Or both. par Salus A treize ans elle part pour la France, dans les Cévennes, avec ses parents le poème « à jamais » est un poème de Chloe douglas et date de 2010. Nasty aldehydes, a touch of wilting rose and that rotten peach ... Chloe hates me and I hate it right back. C’est l’éclat du soleil qui habille Chloé. And even now, almost 24 hours later, I can still catch it when I wave my pajama top around! I can't believe I had never checked out this perfume. I'm just a little surprised how this scent is pretty enjoyable, if I was to wear this I would put it on very lightly because it could be easily overwhelming. It was like I'd found my long lost soul mate. Some 70's and 80's fragrances are favorites for me but I struggle with finding a place to wear them so I just don't! Lovely warm powdery and spicy! I would even try to buy her new perfumes for Christmas(just for something new,) and they would sit on the shelf unused--She had a Chloe addiction! I bought this fragrance on sale and I don't love it. Over the years I have learned that some heavy hitter perfumes need to be away from the face to be enjoyed and sometimes just the creams and lotions are enough to make you perfectly perfumed. I liked and wore the old one but have not tested the new one. She told me this is the only scent she has ever worn as she has problems with finding perfumes that don't give her a headache. I can't smell any one note in particular but overall I get a sweet, fuzzy vibe. This smells like what I expect a French perfume to smell like. Lol!! I just knew what I thought smelled good, and that was more than enough for me! (btw, she loves that she can now buy this at a drugstore at a great price! Daphnis Et Chloé: Suite No. Chloe is lovely. Poème pour Enora. Au havre torve où fuit l’heure atavique, It smells clean but synthetic out of the bottle. I don’t get much wood at all. It is a bit heavier than I expected and though I can smell rose and honeysuckle I mostly get carnation which isn't my favorite flower. There are good reasons it still sells - it is a tribute to classic femininity created by esteemed designer, Karl Lagerfeld ( recently deceased ). So, on this rainy day in May...I have decided that Chloe will no longer hold a place in my perfume wardrobe. While I certainly like the Narcisse better this one has a charm all its own and the cute bottle with the while calla lilly stopper brings back memories of an advert in the 80's with a woman applying the perfume with the stopper. Some departent stores are actively putting the classic Chloe out for test, and it's easy to see why. Decades have passed, and I moved on from these to other styles. I would dab two drops behind my ears and what I smelled felt absolutely genuine. loin de moi une jour te posseder loin de moi un jour te caresser mais sans te penetrer . LOVE it and have a mini Chloe Chloe in my collection. souvenir of the 80's. Dali for Women, by Salvador Dali, reminds me of the original Chloe, but the Dali is spicier, while the Chloe is sweeter. Strange, cause notes of different Chloe fragrances are not the same, of course, and I can't track what is 'the note that does not like my skin'. Let me just say that I'm NO FLORAL kinda gal whatsoever and still haven't find a single floral scent that I would love. I was talking to my sister the other day and we were laughing about how sophisticated we thought we were wearing fragrances like that at the time. Of course, the opening is off, but as a lover of many vintage perfumes, I knew not to pass judgment until it had a chance to settle down. Eveille-toi, Chloé, du matin Qui te rêve, Arrache ces lambeaux que le soleil Enfièvre, A cet état de mort vigilante Adopté, Où l’âtre fatigué de ton esprit Hanté Ne palpite qu’à peine, Sous l’aile de Morphée, Au doux bonheur d’Orphée, Bercé, comme une reine… Poème pour Delphine. Chloe, the original, is EXTREMELY similar to a Brazilian scent, Cecita, from O Boticário. Vaste moment déchiré d’ombre, From my very first miniature when I was about 10 to all the bottles I've repurchased without a second thought. Makes you feel like a woman! Some of the retro scents are interesting to me and collection-worthy, even if it means wearing them only at home for myself. I had it twice: first, the Karl Lagerfeld version and then, the Chloe's one. Why, oh why, do perfumers do this? mwaseul cc je m'appelle chloe j'ai 14 bientot 15 j'habite andenne je cherche un mec de 15 a 18 ans et je suis celiba . When I tired it I was thought oh dear yikes this is not my style at all. If you're tired of the sugary vanillas of the last few years and aren't into "trendy", definitely give Chloe a shot - you may just find your new classic! Chloe... You make me gag if I breathe too quickly after first spraying you, but, Oh how I am glad I am patient with you. She always had one or two fragrances. Mom wore IT. I bought this on accident during the summertime confusing it for the new Chloe at a discount store. Good bye Chloe....today I used the last drop of my vintage flanker. I think it's the perfect scent for fall, when it's windy, yet with some sunshine behind the clouds and you can feel the warm hug of that lovely scent. I brought this right back to the store. At first it was a very warm, weird, heavy cloud that I figured would dissipate as the day wore on but it morphed into a spicy pleasantness that kept making me wonder WHO I was smelling because it was SO different! This is very good for colder days, it brings warmth and soft comfort for those days. Lovely and highly recommended for over 40. Late 80’s, early 90’s, I had all three of these beauties in my perfume stable, but Chloe was my go-to scent. La poésie le console de son éloignement. L’amour, c’est l’amour Et seulement vrai Je ne peux que souhaiter pour vous. This scent is not for everyone but I love it! Delightful! I love me some Chloe! An early memory of mine being very little-4or5-is this bottle standing on its box on my mother's boudoir. I know that there have been many others after Chloe but this one is one of my first loves and my husband remembered my saying so... Top notes of peach and orange pop out and don't disappear into the night, musk magic arrives at just the right time and stays close to the skin with warm amber. I feel like I have smelled some forms of it through other perfumes that I have smelled. I used to enjoy the heavy, syrupy sweet, almost gooey floral concoction. She later went back to the powder dark side, and I don't think they suit her as well. I would say this is more of a fall/winter perfume. This is an amazing scent! Sometimes it reminds me of the type of pre- Raphaelite ladies in the paintings with long ringlets and gauzy dresses in flowerey meadows. I was wondering if I was going to like it at all, as some of the reviews are poles apart but for me this was love at first sniff. The scent is retro-fabulous! Anonymous1399639, le 16/06/2009. The amber, sandalwood and benzoin drydown is sumptuous despite it is in the vintage EDT concentrate. Terrific projection, very soothing and definitely "old school". She used it every day but I remind specially the great occasions whenever she wore a fancy gown and gloves for a wedding or a dinner party. I wore this on my wedding day and wear it every year on my anniversary. Now it is more of a chypre than a floral to my senses. beautiful, but nothing unique. Quite outdated and heavy, but a well-composed formula nonetheless. Chloe will always be on the market as it is a very fresh and elegant scent. I love to wear these type of strong florals for when I perform in evening gowns. A reculons émerge aux urgences I sprayed a bit on my wrist and to me it instantly smelled soapy. It was Autumn and the weather was cool but the wind was blowing softly from south. Au creux du songe étreint Ce recueil de poésie vous propose sa sélection des plus beaux poèmes d'auteurs français sur le thème de l'amour. The original was great for her time. Μy best friend wore it on her 20's,around 199-something,at 9 o'clock in the morning,in the class,when all our senses were too sleepy and on dysfunction,but she smelled DIVINE! There is not one note listed that I don't like. spicy, tuberose, mossy floral; very rich and deep; not a chypre but not a white floral; lovely. This was a semi-blind buy last spring. Say it all without saying a word, with this fragrance of seduction that goes beyond words! Very rich and long lasting. Everything is better the second time around especially perfume. pareil a chemin qui me mene a ton destin pareille a cette envie qui me mene a ton lit. Perhaps I should hunt down the original Lagerfeld version. A delicate and interesting mixture of scents that can't let you indifferent! I just can't tell that this powerhouse fragrance has been reformulated. poeme pour chloé. i guess this is tuberose, but i feel it's such a melange of florals that it doesn't come off as straight off tuberose really. I could easily turn this one into my signature scent but unfortunately I´m a perfume whore I can´t stick to one fragrance I need them all for different purposes, but definetly willrepurchase! Trouvez une rime pour Chloé - Quelles sont les rimes de Chloé ? Please read the Terms of Service and Privacy policy. The first time I tried Chloe, my impression was hardly favorable. Oh Chloe!!! It was a bitter-type aldehyde that did not evolve into anything more appealing. I'm going to wear it more often now, the edt versions work really well in warmer weather.I'll check out the newer version as well but I'd recommend trying the Karl Lagerfeld original, it is truly beautiful, even for a non floral lover like me. Eh. This is tuberose with enough warmth and fruity complexity that it can be worn anytime, day or night. I let it sit on my skin awhile and then I took a whiff again, the soapy-ness was still there but it started to fade and I could definitely smell the Aldehydes in there. It reminds me of when I used to watch my mother, as a child in the seventies, get ready to go out – hairspray, lipstick and Avon perfume all in a cloud of hot hairdryer air. Still had the suffocating tuberose, the peppery carnation, and the peachy notes. It has a strong presence, as if it is giving you windows into another era. I recently got a current edition of this, wanted to see how it compared to the 1970's version. Of course, the real artists, the intelligent ones, focus on quality and their perfume becomes a lucrative classic. Secret Garden (Poéme) - from the album ''White Stones'' (1997)Select the optimal resolution 720pThank you all for viewing and comments! I mostly use this as a room spray. A beautiful intense floral that lasts for hours. It's warm and such a magical scent, they don't do it anymore like that nowadays. To my surprised, it's heavy white florals and powdery. Review for Chloe Lagerfeld (older version). This review is for the Chloe currently available in 2016. The nose behind this fragrance is Betty Busse. This time I treated myself to the vintage by Karl Lagerfeld. I'm wearing this as I read and drink coffee on my back patio. Truth be told, I don't get any tuberose in this- I get much more aldehyde, orris root, rose, lilac, honeysuckle and musk. What a lovely fragrance. Catégories Chloe Douglas, Guerre. These comments are regarding the Chloe EDT distributed by Coty Prestige, (the exact bottle pictured here) now discontinued. I've smelled it on others and it smelled beautiful. Later on it was found in drug stores, and still is . Completely agree with you. Chloé The flowers are not many but they are fragrant and make a statement. No, not really. D’un sommeil qui s’éteint Chloe Douglas est née en 1960 à Londres, où elle passe ses premières années d’enfance. Sets the fragrance off perfectly and brings back many memories. this starts off all white florals and tuberose. I could still smell the hints of more complex florals, and the nice woody, mossy base, but only as the merest suggestion. Even after many years it smells the same. Definitely a big white floral. I finally got a tiny miniature and it was love at first sniff. νικά | 汉语 | Nederlands | Srpski | Română | العربية | Українська | Монгол | עברית | Luxois Watches | It opens with bright aldehydic peach and floral galore. It was, at that time, a drugstore fragrance, like Gloria Vanderbilt, Charlie, etc. It's not too fruity but just enough for me. My mom used to wear Chloe parfum when she got dressed up for special occasions years ago, so I associate it with those days. This was my 1st fine fragrance. It reminded me of a bathroom! The original Karl Lagerfeld pour homme in its current formulation suffers from the same issues as this one. There were no testers but I gave it a go anyway. I don't know, but I often wonder if we were offered the sweet scents of today back then, would they have been as popular? I could not get rid of it quickly enough. Relève The aldehydes play an important role in this well done composition. I have both vintage versions, and all I get from them is musty overripe peach and a tiny hint of vinegar. Then it is dominated by the sweet intoxicating tuberose. Because Im a male I personally dont wear this but a girl I was just in an elevator with was and I loved it on her. Love- hate this one. After a hectic/stressful day you come home and start a nice warm relaxing bath, sip some wine to unwind and let go of your days worries. I'd always expected this to smell differently. I use one spray a couple hours before going out for the day, and it lasts the day. I will be donating this one to the next neighbor yard sale. I've tried Chloe several times and it's generally better for me in the summer when I'm a bit more sweaty and oily. In summer, it's not too overwhelming to me, especially with only a spritz. Such a damn shame really! Let’s face it, I can’t see how it could sell anymore. It smells like a professional woman aged 30 and above. Il y a actuellement 27 visiteurs sur le site . Wow! My husband and children loved it on me. You have to remember when the so called old people wore it they were then young. Chloe original is such a cheerful scent. that always presents itself as an itchy, awful note and that's all I can smell. Aux cieux ravis, Adopté, My mom has worn this for as long as I can remember. I was a teen when this scent was out. So, obviously, my mind tends to compartmentalize smells in a sort of physical and emotional timeline. I can't believe I wrote it off as a headachy "70s perfume". This was too strong for my sensitive nose. This frag is no exception, but I absolutely love the nice ambery woody drydown. It is a complex fragrance that I still love to wear when feeling floral. The 1975 version is extaordinary. I couldn't remember what it smelled like, but something kept drawing me back to reconsider. I found this perfume by accident. I wore this perfume for 25 years and it is time to move on. Your review is spot on. I wore it to work and was virtually wrestled to the ground by a work colleague who couldn't stop sniffing me and my 16 year old son adores it. There are other fragrances that seem to come to mind briefly although this scent is unique. Very strong on the initial spray to an unpleasant degree. I cannot improve on your review. I am about to do my first blind-buy: Reading the comments about this perfume and looking at the price, it looks like a must-buy. Can't really narrow it down to which one though. Notes :-Lana Bashing (je hais ce perso).-Dans cette histoire, Clark est mineur. Love it!!! Lots of negative reviews of this one, but gosh, I have a different experience. I might still wear it during spring or autumn, but it is definitely not a favourite and I would not repurchase. If you want to smell exactly like hotel bar soap, go for it. Dry yourself off, jump into your cotton pajamas, spray on some Chole and slip into bed and let your dreams carry you away. A heavy strong tuberose scent with an older style base. I worked with a girl who wore this back in the 90s. But here, the peach / tuberose combo does not stand the test of time absolutely. Sadly, Chloe is everything I wished White Linen would of been. Imprimer ce poème. A reviewer below called it "tangy" and yes, that's the right word. Voir plus d'idées sur le thème Dessin pour sa meilleure amie, Fond d'écran téléphone, Fond d'écran coloré. Smells like a beautiful Hindu priestess. Ainsi, Baudelaire trouve de la beauté dans ce qui semble laid. Do I think it is pretty in a loud white floral sort of way? Il est vrai que, pour moi, je n'y suis point allé. Et se dissout The silage is moderate on me and she lasts 4 hours or so. I was gifted this when I turned 16 in 1987. It has been around since 1975 ! Instant scrubber. Poeme by Lancome is a Floral fragrance for women.Poeme was launched in 1995. First sniff I could smell strongly the aldehydic white floral character. At first I thought it was musty/soapy and powdery and I liked it fine... but you must try on skin! POEME. A classic example of how a fragrance can be changed by body chemistry. I really liked this back in the 80s, so when I recently purchased a set of four minis (in an effort to build up my stock of original Organza Indecence, which is why I purchased it), I was looking forward to trying it again. Pungent heavy chemical awfulness. chloe je t'aime. I got my long-awaited sample of vintage Chloe today, only to discover it is much softer and more mannerly than I would have supposed. Tout le grand souci d’être attend que se This is one of those powerhouse scents for a woman who wants to smell as strong and unique as she is, which is to say, it's not for everybody. Not the Chloe New, either. On me, it is unpleasantly sharp and pungent. It seems to last longer on my clothes than my body. When the formula was first created it was not a cheap scent at all and sold in nice department stores. The white floral aspect makes it clean feeling. It is so adorably sweet and feminine!! Chloe is such an uplifting, gorgeous scent :-). One of my very favorite ones of all times. A sweet anniversary surpise that will be worn and treasured throughout the year and many more years to follow! Sourd I’ve got both the original Lagerfeld Chloe parfum and the current reformulated Coty Chloe edt. I never really appreciated this beauty when I had it at the end of the 80s, I rarely wore it and I've been ignoring it ever since, I'd dismissed it as an old fashioned heavy floral.. what a fool I was. I love many old scents with tuberose like Loulou and Poison. I get the aldehydes and tuberose immediately. What can I say. Since Cecita was a very well known perfume and predates Chloe by almost 10 years, you reach your conclusions. Poème, Op. Didn't find anything about it too special. I first had this is the mid to late 80's while attending college. I respect and worship Uncle Karl and I love the history of this perfume, and especially love reading everybody's amazing stories below, but this is suffocating to me and doesn't settle into my skin or become my own scent in any way. Chaque citation exprime les opinions de son auteur et … Not really "wearing" it to give it a chance. Ive been thinking of replacing my bottle of this that i bought on a whim a few years ago; i was in the chemist just browsing for no reason and happened apon a bottle of Chloe. I hated this scent for like a million years. It's timeless, though it hints gently at times gone by, and it just works! Quand bondit son regard au reflet de l’été. EGADS was this awful on me! And by the way not the best use of tuberose in my opinion. Whenever I spray this I smile; because it is so unique, there isn't a perfume like this. It's a mature white flowers round smell, its sweet but not sticky vanilla-cotton candy kinda sweet. Like someone above stated, this was in drug stores when I was a teenager in the '70s, and it was very popular with kids, but way too tuberose-y for me!