The organizers of the Exposition were not miserly in recognizing the 83,047 exhibitors of products, about half of whom came from France, and 7,161 from the United States. Following the accident the French government established the first regulations for the use of reinforced concrete. Publication date 1900 Topics Art -- Exhibitions Publisher Philadelphia : G. Barrie & Son Collection getty; americana Digitizing sponsor Getty Research Institute Contributor Getty Research Institute Language English La dernière modification de cette page a été faite le 7 novembre 2020 à 12:09. At the base of the pedestals are allegorical statues representing the France of Charlemagne, the France of the Renaissance, the France of Louis XIV and France in 1900. Jardin des Plantes de Rouen 114 Ter Avenue Des Martyrs De La Resistance F-76100 ROUEN. The largest number were from the French colonies in Africa, the Caribbean, the Pacific and Southeast Asia. Station of the Moving sidewalk at Les Invalides. Chinese pavilion, now in the Museums of the Far East in Laeken, Brussels, Belgium. Another very popular feature of the Palace of Optics was the giant kaleidoscope, which attracted three million visitors. The Exposition Universelle of 1900, better known in English as the 1900 Paris Exposition, was a world's fair held in Paris, France, from 14 April to 12 November 1900, to celebrate the achievements of the past century and to accelerate development into the next. Biografia. The Exposition Universelle of 1889 (French: [ɛkspozisjɔ̃ ynivɛʁsɛl]) was a world's fair held in Paris, France, from 6 May to 31 October 1889. In addition, most popular attractions charged an admission fee, usually between fifty centimes and Franc. It came about after Britain hosted the 1851 Great Exhibition of Works of Industry of all Nations.Napoleon III, nephew to Napoleon Bonaparte, hoped to outdo England’s famous exhibition with its Crystal Palace that was used to house that exhibition. L'Art Nouveau (in French). Chanter les louanges du libre échange était d'autant plus évident pour les Britanniques que ceux-ci en avaient peu à peu fait au cours des décennies précédentes un des principaux axes de leur politique mondiale, la suppression des Corn Laws en 1846 ne marquant que le terme d'une appropriation identitaire et nationale de la doctrine libre échangiste. Traductions en contexte de "l'exposition universelle" en français-anglais avec Reverso Context : Il passe de treize en 1875 à dix-huit en 1889, pour l'exposition universelle. Elle est organisée par l'Etat et se déroule dans le Palais de l'Industrie (Champs-Elysées). Exposition universelle, 1900 : the chefs-d'œuvre by Walton, William, 1843-1915. [11], Another popular attraction was the Mareorama, which simulated a voyage by ship from Villefranche to Constantinople. 997 competitors took part in nineteen different sports, including women competing for the first time. de l'Exposition Universelle de 1900 publié par l'Éditeur Baschet, 12, rue de l'Abbaye, Paris, et mis en vente sur toutes les tables et dans tous les Kiosques du Catalogue officiel à l'Exposition. Utilisation : Exposition Universelle de 1872 Fonction : Début : 1872 Fin : Dimensions : Couleurs : Caracté. Save Image . 04.11.2014 - L’Exposition Universelle de Shanghai s’est tenue du 1er mai, et les refermera le 31 octobre 2010. Light from the sky was sent into the tube by a movable 2-meter mirror. Elle marqua le sommet de la puissance britannique d'époque victorienne. Additionally, it showcased France as a major colonial power through numerous pavilions built on the hill of the Trocadero Palace. L’exposition Universelle d’Humane Entrepreneurship . With a much larger than expected turnout the exhibit sites had gone up in value. The central tower was crowned by an enormous illuminated star and a chariot carrying a statue of the Spirit of Electricity 6.5 meters high, holding aloft a torch powered by 50,000 volts of electricity, provided by the steam engines and generators inside the Palace. He commissioned the first Paris Universal Exposition of 1855. It was threatened with demolition in the 1960s but was saved by culture minister André Malraux. : 1872 Losange de l'exposition Universelle de 1872 avec mention P.EX de l'Exposition Universelle de 1872 - Paris. [8] The architects of the ensemble were Eugène Hénard and Edmond Paulin. Baseline Co. Ltd. The Free balloon competition race was won by a balloon which traved 1925 kilometers from Paris to Russia in 35 hours and 45 minutes. EXPOSITION UNIVERSELLE DE 1855. Paris exposition,, Articles lacking page references from April 2020, Wikipedia articles with SELIBR identifiers, Wikipedia articles with SUDOC identifiers, Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Most of the Art Nouveau Metro Station edicules designed by, The monumental portal of the Palace of National Manufacturers, made by the, The Japanese tower from the Exposition, along with the Chinese pavilion, was purchased by King. The Exposition Universelle of 1889 was a world's fair held in Paris, France, from 6 May to 31 October 1889. [6] The facade was in the ornate Beaux-Arts style or Neo-Baroque style, The more modern interior iron framework, huge skylights and stairways offered decorative elements in the new Art Nouveau style,[6] particularly in the railings of the staircase, which were intricately woven in fluid, organic forms. The first international exposition was held in London in 1851. 35:47. Affiche De L Exposition Universelle De 1889 Avec Pour La 1ere Fois. Alors qu'on n'en est encore qu'à la phase préparatoire de l'Exposition, le 21 mars 1850, le prince Albert l'exprime clairement dans son discours de Mansion House : « Nous vivons une période de transition extraordinaire, qui nous mène à cette fin glorieuse vers laquelle tend toute l'histoire : l'achèvement de l'unité de l'humanité. Le prince Albert et Henry Cole proposèrent d'utiliser cette somme pour créer un grand centre éducatif qui rapprocherait institutions éducatives, sciences et arts dans la continuité des objectifs qui avaient été fixés à la Great Exhibition. The Linked Data Service provides access to commonly found standards and vocabularies promulgated by the Library of Congress. The British Royalty pavilion, one of the largest, consisted of a mock-Jacobean mansion decorated with pictures and furniture, constructed by Sir Edwin Lutyens. RARE Document 1ère Exposition Universelle Paris 1855 | Art, antiquités, Art du XIXe et avant, Estampes, gravures, lithos | eBay! Par ailleurs, l'organisation de la Great exhibition, témoignait également de la solidité de l'ordre social et du trône britannique. Letter written on Commission imperiale letterhead, from J. [6] Much like the Grand Palais, the facade is Beaux-Arts and Neo-Baroque, reminiscent of the Grand Trianon and the stable at Chantilly. Les élites du temps voulurent interpréter cette réussite comme le symbole du triomphe des valeurs victoriennes d'honnêteté, de modestie et de travail. Plus largement, The Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of all Nations marqua l'acmé du triomphe industriel et commercial de la Grande-Bretagne victorienne et de son emprise sur le monde, de manière formelle ou informelle (sphère d'influence et empire informel) [10]. The first of these World Fair’s occurred in 1855 and was called the Exposition Universelle. G. Barbesi, Parigi, L'Esposizione a volo d'uccello in Guida pratica della città e dei dintorni seguita da un appendice sulla Esposizione del 1900, Casa Editrice Italiana, Roma 1900. The United States, Germany, China, Siam, Japan, Mexico, Russia, and the South African Republic all had pavilions.[4]. [6] The Bosnian Pavilion also featured murals on the history of Slavic peoples by Alphonse Mucha. The Palace of National Manufacturers, left, with the Italian Pavilion in distance, Ceramic gateway of Sèvres Porcelain from the Palace of National Manufacturers, now on Square Félx-Desruelles, United States display at the Palace of Furniture and Decoration, Austrian display in the Pavilion of Furniture and Decoration. [40], Japanese Tower, now in the Museums of the Far East in Laeken, Brussels, Belgium. Save Image. Inside The Galerie Des 30 Metres At The 1889 Exposition . [29] France provided 72% of all athletes (720 of the 997) and won the most gold, silver and bronze medal placings. The pavilions were all temporary, made of plaster and staff on a metal frame. From France +C $12.38 shipping. Le prince consort n'eut par la suite de cesse de porter le projet, qui lui resta fortement associé. 3,156 grand prizes were handed out, 8,889 gold medals, 13,300 silver medals, 12,108 bronze medals, and 8,422 honorable mentions. EXPOSITION UNIVERSELLE DE 1855. The water tanks were each 38 meters long, eighteen meters wide and 6.5 meters deep, and contained a wide selection of exotic marine life. [6] The Parisienne was referred to by some as "the triumph of prostitution" because of her flowing robe and modernized figure and was criticized by many visitors to the triumphal gateway. Il ne fut cependant pas réellement « populaire » dans la mesure où les plus pauvres des Londoniens ne pouvaient se permettre de payer au minimum un shilling pour avoir accès au Crystal Palace. The exposition occupied the entire Champ de Mars in Paris, to where spectators thronged from the whole world. At the same time that the Pont Alexander III was built, a similar bridge, the Trinity Bridge was built in Saint-Petersburg, and was dedicated to French-Russian Friendship by French President Félix Faure. C $340.57. Porte Monumentale on the Place de la Concorde. Ouattara Watts signe sa 1ère exposition personnelle à Abidjan à la Rotonde des arts d’Abidjan et à la galerie Cécile Fakhoury respectivement du 19 novembre au 31 décembre 2018 « Ouattara Watts : Get ready » et du 22 novembre 2018 au 26 janvier 2019 « Before Looking at this Work, Listen to it ». 1ère exposition Universelle à Paris. [2], Coordinates: .mw-parser-output .geo-default,.mw-parser-output .geo-dms,.mw-parser-output .geo-dec{display:inline}.mw-parser-output .geo-nondefault,.mw-parser-output .geo-multi-punct{display:none}.mw-parser-output .longitude,.mw-parser-output .latitude{white-space:nowrap}48°51′22″N 2°17′52″E / 48.8561°N 2.2978°E / 48.8561; 2.2978, "Paris Exposition, 1900" redirects here. Surtout, l'Exposition devait diffuser auprès des artisans et industriels britanniques les évolutions technologiques les plus récentes : « c'est l'un des aspects essentiels de [ce type] d'exposition, où la machine est quasi divinisée »[1]. plus haut). Although Paris’s Exposition Universelle … A flower garden on the support surrounded the globe. L'organizzazione dell'edizione, che si svolse dal 1º aprile al 3 novembre, venne decisa da Napoleone III e segnò l'apice del Secondo Impero francese. [15] The interior served as a setting for exhibits of painting and particularly sculpture. Open Content images tend to be large in file-size. The amount budgeted for the Paris Exposition was one hundred million French Francs; twenty million from the French State, twenty million from the City of Paris, and the remaining sixty million expected to come from admissions, and backed by French banks and financial institutions.[33]. [4], Countries from around the world were invited by France to showcase their achievements and cultures. Forty thousand visitors an hour could pass beneath the arch to approach the twenty-six ticket booths.[5][6]. FONTS Exposition Universelle de Paris de 1889 Cinquante Hectares Dans Paris Galerie des Machines Champs de Mars Palais du Trocadero Faits 6 mai-31 octobre Superficie: 50 hectares 32 millions de visiteurs 61 700 exposants Pays representes: 35 Entree generale: variable La Tour It was preserved after the Exposition in the Musée Grévin[10]. It was a gigantic ferris wheel 110 meters high, which took its name from a similar wheel created by George Washington Gale Ferris Jr. at the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago. [31] The dinner was prepared in eleven kitchens and served to 606 tables, with the orders and needs of each table supervised by telephone and vehicle. E’ un peccato che la fama degli Orwell resti relegata al solo pubblico francese e giapponese, “Exposition Universelle” non è solo uno degli album europop più belli degli ultimi anni, ma un esempio quasi perfetto di scrittura e arrangiamento che molti dovrebbero ascoltare prima di tessere le lodi dell’ennesimo fenomeno hype. Minutes. The cost of a ride was one franc for a second class car, and two francs for a more spacious first-class car. [35], The Exposition was a showcase not only of French Art Nouveau, but also the variations that had appeared in other parts of Europe, including the furniture of the Belgian architect and designer Victor Horta, designs of the German Jugendstil by Bruno Möhring, and of the Vienna Secession of Otto Wagner. Louis-Émile Durandelle (French, 1839 - 1917) 43.2 × 34.6 cm (17 × 13 5/8 in.) H.F. Ullmann. The Palace of Electricity and the adjoining Water Castle (Chateau d'Eau) designed by architects Eugène Hénard and Edmond Paulin,[6] were among the most popular sights. Un grand terrain fut acquis dans ce but au sud de Hyde Park, à South Kensington[5]. [12], Diagram of the Great Paris Exhibition Telescope of 1900. 1900 - The Paris Exposition Universelle (Speed corrected w/ added sound) - Duration: 35:47. guy jones Recommended for you. Buy It Now. The Rue des Nations was created along the banks of the Seine between the esplanade of Les Invalides and the Champ de Mars for the pavilions of the larger countries. The Japanese pavilion was a red pagoda, which oddly, was placed in the section for colonial pavilions. Pavilion of Finland by Gesellius, Lindgren, Saarinen. It is now a historical monument. Hours. L' Exposition Universelle de 1855 à Paris. Of the three world’s fairs to be held in Paris later, two were theme expositions — decorative arts and colonial possessions — and the third, significantly, was called an "international" exposition. C'est là un élément central du discours diffusé par les organisateurs de l'Exposition universelle de 1851 : le commerce, dès lors qu'on développe, dans la lignée d'Adam Smith, le libre-échange et la division du travail, est seul à même de créer chez chacun la profonde conviction de l'unité du genre humain et d'assurer le bonheur complet d'une humanité débarrassée de ses maux[1]. Scopri le migliori foto stock e immagini editoriali di attualità di Exposition Universelle su Getty Images. The globe was forty-five meters in diameter, and the blue and gold exterior was painted with the constellations and the signs of the zodiac. [2], The Exposition had numerous critics from different points of view. Eiffel Tower 1889 Paris World S Fair Advertising By Foliedujour. The Art Nouveau style was very popular in the pavilions of decorative arts. [20] One object of note on display was the Jikji, the oldest extant book printed with movable metal type.[21]. Investor & Venture Capitalist. La Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of all Nations (grande exposition universelle des travaux de l'industrie de toutes les nations) de 1851 fut la première des Expositions universelles. Exposition universelle de 1878 L’Exposition universelle de 1889 est la dixième Exposition organisée et la 4ème à Paris Thème: Révolution Française Le Champs-de-Mars et le Palais du Trocadéro accueillent l’art et l’industrie L’esplanade des Invalides est dédiée aux Expositions des Commission impériale de l'Exposition universelle de 1867, Service du parc. ICSB 2021 World Congress . The Pont Alexandre III was an essential link of the Exposition, connecting the pavilions and palaces on the Left and Right Banks of the Seine. Russia, allied with France since 1892, also had an imposing presence in the colonial section, with exhibits and architecture presenting artistic treasures from Samarkand Bukhara ane other Russian dependencies in Central Asia. After the fair was over, the buildings were demolished and all items and materials that could be salvaged were sold or recycled. Both the Chinese and Japanese pavilion were purchased after the Exposition by Leopold II of Belgium and transferred to Brussels, where they can be seen today. The Exposition Universelle of 1900, better known in English as the 1900 Paris Exposition, was a world's fair held in Paris, France, from 14 April to 12 November 1900, to celebrate the achievements of the past century and to accelerate development into the next. [31], Another special event at the Exposition was a gigantic banquet hosted by the French President, Émile Loubet, for 20,777 mayors of France, Algeria and towns in French colonies, hosted on 22 September 1900 in the Tuileries Gardens, inside two enormous tents. had clean-cut, modern architecture. 1889 Gigon Map Of The Paris Exposition Eiffel Tower Map Art. Another scientific attraction was the aquarium, the largest in the world at the time, viewed from an underground gallery 722 meters long. Il s'agit de la deuxième exposition Universelle (la première a eut lieu en 1851 à Londres). The first of these World Fair’s occurred in 1855 and was called the Exposition Universelle. Datasets available include LCSH, BIBFRAME, LC Name Authorities, LC Classification, MARC codes, PREMIS vocabularies, ISO language codes, and more. The 1867 exposition universelle, the only profitable Parisian exposition to date, came out 2,880,000 francs in the black. Jugendstil hallway from the German pavilion, by Bruno Möhring. The gateway was brightly illuminated at night by 3,200 light bulbs and an additional forty arc lamps. [9][6] Visitors could go inside to see the steam-powered generators which provided electricity for the buildings of the Exposition. The industrial and commercial exhibits were located inside several large palaces on the esplenade between les Invalides and the Alexander III Bridge. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. Student. The exhibition lost a grand total of 82,000 francs after six months in operation. The Exposition Universelle of 1900, better known in English as the 1900 Paris Exposition, was a world's fair held in Paris, France, from 14 April to 12 November 1900, to celebrate the achievements of the past century and to accelerate development into the next. It had two large domes, between which was a gigantic fountain, circulating one hundred thousand liters of water a minute. Informazioni base. [19], The pavilions of the Austrian domains in the Balkans, Bosnia and Herzegovina, offered displays on their lifestyles, consisting of folklore traditions, highlighting peasanthood and the embroidery goods produced in the country. It attracted more than thirty-two million visitors. [2], The structure of the entrance tower as a whole was adorned with Byzantine motifs and Persian ceramic ornamentation, but the true inspiration behind the piece was not of cultural background. [35] It was highly decorative and took its inspiration from the natural world, particularly from the curving lines of plants and flowers and other vegetal forms. The film, projected on a circular screen 93 meters in circumference by ten synchronized projectors, depicted a landscape passing below. 60 Centimes le numéro. Le succès de l'évènement fut indéniable, avec plus de six millions d'entrées[4], soit l'équivalent de plus du quart de la population du Royaume-Uni de l'époque. Save this search. Producing the light for the Exposition consumed 200,000 kilograms of oil an hour. Its most popular feature was the Champagne Palace, offering displays and samples of French champagne. The fair, visited by nearly 50 million, displayed many technological innovations, including the Grande Roue de Paris Ferris wheel, the moving sidewalk, diesel engines, talking films, escalators, and the telegraphone (the first magnetic audio recorder). An additional section of 104 hectares for agricultural exhibits and other structures was built in the Bois de Vincennes. Save Image. The Eiffel Tower Opened At The Paris World Fair On March 31 1889. Thomas Edison S Display At The Hall Of Machines At The Exposition. Its full official title was the Exposition Universelle des produits de l'Agriculture, de l'Industrie et des Beaux-Arts de Paris 1855. An area of several dozen hectares on the hill of the Trocadero Palace was set aside for the pavilions of French and other colonies and dependencies. Autre objectif, si l'on en croit le discours inaugural de la reine Victoria : promouvoir la paix, la fraternité et la solidarité entre les peuples du monde entier. À la fin de l'exposition, le Crystal Palace fut démonté et reconstruit dans un parc au sommet de Sydenham Hill en 1852. Morocco. He designed the posters for the official Austrian participation in the Exposition, painting murals depicting scenes from the history of Bosnia as well as the menu for the restaurant at the Bosnian pavilion, and designed the menu for the official opening banquet. The Pavilion of Turkey was one of the largest, covering 4000 square meters on the rue des Nations. Exposition universelle, 1900, 32 vues photographique, s.n., Parigi 1900. De ce point de vue, l'Exposition contribua à souligner, auprès de l'étranger comme de l'Anglais moyen, la grandeur impériale du Royaume-Uni, outil privilégié de l'emprise britannique sur le monde. C'est sous le second empire, à l'initiative de Napoléon III que la première exposition universelle française est organisée. Gontar, Cybele. Elle témoigne des magnifiques espoirs suscités par la Révolution industrielle. Le triomphe industriel britannique éclata à tout point de vue alors, le fait que plus de la moitié des exposants soient britanniques accréditant l'image d'une Grande-Bretagne « atelier du monde »[7]. RARE Document 1ère Exposition Universelle Paris 1855. The Agriculture pavilion was inside the former Palace of Machines, an enormous iron-framed building from the 1889 Paris Exposition. The Globe Céleste was featured in an advertisement for Suchard Chocolate, The Grand Palais, on the right bank, officially the Grand Palais des beaux-arts et des arts decoratifs, was built upon the site of the Palace of Industry of the 1855 Exposition. [2], The Petit Palais , was constructed by the architect Giraud. [22], The French colonies of Indochina also had an impressive presence, with recreations of pagodas and palaces, musicians and dancers, and a recreation of a riverside village from Laos.[22]. Imperdibile. The main symbol of the Fair was the Eiffel Tower, which served as the entrance arch to the Fair. It was a large hall which used mirrors and electric lighting to create a show of colorful and bizarre optical illusions. [36], Many Exposition posters also made use of the Art Nouveau style. [6][2] The sidewalk was accessed from a platform six meters above the ground level. Save Image. Many of the participants, such as Campbell's Soup, added the Paris award to the advertisements and labels of their products. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for RARE Document 1ère Exposition Universelle Paris 1855 at the best online prices at eBay! 1878, la 1ère exposition universelle de la République | Pingeot, Anne | ISBN: 9782711805426 | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch Amazon. From France +C $30.96 shipping. C $340.57. 4 v. : 33 cm Author's name at head of title Tome 4 subtitled "Album" and is primarily plates of illustrations T.p. The passengers stepped from the platform onto the moving sidewalk traveling at a little more than four kilometers an hour, then onto a more rapid sidewalk moving at 8.5 kilometers an hour. President Carnot died shortly before it was completed. It was the work of engineers Jean Resal and Amédée D'Alby and architect Gaston Cousin. Elle témoigne des magnifiques espoirs suscités par la Révolution industrielle. Locandina. Une préface historique sur l'Exposition actuelle. Orticola; Tre Giorni per il giardino; Posted in Attivita', Mostre-internazionali. Nearly all were designed in the national architecture of each country, often imitating famous national monuments, The Russian pavilion was inspired by the towers of the Kremlin. But the commissioners of the fourth exposition were convinced that, with shrewd financial management, the government of France and the city of Paris would at least suffer no great loss. The Linked Data Service provides access to commonly found standards and vocabularies promulgated by the Library of Congress. [23] [17] The exhibit included a statuette of Frederick Douglass, four bound volumes of nearly 400 official patents by African Americans, photographs from several educational institutions (Fisk University, Howard University, Roger Williams University, Tuskegee Institute, Claflin University, Berea College, North Carolina A&T), and, most memorably, some five hundred photographs of African-American men and women, homes, churches, businesses and landscapes including photographs from Thomas E. The interior of the Train Bleu at the Gare de Lyon (1900), Most of the palaces and buildings constructed for the Exposition Universelle were demolished after the conclusion of the exposition. Aerial view of the Exposition Universelle, Map of the main exposition sites Exposition, The Porte Monumental de Paris, located on the Place de la Concorde, was the main entrance of the Exposition. One unusual aspect of the U.S. presence was The Exhibit of American Negroes, a joint project of Daniel Murray, the Assistant Librarian of Congress, Thomas J. Calloway, a lawyer and the primary organizer of the exhibit, and W. E. B. [27], Another popular diversion during the Exposition was the theater of the American dancer, Loie Fuller, who performed a famous Serpentine dance in which she waved large silk scarves which seemed to envelop her into a cloud. 87.XM.121.16. [6], Interior of the Grand Palais, with its Art Nouveau iron stairway, Fifty-six countries were invited to have pavilions at the Exposition, and forty accepted. Retrieved from: Porte Dauphine station of the Paris Métro, "Paris 1900 - Corée - Nations et Colonies Etrangères",, Inventing Entertainment: The Early Motion Pictures and Sound Recordings of the Edison Companies: "exposition universelle internationale de 1900 paris, france", "Unrecognizable Paris: The Monuments that Vanished", The Burton Holmes lectures; v.2. du 15 mai au 31 octobre 1855. [6] The controversial gateway became known as La Salamanda among the public because it resembled the stocky and intricately designed salamander-stoves of the time, only adding to its ridicule. 2018 - Découvrez le tableau "expo universelle" de sylvie kervargant sur Pinterest. 1 of May, 1851.jpg 1,500 × 1,226; 292 KB. The illusion was aided by machinery that rocked the ship, and fans which blew gusts of wind. [7] The Russian element was in the center, with statuary of the Nymphs of the Neva River holding a gilded seal of the Russian Empire. 2. [30] The pigeon race was won by a bird which flew from Paris to its home in Lyon in four and a half hours. Art Nouveau decoration appeared in the interiors and decoration of many of the buildings, notably the interior ironwork and decoration of the Monumental gateway of the Exposition, the Grand Palais and the Petit Palais, and in the portal of the Palace of National Industries. also with costumed vendors and musicians. The Palace of Electricity (behind) and the Water Castle (in front). Twenty-one of the thirty-three official pavilions were devoted to technology and the sciences. A large area within the Bois de Vincennes was set aside for sporting events, which included, among others, many of the events of the 1900 Summer Olympics, the second time the games were held, and the first time they were held outside of Greece. Round about Paris. Thanks to the power from Palace of Electricity, the fountain was illuminated at night by continually changing colored lights. [2] an independent kingdom, had its pavilion on the other side of the Seine, near the Eiffel Tower. De retour au pays, ce responsable aux archives et fondateur des éphémères mais influentes manufactures d'art de Summerly développa son idée et obtint le soutien du prince Albert, l’époux de la reine Victoria, en tant que président de la Société royale des arts[1].