This LP shows a man expanding on his definition of love and relationships in exclusive ways that make sense to him. good to know is no exception. Scroll down and check out 20 phenomenal R&B projects from 2020 and give the unfamiliar albums a first listen while revisiting your favorites as well. — Anders. As a hopeless romantic, he wants his love to be reciprocated (“For You”) from a partner who is ready to be committed for the long-term (“Doing It All Together”). Eli Ahmad - Too Many Times 9. Artist: Various Artists Title: 00’s Rap & RnB Style: Roots Reggae, Alternative Hip Hop, Contemporary R&B, Swing, Dancehall Release Date: 27-11-2020 Quality: MP3/320 Kbps/Joint Stereo/44100Hz Tracks: 25 Tracks Time: 01:36:15 Min Size: 221 MB 01. “If we drop now and the world ends tomorrow, at least my art was authentic,” Reyez wrote in a caption on Instagram. Despite a global pandemic, worldwide shutdown, and a month of civil unrest, the old adage, “hip-hop don’t stop,” remained true in 2020. This genre runs deep and in a year where the world came to a standstill, R&B found a way to progress forward. As if the state of the world could not get any tenser, the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor shook the table, even more, causing artists like Chloe x Halle to move their album back to support the civil unrest surrounding the Black Lives Matter movement. RNB Next by rnbnext, released 24 November 2020 1. And like every rose, love has its thorns and James gets pricked a few times on tracks like his top 10 R&B hit “Excuse Me” and the masterful “Too Much” featuring Miguel. The project was an early standout thanks to tracks like the comforting “The Beach” intro and the heart-wrenching truth of “Like I Want You.” Giveon won us over in 2020 and the singer has a growing fan base that wants to see him win even more in his career.–W.O. Ne manquez aucune sortie d’album de rap US en 2020 en vous tenant informé des sorties. By no means is love perfect, no matter how much a couple may portray it in the age of social media — and Legend knows that. Two years following her critically-acclaimed album K.T.S.E., Teyana Taylor offered The Album, another critically-acclaimed project that showcases the broad talent the Harlem native has to offer. He is usually seen wearing elaborate garments, stylish shades and other fine accessories. Trey Songz returned to his hometown of Petersburg, Virginia where he was born and raised to record his album Back Home. After auditioning for American Idol and not making it, the young singer never gave up on her dreams of making it big and accomplished just that with a YouTube channel she ran with her now ex-husband surrounding her family, that boasted over 2 million subscribers. Format: MP3 320Kbps. At its core, Don’t call it a comeback per se, since JoJo returned to the music industry in 2016 with her first album (. With, widely considered to be Taylor’s best work to date, the project arrives mid-year as a heavy hitter. From a lyrical standpoint, Green navigates the love lane throughout the 40-minute LP. Luckily, Legend does not sell a false dream about love that feels cliché. Vibrant with jazzy elements and her crystal clear vocals, Bare With Me stars numbers such as “Too Much” and “When You’re Ready.” The sequence in which Bare With Me was put together is concise and thematic as it is inspiring for any woman who has gone through trauma in a romantic relationship. CeeLo Green is a man who enjoys bright lights in a big city. Size: 144 Mb. Living and learning is the constant theme of her fourth LP. Ash10 - Feel Right 11. Everything about this album is robust from the production to his voice. On another front, there are moments when Green deviates from romance to sing about storgē love (“Little Mama,” “Don’t Lie”) and even observing idiosyncrasies on “People Watching.” At last, Thomas Callaway is a testament to Green’s maturation as a musical chameleon, who still has a lot to offer fans for years to come. — Keithan. On songs like “I Do,” “One Life” and “Wild,” the married crooner sings about a love that lasts a lifetime. Back At Sixes and Sevens Tiana Major9 2020 $2.04. Going past the depths of her VII and K.T.S.E. Even months after its release, this hour-long odyssey to nirvana moves her fans, proving to be a key stop along the way this year. 2 (2021) Artist: Crowded House Album: Live 92-94, Pt. The R&B heartthrob also stayed true to his roots with “Circles,” “Save It,” and “On Call” with Ty Dolla Sign. are both beyond worthy of recognition for their own work. Playlist recommandée. 2 Tkay Maidza 2020 $1.20. On Naija’s debut Missunderstood, she melodically narrates her journey on “Too Much To Say” and moves on proving why she’s capable of procuring catchy singles like the “Pack Lite,” “Lie To Me” with Lil Durk and “Butterflies Pt. Complete with musicianship, storytelling, and lots of character, The Album landed on the Billboard 200 chart, becoming her first top 10 album. Premium. The album’s title, named after Aiko’s birth name, is Ethiopian for “wild beast,” and with 20 tracks, the singer-songwriter embarks on a voyage into a world of lost love and melancholy, battling negative emotions in order to get to the most sought-after thing in the universe: peace. “I should’ve fucked your friends,” she sings on the revengeful opener “Do You Love Her.” The Toronto native sets the tone for more relationship drama to ensue. As a hopeless romantic, he wants his love to be reciprocated (“For You”) from a partner who is ready to be committed for the long-term (“Doing It All Together”). The release finds the Toronto native thriving in the dark and gritty R&B lane that he helped usher into the music industry. Reyez gives listeners a boost of confidence on the braggadocious tunes “Ankles” and “Roof,” while toying with a ‘hot boy’ on the EDM-tinged “Dope.”, Albums with personal journeys are all the rage these days. More specifically, the album is an amalgamation of musical stylings that reflect Green’s southern upbringing — classic R&B with undertones of gospel and country. Songs like the kiss-off anthem “Forgive Me” and the emotionally vulnerable “Don’t Make It Harder On Me” that tie the entire project together, making for one of the most talked-about albums of 2020 thus far. Brendon G. - Cope 5. — Antwane, he did record about 50 songs for the project, Joss Stone Releases ‘Walk With Me (Live From Blackbird Studio)’, H.E.R. A testament to her love for R&B, Teyana Taylor’s The Album drifts in a lane of diverse synergy between five studios (A, L, B, U, M) of original and sampled soundscapes. Trigga is a bit more mature on this one and attempts to use his words as a metaphorical paintbrush with songs such “Cat Got My Tongue” and “Rain” featuring Swae Lee. Migliori album del 2020: Un viaggio attraverso i 10 dischi che ci hanno maggiormente impressionato in questo 2020. Kiana Lede revels in self-discovery on Kiki, a sweet-sounding debut that earned her an entry on the Billboard 200 chart. On his fifth studio album. Ungodly Hour revealed a sexier and sassier side of the Bailey sisters, with co-penned songs like the girls-night-out jam “Do It” and the Swae Lee and Mike WiLL Made-It-assisted “Catch Up,” prepping the duo for the radio-friendly superstar status they deserve. Editor’s note: Albums released from January 1-July 1, were considered. It also responds to the idealization that the art of love can exist in and out of the bedroom. “So I wish I was a bad guy / So we could just be fighting on the same side,” she croons over light guitar strums. — Keithan. This year sets the precedent for a new decade. “You must be some kinda f*cked up,” she sings on the somber track. Mario - Intro 2. On his fifth studio album, CeeLo Green Is Thomas Callaway, the 45-year-old singer takes a stripped-down approach to introduce the man behind the persona. The Best R&B Albums of 2020. 1. If his vibe feels familiar, Che is the sound infused on Chris Brown’s 2019 hit song “No Guidance” featuring Drake. Thrilling highlights like the trap-soul “Bare Wit Me” and soul-flowing “Still” see the multifaceted artist’s discovery of love by analyzing the issues she faces with herself before dealing with someone else. Daniel Daley and Nineteen85 take listeners to the islands with “Dangerous City” and “So What” and introduce their take of New Orleans bounce with “‘Flawless’ Do It Well, Pt. — Danielle, All Monsters Are Human may not be K. Michelle’s country album that she has been promising, but more than anything, it’s her best album since 2014’s Anybody Wanna Buy a Heart?. — Danielle, Giveon’s growing energy began budding shortly before the major co-sign from Drake; it only amplified the crooner’s talents. True fans will appreciate tracks like the slow-burning “A Muse” and the brooding “No Good” to bring them to the early days of the OVO affiliates. / And tied you to the bedpost and broke down that thang,” he asks. Crowded House – Live 92-94, Pt. Brent Faiyaz has the voice of an angel, but his music stays on demon time. If there’s one thing dvsn knows how to do well, it’s immersing their fans in their feelings. Author ThisisRnB Posted on November 13, 2020. Nearly a year after blowing us away with his debut album LOWTIDE, which earned a spot on Rated R&B’s Best R&B Albums of 2019, Leven Kali ushered in his follow-up, HIGHTIDE. On the introspective “Same Side,” a desperate Reyez wants to be toxic like her lover to keep their entanglement going. It is quite a varied dance collection with a couple of deeply thought numbers, naturally, offering several ready club hits at once Rihanna , 2010 With her headlining tour canceled, due to the stay-at-home orders and uncertainty of the pandemic, the idea of pausing a music release wasn’t farfetched. El Nuevo Leon - 19 déc. Those bypasses are brief, as the abundance of sensual, risky behavior inspired numbers to make the bulk of, Giveon’s growing energy began budding shortly before the major co-sign from Drake; it only amplified the crooner’s talents. Blues Pills are back with this great album “Holy Molly” that was released on August 21 st 2020. Aside from anger, Aiko expresses grief for her brother and closes the door on the past on the tear-jerking “10k Hours” with hip-hop heavyweight Nas. With their sophomore album. Été 2020 + Voir plus Tondo Disclosure, Eko Roosevelt ... RnB & Funk Rap et Hip-Hop Musique classique Country Soul & Blues Jazz Nouveautes Nouveautes. On the introspective “Same Side,” a desperate Reyez wants to be toxic like her lover to keep their entanglement going. In a pandemic, music is salve against the uncertainty that lies ahead. Note this doesn't include a separate award for Best Contemporary R&B Album, which was given out from 2003 to 2011, nor does it include the Best Progressive R&B Album, which debuted in 2020 … It's safe to say that 2020 has been a whirlwind for a number of obvious reasons.... Read more. All in all, R&B is alive and well. Unfortunately, due to her fame, her love life gets much more attention than necessary, but this album proves that at the end of the day, Kehlani loves with a heart just like ours.–W.O. Plus it has a great Rihanna feature, someone we haven’t heard from in what feels like centuries.–W.O. LaHasna Il Nuovo RNB Italiano 2020 MP3 320K 1 Louis 2 Senza Parole 3 Bancomat boy 4 10 Ore 5 Liquore Nero 6 Chi sei ? Victoria Monet has shined brightly in the music business for years at this point. Some artists covered here are Warner Music artists. Halcyon Days: 60s Mod, R&B, Brit Soul & Freakbeat Nuggets Various Artists 2020 $9.60. R&B 2021 - Best R&B Songs Playlist (RNB Music 2021) By redmusiccompany. The nine-track effort — which boasted highlights like “Ass Like That,” “Moment,” and “Go There With You” — proved that the rising singer found her pocket, a place that will only produce more amazing work like we received on Jaguar.–W.O. This LP shows a man expanding on his definition of love and relationships in exclusive ways that make sense to him. Nearly two years after the sudden death of rapper Mac Miller, his close friend and frequent collaborator Stephen “Thundercat” Bruner respectively honors his influential legacy on his fourth album, It Is What It Is. Working exclusively with Dan Auerbach (The Black Keys) in Nashville, Green composed an easy-listening experience that is rooted in retro-soul. Like a shaman, Jhene immerses this album in sonic healing properties aligned with frequencies that target the chakras, offering a one-of-a-kind trip only she can administer. Luke James made his official return back to music with the sophomore album To Be Love/d. Inspired to produce material with a lighter feel, K. Michelle’s awakens in an ‘80s time warp, resulting in soft-rock gems like “All the Lovers” and the divinely envious “Ciara’s Prayer.”, still has its radio-friendly moments like the thunderous hit “The Rain” and the fluidly leaden “Can’t Let (You Get Away).” But whether K. Michelle is honoring the synthesized rock sounds of the ‘80s or pushing the R&B envelope forward, she is still very much her own artist. Various Artists, 2020. Album: British 60’s RnB Released: 2020 Style: RnB Format: MP3 320Kbps Size: 144 Mb. With the help of a few legendary and up-and-coming players, the supernova calls on the soothing sounds that made her famous on the irresistible, Khalid-assisted “Off The Grid.” At the same time, Baraz rediscovers the joy within herself on tracks like the enlightening “Who Got Me” and the truthfully introspective “To Me.” With a recognizable soprano and a powerfully introspective message backing her, Baraz proves to be a voice worth revisiting time and time again. Her quest to serenity is most evident on the therapeutic “Born Tired” and the H.E.R.-assisted “B.S.,” where Aiko channels her frustrations with her shortcomings into energy that benefits her and her only. “So I wish I was a bad guy / So we could just be fighting on the same side,” she croons over light guitar strums. There’s talk on, of asymmetrical social dynamics related to Black people on the inner-city funk jam “Black Qualls” featuring Steve Lacy, Steve Arrington and Childish Gambino. Monet released a group of projects prior to 2020, but nothing seemed to stick the landing like Jaguar. How do you produce new music after a well-received debut album with the dreaded sophomore jinx looming over your studio sessions?