"A philosopher is an animal of fame, one who basely drudges forthe breath of the people." 88          ; Jean-Pierre Waltzing] Quin imo et Deos vestros palam destruunt,—laudantibus vobis. particles of a body dissolved to dust can be made to rally and And arc not these matters of fact, not of reason, whereinChristians and heathens could not be imposed upon ? Tertullian's Apology for the Christians. the God Amon, whose temple was in the city No. CONCERNING THE SUBJECTION OF EVIL SPIRITS TO THE COMMAND OF CHRISTIANS. if it be a harm, it is to ourselvesonly. That they are all bound to use the same sacraments, according tothe forms appointed by our Lord, not admitting any substantial alteration.They must uphold that sort of order, government, and ministry, on all itssubstantial parts, which God did appoint in His Church." 7. Hence that of Silius—. conceive the possibility of restoring you to a former being, since 1 CONCERNING THE RESURRECTION OF THE BODY. Plato tells of a tract of land bigger than Asia and Africatogether, devoured by the Atlantic Ocean. Cum ergo finis, et limes medius qui interhiat adfuerit, etc. 115. of discipline constituted by divine appointment. Eccles. And so again for Janus,O Father Janus ! souls of just men in general ascended not into heaven till after the resurrection ; Butnow they lie under His just judgments, and which too they havefelt long before the name of Christian had a being in the world, andwhose goods man enjoyed long before he had made himself any. If a philosopher affirms, as Laberius from Pytha- goras has done, that after death the soul of a man departs into amule, and that of a woman into a serpent, and turns all the sailsof eloquence to carry this absurd point, shall not he find credit,and harangue some of you into abstinence even from the flesh ofanimals ? Whatever therefore this dubious expression may mean, it cannot possiblymean without a form, unless it means without a minister ; because, as I havesaid, the prayers of the minister must be a form to the people. Tertullian's Apology for the Christians. Phaleg. 129. FOR THE EMPERORS. Incensis erepta adytis, Mensaeq. Vid. AND THE PRAYERS OF CHRISTIANS FOR THE LIFE OF THE                                              since the philosophers do these demons thehonour as to place them next the gods. lib. v. 44. Saint Corneille, pape et martyr (l'an Traité de la Monogamie 52 252 ) 1 24 Art. I conclude allwith that admirable collect of our own Church upon the festival of St. Stephen,so exactly conformable to the primitive spirit, "Grant, O Lord, that in all oursufferings here upon earth for the testimony of Thy truth, we may stedfastly lookup to heaven, and by faith behold the glory that shall be revealed, and beingfilled with the Holy Ghost, may learn to love and bless our persecutors, by theexample of Thy first martyr St. Stephen, who prayed for his murderers to Thee,O blessed Jesus, who standeth at the right hand of God to succour all thosethat suffer for Thee, our only Mediator and Advocate. Tonsor, Caupo, Coquus, Lanius, sua limina servant,Nunc Roma est, nuper magna Taberna fuit. What now canbe more glaringly evident than this demonstration from fact ?What proof more unexceptionable ? 1 Tertullian's Apology for the Christians. Not. Whence, if not from the booksof our sacred mysteries ? But now this power and dominion of ours over these wickedspirits has all its efficacy from the name of Christ, and from ourreminding them of those judgments which are dropping upon theirheads from the hand of God through Christ, whom He has madeJudge of the world ; and the dread they have of Christ in God, andGod in Christ, is the thing which subjects them to the servants ofGod and Christ. Thus you see how all things are renewed by corruption,and reformed by dying. BUT because it seems manifestly wrong to drag men to sacrificeagainst the natural freedom of their wills, since, as I have else- where declared, religion must be a pure act of the will, it mustneeds be very foolish to press men to the service of the gods, whomfor their own sakes they ought to serve freely; and that it shouldnot be in a man's choice, which he has a right to by the liberty ofhis will, to say, I will not have Jove for my god. TERTULLIEN 1° Il est inique de condamner une cause sans l'instruire, de haïr ce qu'on ignore, ce qu'on veut ignorer (I, 2-3). to_ lutro_n. CONCERNING THE CHRISTIAN DUTY OF LOVING ENEMIES. THAT CHRISTIANS CAN NEVER BE JUSTLY SUSPECTED OF DESIGNS                               cap. But the true reason of this defamation, uponthe account of styling ourselves brethren, I take to be this, becausethe name of brother is found with these men to be only a gildedexpression of a counterfeit friendship. pro_j u9mw~n, a}qla de\ kai\ tima_j toij eu0fwnej u9brizousi toutoij h0qele. A Christian then,says Tertullian, never thinks himself so fine, never so illustrious as at the stake,with fire and faggot about him ; he then is in his triumphal chariot going toheaven in state. Sozomen in his sixth book, cap. viii. Por favor, inténtalo de nuevo más tarde. Tertulian obţinute în dicţionarul română - franceză la Glosbe, dicţionar online, gratis. 7—Viderint qui Stoicum et Platonicum etDialecticum Christianismum protulerunt. Reflect likewise upon the shortness of human punish- ment, which always ends with life; for this reason you see howlittle Epicurus valued any kind of torment, by laying down this forhis maxim of comfort, that a little pain is contemptible, and agreat one is not lasting. © 1996-2020, Amazon.com, Inc. o afiliados. 1. Arnob. A CONTINUATION OF THE UNLIMITED LOVE OF CHRISTIANS. MORTUUS, QUI ET JUPITER, QUEM JOVEM VOCANT. When the more sober andinquisitive heathens took a stricter view of the lives of the preachers of thegospel, and of the genuine followers, instead of the common and rude name ofimpostors, they gave them the more civil title of philosophers, as we find fromthe beginning of this chapter : Sed dum unicuiq. Perduci potent, tam frugi tamq. Thus then how is it likely that they who are at Caesar'snod, as they all entirely are, should be the guardians of Caesar'slife ? Imperator noster cum Patre rescripsis, fusti-bus eum castigandum dimittere, et ita ei Had the sayings of Socrates, Plato,Aristotle, etc., any authority ? Apology for the Christians. This notion seems to be first set on foot by the forementionedPapias, a very good man but of no great reach, as Eusebius remarks, Eccl, Hist. Bethinkyourselves now, and examine the gods on every side. Tertullian's Apology for the Christians. CONCERNING THE DIFFERENT OBSERVATION OF PUBLIC FESTIVALS                      ordered a cock to be sacrificed to Aesculapius1 just upon the pointof expiring, in gratitude, I suppose, to his father Apollo, who hadgiven him out for the wisest of mortals. e!gwge ma&lista ti/qemai. the fountain of the prophets ? 1 lib. Now what is to be done with a man who knows himself in anerror, and yet knowingly dashes upon a rock, that the people may do so too ?who pulls out his own eyes to secure others in darkness; who neither deserveswell of those he permits to wander, nor of himself, whom he associates withpractices he condemns; who makes no use of his wisdom for the regulation ofhis life, but wilfully entangles himself to ensnare others, whom as the wiserperson he was obliged to rescue from error. For ancientuncultivated Rome1 is ancienter than many of your gods. Paradise, says Philo, de Plaut. are met together, and regulated with so much discipline and order,such a meeting, I say, is not to be called factious, but as orderlyan assembly as any of your courts. THAT THE HEATHEN POETS AND PHILOSOPHERS STOLE MANY OF                       3 THAT THE GENTILES ARE SET AGAINST CHRISTIANS BY THE                                     Dicam plane Imperatorem Dominum. 10, p. 38. 1 Relig. 109. forewarning us what we are to expect, or by bringing to our mindsthe predictions already fulfilled. Aristippus in hispurple, and under the greatest show of gravity, was an arrantdebauchee; and Hippias1 was killed while he was actually inambush against the city, a thing which no Christian ever attemptedfor the deliverance of his brethren, though under the most barbaroususage. A FURTHER VINDICATION OF THE USEFULNESS OF CHRISTIANS O true glory, because ofhuman stamp and fashion! We read of Hierannape, and Delos, and Rhodes,and Co, islands swept away with many thousands of their inhabit-ants. [Tertullien. Get this from a library! THAT CHRISTIANS HAVE A BETTER RIGHT TO A TOLERATION 137. daily departs rises again with its primitive splendour; and darknesssucceeds by equal turns; the stars which leave the world revive;the seasons, when they have finished their course, renew it again;the fruits are consumed and bloom afresh; and that which we sowis not quickened except it die, and by that dissolution rises morefruitful. There is a most bitter .sarcasm implied in these words, Hoc agite, that is," be intent upon your sacrifice, and wrack out the soul of a Christian while it ispraying to God for the life of the emperor; " wherein our author manifestlyalludes to the custom just now mentioned from Plutarch, that while the priestwas sacrificing, the crier or praeco went behind with these words, Hoc age, mindwhat you are about; for thus Plutarch tells us in Coriolano, Alex. ad Algas.Qu. 2 For, as another poet has it, And yet the Romans cannot afford the fates who made them mastersof Carthage in spite of all the intrigues of Juno, half so muchhonour as they pay to the most infamous of prostitutes, Larentina.But it is certain that many of your gods reigned once upon earth :if therefore kingdoms are now at their disposal, pray tell me fromwhom did they themselves receive their crowns? CONCERNING THE IRREVERENCE OF THE HEATHEN TO THEIR GODS. CHRISTIANS ABOVE THAT OF ALL OTHER PEOPLE. That which you reproach in us asstubbornness has been the most instructing mistress in proselytingthe world; for who has not been struck at the sight of that youcall stubbornness, and from thence pushed on to look into thereality and reason of it ? THIS universal confession of the evil spirits, whereby they disclaimthe title of gods, and whereby they declare that there is no otherGod but one, whose servants we profess to be ; this confession, Isay, is argument enough with a witness to discharge Christians fromthe crime of irreligion, especially towards the Roman gods; for ifthe Roman gods for a certain are no gods, then their religion for acertain is no religion; and if theirs be no religion, because theirsbe no gods, then certainly we cannot be justly charged upon thearticle of irreligion, with respect to the worship of the Roman deities.But this reproach rebounds upon yourselves, for you who worship alie, and not only neglect the true religion of the true God, butmoreover join all your forces to fight it out of the world, are intruth guilty of that which is most properly irreligion. The mountains burn with per- petual fire, and are mountains still; why, therefore, may not thewicked and the enemies of God bum like these ? For certainly it is a veryfine figure to see your houses upon holy days dressed up in thefashion of the stews. people since 23rd November 2001. GOD. 77. spirit which possesses him be commanded by any Christian todeclare what he is, he shall confess himself as truly to be a devilas he did falsely before profess himself a god. lvii. The last dyingwords of Socrates we have in the conclusion of Plato's Phaedo, and they are cap. And Persius, speaking of Herod's birthday, has thesewords—. Greek word ko&lpoj; truly signifies, the primitive Christians understood a place For, if Imistake not, such a multiplicity of sects is suppressed upon reasonsof State, that the city should not he split into parties, for suchbreaches would let in a general disorder into all your popularelections, councils, courts, assemblies, and public sights, by theambitious clashings of the contending factions; and never morereason to provide against such disorders than now, when the partiesare sure not to want violent hands for any design; if they want notmoney to pay them. "The representation of a soul exulting for fulness and xi. Noae, p. 171, is sumbo&lon BUT your reason is so entirely blinded with prejudice that youhave not an eye left to see the public damage, a damage as visiblygreat as true. Now from a doctrine so harmless in itself andconsequences, according to the sense of the orthodox (though abused indeed byCorinthus and his followers), recommended by the venerable antiquity of anapostolical person, as Papias was, an opinion that has so much to be said for itfrom Scripture, from the Revelation especially, as appears by the learned Mr.Mede and others, and which we are freely left to believe or disbelieve at ourdiscretion ; is it not, I say, very disingenuous as well as very trifling in Mr.Daille to argue from hence against the authority of the Fathers ? Productos que has visto recientemente y recomendaciones destacadas, Selecciona el departamento que quieras buscar. Caelestis. CONCERNING THE CHRISTIAN DUTY OF LOVING ENEMIES. Consider this,1 0 you impartial judges, and go on with yourjustice, and while our soul is pouring out herself to God in thebehalf of the emperor, do you be letting out her blood. THAT THE HEATHEN POETS AND PHILOSOPHERS STOLE MANY OF THEIR NOTIONS FROM THE HOLY SCRIPTURES. 8, "She has done whatshe could ; she is come beforehand to anoint my body to the burying ; "—I doubtnot, I say, but this prevailed very much with the first Christians to be so expensivein their spices upon the dead. Post aquam manualem et lumina ut quisq. 39, p. 112, who by not seeing into the mystical meaning of theapostle's discourses, ran presently away with it as an apostolical tradition ; justperhaps as we find from the misunderstanding of our Saviour's words to St.Peter : " If I will that he tarry till I come, what is that to thee? THAT CHRISTIANS ARE COMMANDED TO LOVE THEIR ENEMIES. Alexandrian Chronic, Ille etiam qua prisca Fides stat Regia, nobisAurea Tarpeia ponet Capitolia rupe. punishment. Andis not the whole herd of condemned wretches which some publicbenefactors1 keep alive for the entertainment of the amphitheatre,are not they all of your religion? Unctaq. e9pta_ kai\ deka&th| tou~ Marti/on methllacen. be passible without a union with matter, I mean the flesh; but Eus. superdici, propetw~j mh_ o0mnuj, petulanterne jurato. i, 2, giving order to the Churches of Galatia and Corinth for weeklyofferings for the saints, " That upon the first day of the week " (when they neverfailed to receive the sacrament) " they should every one of them lay by him instore according as God had prospered him." Tertullian's Apology for the Christians. Whence those who broke into the palace, swordin hand, and murdered Pertinax, in a more audacious manner thanDomitian was by the Sigeriuses and Partheniuses ? fervere, they put Zeuj, fromzew, which signifies the same in Greek with Ham in Hebrew. And one way was, toalter the Hebrew name and put a Greek one in the place of like importance.Thus Cham or Ham, who either for his minority or undutifulness had his share ofgovernment allotted him in the barren sands of Africa, and was there for manyages worshipped under the name of Jupiter Hamon, which the Egyptians byleaving out the aspirate call But, O Cicero ! The primitive Christiansat their devotion did not only lift up their hands to heaven, for so we find theheathens did, according to that of Virgil—. ga_r Ai0gu&ptioi kaleousi th_n Di/a. For he who swore falsely by the gods was noted only by the censors, andexposed to shame. ei0pon ai0re tou~j a0qe/ouj, that is, swear by Caesar's genius, repent, say takeoff the atheists, that is, the Christians. Hoc agile, boni Praesides, extorquete animam Deo supplicantem pro Impera-tore. And it is notorious of late years whatattempts have been made to reform religion by philosophy, instead of makingphilosophy bend to revelation. manner of your resurrection. But do your worst, and rack yourinventions for tortures for Christians—it is all to no purpose; youdo but attract the world, and make it fall the more in love withour religion; the more you mow us down, the thicker we rise; theChristian blood you spill is like the seed you sow, it springs fromthe earth again, and fructifies the more. vinces (if I mistake not) are under the Roman jurisdiction, andyet I do not find any of the Roman gods in worship among them ;because the gods of these countries are as little known at Rome asmany of the municipal deities in several towns in Italy, as Del-ventinus of Casinum, Visidianus of Narni, Ancaria of Ascoli,Nursia of Volsinium, Valentia of Ocricoly, Nortia of Sutri, andJuno of Monte Fiasco, who was worshipped by the name of Curetisin honour of her father Cures. 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