Finnish public transport is Public transport Waltti is in town! Transport networks by air, rail, road and water are comprehensive and reliable. HSL 30 day student ticket now available in Whim! 05/20/2016. Helsinki’s secret is in the moment when you realise that Helsinki has no secrets – that everything is within reach, just for you. On 19th February 2020, a new digital public transport service called POJO was launched in North Karelia, Finland. HSL (Helsinki region transport) offers a webpage in English (and swedish) Discover the sights of the Helsinki region by bus, train, tram or the metro. There are different services in VR, from the fastest express trains of Pendolino (S), InterCity (IC), and InterCity2 (IC2), ordinary express trains (P), and local and regional trains. More information about intra-city transport, tickets and prices is available on the public transport website of Tampere. +358 8 5584 0400. monday–thursday at 8–18 and friday and midweek holidays 8–16. Most preferred public transport and taxi purchase payment methods in Finland 2018 Online alcohol purchase frequency during COVID-19 outbreak in the U.S. 2020, by age There are several round-trip flights a day between Helsinki and Kuusamo. Helsinki is served by an efficient […] The same ticket can be used for traveling on buses, trams, the metro, commuter trains … Taking a trip to Russia by train is very easy, as there are 3 departures every day from Helsinki. The 2020 City Bike season is over! For more information about public transport fares, taxi rates, city bike and e-scooter rentals, see our Getting Around in Finland page. HSL tickets, Journey Planner and transport news about topics of your choice in one place. Beaucoup de villes possèdent également un aéroport. Tickets are valid on public transport services in Helsinki, Espoo, Kauniainen, Vantaa, Kerava and Kirkkonummi. Consult sites for details, Helsinki: Public transport  Route Planner Finland has excellent public transport, both locally and nationally. The bus traffic in Tampere is handled by Tampere City Transport (TKL). The agreements promote sustainable transport projects and affordable housing production, especially in areas that have good public transport links. Industry trends. When arriving in Finland, chances are you’ll be landing in Helsinki. Rome2rio is a door-to-door travel information and booking engine, helping you get to and from any location in the world. If you suspect that you might contracted COVID-19, use the Coronavirus symptom checker to first assess your condition, if possible. Helsinki, Espoo, Kauniainen, Vantaa, Kerava, Kirkkonummi and Sipoo are all part of the Helsinki system: Which Ticket? Most services are conducted by cable ferries, for which a cable is attached from one shore to the other, and the ferry pulled along the cable. Click here to visit the Journey Planner; You can look up timetables with the search function and browse by mode of transport and city. Onnibus is the best known low fare bus company in Finland. Even if not, you’ll notice all corners of the country are connected. We are doing our best to make HSL public transport as safe as possible for both staff … There are additional discounts available for groups: a 15% discount for groups of 3 to 10 people, and a 20% discount available for groups of 11 or more. Consult the local authority for details. The 2020 City Bike season is over! One-fifth of Espoo residents’ vehicle rides are accomplished by public transport. Helsinki has the most extensive network of transport: trams, an underground network and ferries complement the train and bus networks. The service also gives you timetables for specific lines and stops. On the whole, the trends over the last decade have been posi- tive. ; Skibus operates between the airport and ski resort Pyhä-Luosto. The main modes of transport in Finland. Twenty-odd European cities are currently experimenting with autonomous vehicles in public transport. Seniors over the age of 65 are likewise entitled to a 50% discount. Finland's ferry authority is Finferries, with over 40 routes around Finland. Ministry for Foreign Affairs: International Travel Update 13.3.2020: Helsinki Regional Transport has advised that bus tickets will not be sold on board, effective today. Turku becomes the first city in Finland to recommend wearing face mask when traveling with public transport. Taxis Ph: 0100 4131, Turku: - En, Fi, Sw Route Planner Use of the HSL app and travel cards continues as usual. A monthly bus pass will cost you about EUR 52 – 97. Info and Usage: Getting around any town by public transport is manageable without fuss, and pretty quickly, even for a foreign visitor. The Finferries website includes ferry locations by listing and on the map, online ferry schedules, downloadable ferry timetables, traffic information, and terms of transportation: Taxis Ph: 0100 0700, Joensuu: En, Fi Route Planner Taxis are government-regulated; all are in good condition. Find all the transport options for your trip from Amsterdam to Finland right here. Free of charge, available for Android and Apple iOS devices. Public transport Finland - species development. Airport bus between the Rovaniemi Airport and the holiday & ski resorts Kuusamo, Ruka and Suomu serves Norwegian and Germanian’s flights to and from London, Zürich, and Berlin. The main bus and coach company operating in Finland is Oy Matkahuolto Ab which offers long-distance coach connections to practically all parts of Finland. Taxis Ph: 0800 02120, Lahti: En, Fi Route Planner Taxis are government-regulated; all are in good condition. Update 13.3.2020: Helsinki Regional Transport has advised that bus tickets will not be sold on board, effective today. The entire country is linked by a comprehensive bus and rail network. including card balance, season tickets, transferring from one vehicle to another, buying value tickets, and buying tickets for several passengers. Passengers requiring a walker are entitled to travel free of charge during off-peak hours and on weekdays between 9.00–14.00 in the local public transport area. Statistics Finland's statistics on motor vehicles are based on the traffic affairs register of the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency (Traficom), which contains data on all road transport vehicles liable for registration on Mainland Finland. For bus services to and from Ivalo please see Matkahuolto website Bus 415: Elielinaukio - Ylästö-Airport Taxi fares can be prohibitive. HSL (Helsinki region transport) offers a webpage in English (and swedish) Discover the sights of the Helsinki region by bus, train, tram or the metro. Helsinki Region Journey Planner - Fi, En, Sw Point to Point Route Search, Timetables & stops, Route map, Cycling & walking, Traffic bulletins The public transport arrangements in the Tampere region, both within the city and between nearby municipalities, are excellent. As of 2011 [update] there are 78,162 kilometres (48,568 mi) of public roads, of which 51,016 kilometres (31,700 mi) are paved. Kuusamo has good air connections. Rome2rio makes travelling from Amsterdam to Finland easy. download the app see plans. Information and Registration:, Vantaa City Bikes Please see the following for current travel rules and recommendations: Der Verkehr in Finnland, insbesondere in den Bereichen Bus, Luftfahrt und Schiene, ist recht gut strukturiert. Bikes will be available again from April 2021 - October 2021 inclusive. When travelling by car, your vehicle will be loaded on the wagon in the evening and upon arrival in the morning you may continue your journey. Dans les grandes villes et leurs banlieues se trouvent des transports locaux qui fonctionnent bien. Day tickets can be economical for visitors, and for regular travellers Season tickets offer savings. Railway transport: reach, for example, Tampere, Turku, Pori, Rovaniemi and Helsinki can be on the train. Linja-autoliikenteen aikataulut, pakettipalvelut yrityksille ja yksityisille. The Finnish Transport Agency provides a point-to-point local and long-distance journey planner for Finland. You can get around by plane, bus, car, train, steamship, cruise ship, bicycle, skis or sleigh. Even if you don't have time to get off at Suomenlinna, the ferry ride itself is a fantastic value 'harbour cruise'! Transport. When the card reader beeps and turns green, the card has been read and your journey has been validated. Now, information of train and bus transportation in North Karelia can be found from the same place. Unless steps are taken, It's a short walk from the station to Airport Terminals 1 and 2 along a connecting passageway. Over a five-year period, the total Nordic market for tendered regional public transport services has increased by three percent annually. The system is managed by Helsinki Region Transport (Finnish: Helsingin seudun liikenne , or HSL) and covers Helsinki , Espoo , Kauniainen , Vantaa and the outlying Kerava , Kirkkonummi , Sipoo and Tuusula . The travel authority is Helsinki Region Transport (HSL) En, Fi, Sw Public Transport in Finland. Prices are based on distance traveled. Airport bus operates to and from the Rovaniemi bus station, hotels and home addresses. Read more . So, if you can, make your arrangements in advance and you will truly have cheap … Archipelago HopOn bus to Kimitoön Islands from Helsinki! Table of Contents. The coastal areas, the archipelago islands and the inland lakes can easily be reached by bus, taxi or ferry. Transportation connections between Rovaniemi - Kemijärvi and Kemijärvi -Suomutunturi Fell, more info here. Finnish health authorities recommend using face masks in public transport and in other situations where it is difficult to maintain 1-2 m distances from other people. Besides the usual outlets for buying public transport tickets, Suomenlinna Ferry tickets are available from machines on the piers. Travelling in Finland is actually quite easy once you know how to use the public transport in Finland. Public transport in Finland is comfortable and reliable. Purchase from a ticket machine or bus driver. Please check out our advertising policy to understand how the links have been chosen. Yellow Line Shared airport taxis can be an economical option for travelling to/from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, World Heritage sea fortress Suomenlinna is a great day out. Satama. HSL advises that routes continue to be operated normally, but asks the public to avoid unnecessary use of public transport. Air Travel: Finavia Tickets: A regional ABC ticket is required for journeys from Helsinki to the airport and vice versa. City of Oulu, Finland. You can use the card to pay for all your public transport journeys in the HSL area. Public transport: This includes trams, electric trains and buses. The negotiations on land use, housing and transport agreements with the urban regions of Helsinki, Turku, Tampere and Oulu resulted in a preliminary outcome on 2 June 2020. City Bikes Available year-round Finland has a very well developed system of public transports. As of 2010, the country's network of main roads has a total length of around … The Helsinki-Suomenlinna ferry is operated by Helsinki Region Transport and uses regular public transport tickets. A new addition to traditional transport is the new city bike system. All timetable and route information of the Helsinki Region public transport can be found on the Journey Planner. Use of the HSL app and travel cards continues as usual. Public Transport in Turku = FöliAfter your arrival in Turku, you may want to get yourself acquainted with the local transportation system. By Finnoy Travel; Updated: 05/21/20 | August 26, 2017; This page contains affiliate links. In 2006, VR updated all children’s playrooms on the IC and IC2 trains, which are located on the upper deck of the double-decker car. One of the most popular city bike systems in the world, the 2020 season offered 3500 bikes at 350 bike stations. Statistics on goods transport by road describe the transport activity of lorries registered in Finland for both private and licensed transport in Finland and abroad. You can use the card to pay for all your public transport journeys in the HSL area. Answer 1 of 2: What are the options for Public Transport in Finland ? Load it with value and buy tickets using the card readers on buses, trams, trains and ferries, and at Metro stations. Moni viettää vuodenvaihteen tällä kertaa kotona. HSL area and zones. Waltti Travel Cards. Contact information. Turku was the biggest city in Finland until the 1840's. Children can travel with a 50% reduced fare ticket. Answer 1 of 11: I'll be travelling from nov 21st to 29th, did not book any bus tickets online. *You can rent a bike without registration using a payment terminal at Kaivopuisto, Unioninkatu, Central Railway Station/East, Kiasma or Hakaniemi metro station. Read more. A feature at many sites is a Reittiopas - Journey Planner; you enter the addresses of your origin and destination, and either your departure time or required arrival time, and the Journey Planner will provide you with options for making the trip.