after Turkish-backed offensive", "Interim local council established in Syria's Afrin", "Interim local council established in Syria's Afrin - World News", "In Syria, It's Either Reconciliation or Annexation", "Hidden explosives stunt movement, frighten Afrin residents two months into pro-Turkish rule", "Syria's Afrin rebuilds, welcoming back displaced citizens", "Seizing lands from Afrin's displaced Kurds, Turkish-backed militias offer houses to East Ghouta families", "Kurds promise guerrilla war as Turkey-backed forces take Afrin city centre", "Saleh Moslem: Guerrilla warfare begins in Afrin", "Syrian Kurdish forces threaten families of Turkey's allies in Afrin – Ahval", "YPG will target any group working with Turkish army in Afrin", "Car bomb explodes in Jarabulus city, Aleppo", "Twin explosions mark new tensions in Afrin", "YPG continues attacks on Turkish army and rebels in Afrin", "After 54 Days of Controlling the Area, Turkish Warplanes Bomb North of Afrin, In Conjunction with Ground Shelling Accompanies A Direct Confrontation Between the Kurdish And Turkish Forces • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights", "YPG assassinated high ranking FSA commander in Afrin", "Explosion in Afrin city center kills three", "YPG claims it killed rebel commander, 18 fighters in Afrin", "YPG's insurgent campaign edges closer to Afrin rebels, civilians with deadly attack", "Turkey faces growing Kurdish insurgency in Syria's Afrin", "Turkey-backed Syrian rebels launch attack into Kurdish-held area", "Turkish Army cancels offensive in northern Aleppo amid safe zone talks with Russia: reports", HRE: 7 Turkish soldiers eliminated in Afrin, "Bomb blast kills 40 people in Syria's Afrin: Turkey", "Fuel truck bomb kills more than 40 in northern Syria", "Fuel truck bomb blast kills dozens in Syria's Afrin: Turkey", "Syria war: Dozens killed in truck bomb attack at Afrin market", "Attack in Syria Town Run by Turkish-Backed Fighters Kills 40", "Turkey opens gate with neighboring Syria's Afrin: trade minister", "SMART News Agency - Clashes erupt between National Army and al-Sharqiya Martyrs Brigade in Afrin, killing and injuring members on both sides, according to military source", "Rebel commander killed by Turkish military in northern Syria", "Afrin : Renegade rebels surrender to Turkish military", "Scores of rebels surrender to Turkish Army after fierce clashes in Aleppo", "Clashes between pro-Turkish rebel factions kill 25 in Syria's Afrin", "Turkish offensive displaces 167,000 in Syria's Afrin: UN", "U.N. says Turkish offensive reportedly displaces 5,000", "Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator, Mark Lowcock: Statement to the Security Council on the humanitarian situation in Syria (27 March 2018)", "Turkey moves to take key town in Afrin operation", "The Latest: UN delays vote on 30-day Syria cease-fire", "Rights group: Turkey not avoiding civilians in Syria strikes", "Deadly airstrikes continue near Damascus as death toll surpasses 400", "Syria: Civilian Deaths in Turkish Attacks May Be Unlawful", "Ankara Faces Mounting Pressure Over Syria Operation", "Syria: 'Unlawful' civilian deaths in Afrin condemned as Assad forces raise stakes in Kurdish-Turkey conflict", "Turkish forces shell convoy headed to Syria's Afrin region", "Turkey/Syria: Border Guards Shoot, Block Fleeing Syrians", "Turkey denies report border guards shot at fleeing Syrians", "Fighting in northwest Syria is in a tailspin, as Turkish forces shoot at fleeing civilians and mutilate US-backed forces", "Video purportedly shows Turkish soldiers beat Kurdish villager in Afrin – Turkey Purge", "U.S.-backed SDF warns Turkey against widening attack", "Turkish army hit school, water plant in Syria's Afrin: Syrian Kurdish YPG", "Turkey accused of killing 16 in hospital attack", "Pregnant women among dead as Turkish strike hits hospital in Syria's Afrin", "Tragedy in Afrin and Ghouta continues, as Turkey denies striking hospital", https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2018/03/free-syrian-army-group-captures-afrin-city-180318081430817.html, "Turkey never used chemical weapons in Syria: Diplomatic sources", "The Latest: Syrian leaflets urge Ghouta residents to leave", "Factions of the 'Olive Branch' Operation carry out field executions in the countryside of Afrin, killing 7 persons including women", "Turkish bombardment kills 13 in Syria's Afrin: YPG, monitor", "The Latest: 7 killed in shelling of Syrian government areas", "Syria: Outrage over 'mutilated' female Kurdish fighter", "Bias and hypocrisy in 'Olive Branch' coverage", "US-backed YPG terrorists kidnap children to fight against Turkish military", "YPG refutes HRW allegations on recruitment of child soldiers", "Press briefing notes on the situation in Afrin, Syria", "UN says civilians trapped, used as 'human shields' in Afrin", Civilians used as ‘human shields’ by YPG in Afrin, says UN, "Reports of Turkish Attacks on Kurdish Positions After Kilis Mosque Attack", "Aftermath of rocket attack on Turkey border town of Kilis", "In call, Trump issues stern warning to Turkey over Syria operation", "2 Rockets Launched on Kilis, Killing 2 People in Mosque", "Ancient Syrian temple damaged in Turkish raids against Kurds", "Syrian government says Turkish shelling damaged ancient temple", "Satellite Images of Afrin Identifies Massive Damage to Ancient Temple", "Famed Syria temple blown to pieces in Turkey assault", "Turkish Forces Seize Syrian City of Afrin", "Turkish airstrikes 'damaged ancient Christian site' in Syria", "No ancient site, church, monastery in Afrin targeted in Turkish airstrike so far: Foreign Ministry", "Pro-government mob attacks pro-Kurdish HDP office in Istanbul", "Turkish religious authority calls for 'conquest' sermon in support of military", "In Turkey, soaring support for Syrian offensive and rising anti-Americanism", "Ünlü araştırmacı Adil Gür: Zeytin Dalı harekatına destek yüzde 90", "Opposition MHP supports Afrin operation", "Turkey's opposition parties lend support to Afrin operation", "Öncü Gençlik'ten Afrin Operasyonu açıklaması: Vatan Savaşı'nda zafer taarruzudur", "HDP condemns Turkey's Afrin invasion as assault on 'Kurdish freedom, "TKP'den 'Afrin' açıklaması: Çekin Suriye'den elinizi!